Solid Build Sheds – Magazine Cover Quality Sheds Kit

Solid Build Sheds – Magazine Cover Quality Sheds that Practically ‘Click’ into Place

Amazingly Easy Shed Building Kits that Create Perfect 'Magazine Cover' Sheds Made of 100% Real Lumber

So Easy they Practically Build Themselves with Pieces that "Click" into Place...

More fun that Lego, Your Family Will Invite Themselves Over to Help You Build it

Do you want a remarkable outdoor garden shed sitting on your property, for less money than you think for this type of quality?

It doesn't matter if...

  • You've never done a project this size before... (or any project for that matter)
  • You haven't got a month off work to build it (believe it or not most owners put up their Solid Build shed in less than a day)
  • You plan on building the project by yourself... (it's not recommended but it can be done!)

If you're ready to build the kind of shed that looks, feels and even smells like a MASTER BUILDERS WOODWORKING PROJECT and be the ENVY OF YOUR NEIGHBORS then your going to love your Solid Build Wood Shed

Just take a look ->

Press "Play" to see how easy and quick it is to build a large outdoor shed (10x10) made out of 100% solid lumber

The actual building time for this 10x10 shed is only 6 hours, for 3 people

If you follow the plans that come with the shed, and can use a mallet, then building a quality shed is a breeze...

When you get everything specially made and delivered (