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The Top 10 Best 10×10 Sheds

Rubbish coming out of your house, time for a 10x10 shed

Sometimes its better to let things go, other times its time for a new shed

Lack of space impacting your domestic bliss?
Are you running out of space in your garage or house? 
Or maybe your laundry looks like a tool shop or your hallway like a bike shed?

A 10×10 shed is a great size, you can fit your mower and tools in there, and also your bikes, excess patio furniture,  and pool equipment. You can even fit that couch that she doesn't like, or your record and DVD collections that aren't appreciated as much as they should be.

We have learnt (the hard way) that to have a happy house you need a clean house. So to help you regain your domestic bliss, we've found the 10 best 10x10ft sheds and put them in one place.

Now all you have to do is build it. Enjoy.

10×10 Shed Comparison Table

ShedMakerSize (ft)MaterialSecurityAssembly TimeAmazonPrice
Williamsburg Colonial Storage ShedLittle Cottage10 x 10Wood★★★★★16 - 20 hours (1 - 2 people)N/A$$$$$$
Northwood 10' X 10'Best Barns10 x 9.75x 9.5Wood★★★★★8 - 16 hours (1 - 2 people)N/A$$$$$
Lifetime 6433 Outdoor Storage Shed with WindowsLifetime11 x 11 x 9.3Plastic★★★★10 - 14 hours (2 - 3 people)4.6$$$$$$
Storboss MountaineerArrow10 x 10 x 7.5Metal★★★★★5 - 10 hours (2 people)N/A$$$
Basic 10x10 Storage Shed KitE-Z Frames10 x 10Wood★★★4 - 6 hours (1 - 2 people)3$
Round Style Storage ShedShelterLogic10 x 10 x 8Fabric★☆2 - 4 hours (2 people)$
10 x 10 Display Shade KitCaravan Canopy10 x 10 x 11.75Fabric5 minutes (1 person)4$
Suncast Storage Building Suncast10.5 x 10.4 x 7.6Plastic★★★★4 - 6 hours (1 - 2 people)4$$$$
Shed Building PlansShedBuilding10110 x 10Wood★★★★★20 - 30 hours (1 - 2 people)N/A$$$
WoodBridge Storage ShedDuramax10 x 10 x 7.1Plastic★★★★5 - 8 hours (1 - 2 people)N/A$$$$$

1. Best Barns Northwood 10′ X 10′

A great quality shed, made for harsh conditions

Best Barns Northwood 10' X 10' setup

Best Barns Northwood 10' X 10' setup

Best Barns deliver great quality, durable sheds and the Northwood is no exception.

They are not only built to withstand tough conditions, but they are tested in tough conditions.

The Northwood 10×10 is tested against 100+mph winds and 40lbs snow loads.

Even the design of the Northwood is about resisting harsh weather. The unique overhang is designed to protect the doors and any windows against the harsh weather.

Other features include a durable siding which comes with a 50 year warranty, and specially selected framing timber which comes all the way form Sweden.

Our Verdict:

If you expect harsh weather then you can choose a shed that is proven to withstand those harsh conditions.

Great quality shed
Some parts owner must provide
Easy assembly
A little pricey
Simple instructions

2. Lifetime 6433 Outdoor Storage Shed with Windows

The universal shed

Lifetime 11x11 6433 Shed open

Lifetime 11x11 6433 Shed - open doors

If you are only going to own one shed, and you need it to store everything, then this will do the job nicely.

To store smaller items the Lifetime 6433 comes with a pegboard and some shelving, with more shelving available as added extras.

For larger items, the high pitched roof with extra headroom and large door opening makes it easy to get ride on equipment in and out. The shed can even be extended with a kit from Lifetime which is also an added extra.

With all these options available this shed is quite adaptable to any circumstance. It also comes with all the mod cons in windows that open, a stain and impact resistant floor, a nice look and the ability to add shelving.

These options are why this shed is more expensive than others. But if you are willing to pay extra for these things, then this is an excellent shed that will suit any large yard.

Our Verdict:

A large shed. Big enough to securely hold all your garden tools and equipment, and free up your inside space. Available home delivered from Amazon.

Easy assembly
Door opening smaller than other sheds
Nice accessories
Base not included
Made in the USA

3. Storboss Mountaineer Storage Shed

Is security important to you?

Storboss Mountaineer MHD

Storboss Mountaineer MHD

If your other half is ‘asking’ you to get your stuff out of the house and into a shed, then you might want something secure for your prized possessions.

If you’re thinking you want a half shed/half safe, then meet your next shed.

The Storboss Mountaineer is strong and secure. Not only are the steel panels thicker than standard size, the door is reinforced from behind, and the roof is reinforced from the sides. The company stands behind its strength with a 15 year limited warranty.

But just because it’s protected doesn’t mean it’s small. The swinging doors open to a massive 8ft wide, to allow easy access for ride on machinery and any other equipment. The high gable roof gives you a minimum height inside the shed of 6’2” tall.

The sheds appearance is quite standard, as far as metal sheds go. The exterior is quite plain with its one tone color scheme and no features, but doesn’t look ugly.

Our Verdict:

We picked this shed because it looks secure. Although it’s called the Mountaineer, we’d call it the safe. It will certainly do the job in any yard.

Strong and secure
Bland appearance
Extra large door opening
No natural light sources
Great value

4. Basic 10×10 Storage Shed Frame Kit

Take the guesswork out of framing your shed

E-Z Frames 10x10 Storage Shed Kit

E-Z Frames 10x10 Storage Shed Kit

If you lack confidence in your DIY skills, but still want a great looking wood shed on a budget, then this frame kit was made for you.

It takes a lot of the planning out of the process. There is no need to cut any fancy angles, and the kit comes with a material list so you know exactly what you need, and what size is has to be.

The brackets are for 2×2 lumber, which is cheap but still strong enough for your shed.

The best part is you can finish your shed how you want. If you want to you can create a different sized shed, you can even call up the manufacturer (E-Z frames) so they will create a custom made pack of brackets for you.

Our Verdict:

If you are lacking in confidence and experience but still want a wood shed, then this is a great inexpensive option.

Allows you to customize your shed
A little expensive for what it is
Easy to assemble
Door assembly needs attention
Material list provided
Base not included

5. Shelterlogic Round Style Storage Shed

A great temporary solution, or just something to take the weather off your motorbike or ride on

ShelterLogic 10x10 round style shed

ShelterLogic 10x10 round style shed

As far as fabric sheds go, this one is quite resilient. The frame is made with high grade steel and is powder coated for extra resistance against the elements.

The fabric is strong and treated for a whole heap of things including anti-fungal agents, UV resistance and even ‘anti-aging’. I guess that keeps the wrinkles off the shed, but at the very LEAST IT WILL KEEP THE WATER OUT.

This thing will go up in around 2 hours and can be assembled by one person. We are unsure of how long the fabric covering will last, but on average you should see 5 years out of it before it needs to be changed. Of course the harsher the weather, the shorter the lifespan.

Our Verdict:

A good value buy, especially for moderate to warm climates.

Great value
Extra Augers almost required
Easy to setup
No floor
Great customer service
Roll up door can be fiddly
Easy to move

6. 10 x 10 Display Shade Kit

Bring it out then put it away?

Caravan Canopy 10x10

Caravan Canopy 10x10

The Caravan Canopy is easy to pack and unpack. It folds itself back in and slips into the provided bag. This makes it easy to keep in the attic or basement, and get out when needed.

Because its a metal frame it is quite stable, although there is no real security. You can purchase ‘sidewalls' which are really just a 4 wall privacy screen, not suitable for your tools, but good for keeping the sun and light rain off of things.

This canopy is a good quality version, there are some plastic joints but is a lot more stable than the cheaper models.

This isn't for typical shed things, like storing tools. However it can be used for working in warmer conditions, and provides extra shade when needed.

Our Verdict:

A great instant solution, surprisingly easy to unpack and assemble. But not designed for storage.

Very quick to assemble
Only 4 small legs
Quite sturdy
Security non existent
Lightweight and easy to move
Not for harsh conditions

7. Suncast Storage Building

The Average Joe of sheds

Suncast Storage Building 10x10 - open doors

Suncast Storage Building 10x10 - open doors

This is a good shed without being great. If you are after something to do the job and a decent price then look into this shed.

The two tone look is quite neutral and will suit most yards. The manufacturer does make accessories for the shed, which are available as added extras.

Unfortunately, the walls are too thin to hang items from, but you can purchase shelving from Suncast for smaller items. The shelving accessories are made for holding particular tools and equipment.

Assembly is mostly snap together, although some soapy water and a mallet wont go astray. Like all other plastic sheds, a solid flat base is required so the panels all fit together and the doors work.

Sorry this review is a bit bland, but to be honest, so is the shed. There's nothing to be excited about, this is in every sense of the word ‘average!'

Our Verdict:

A low maintenence solution, which will keep your equipment secure and dry.

Looks good
Basic appearance
Good value
Walls are too thin to hang items
Reinforced roof

8. DIY Shed Plans

Want something to suit your lifestyle?

Is this your next 10x10 Shed ?

Is this your next 10x10 Shed?

Or maybe you want something to suit the equipment you have? Then why not build your own 10×10 shed.

There are plenty of resources to help, you can even purchase plans online to save you from the hours of prep work drawing up and redrawing plans.

DIY is a great way to save money, and if you wanted a quality shed made from lumber at a great price then DIY might be the best way for you.

Our Verdict:

If you're after something a bit unique then these shed plans have many different sizes and styles. We think its well worth the investment to save yourself the time, and create something you can be proud of.

Get good quality at good price
DIY can take some time
Get a custom job
Requires some DIY experience

9. WoodBridge Storage Shed

It’s a shed that looks like a shed

Duramax 10x10

Duramax 10x10

There’s no hiding that this thing looks kind of like a shipping container. The one tone color scheme and completely flat sides don’t help the cause either. To be fair, it’s a shed that looks like a shed.

But the truth is no one is buying this shed because of its looks. This plastic shed is significantly cheaper than other plastic sheds out there, and whilst being cheap, is tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The WoodBridge’s vinyl cladding is quite thin, but vinyl doesn’t need to be thick to be an effective insulator. The paneling is also reinforced with metal columns to help keep the rigidity of the shed.

The manufacturer claims that the shed is fire retardant and tested to 115mph winds, when anchored properly, and to a quite heavy snow load.

Our Verdict:

We like this shed because assembles quickly, and it will still store everything a more expensive 10×10 will, keeping it dry and secure.

Strong and sturdy
Plain looking
Tested against harsh weather
Base not included

10. Williamsburg Colonial Storage Shed

If your yard is your kingdom, then you need a special crowning piece for your shed

Williamsburg Colonial Garden Storage Shed

Williamsburg Colonial Garden Storage Shed

Not only something that’s solid, but also looks great, and gives a great range of function.

Everything has been thought of at Little Cottage Co. to GIVE YOU A REALLY GOOD EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR SHED.

The sidings come attached to the wall panel section to ensure the shed is square when it goes up. And the door handles come with a locking mechanism so there are no ugly padlocks needed. The windows work, and ALMOST EVERYTHING COMES READY TO ASSEMBLE and paint.

You do need to provide the paint, shingles, dripedge, and floor (although you can buy the floor as an added extra). You can also customize the shed further with added extras such as flower boxes, extra doors and floor kits.

This is the most expensive option of our 10. You do pay for all THE QUALITY AND CARE that goes into building this shed, along with the option to customize it. Available in 10×10 and a great addition to your yard.

Great quality
A little pricey
Added extras allow for customizing
Requires shingles and other pieces
Great looking

Thanks for reading…

If you own or know of a great 10×10 shed the please let us know in the comments.

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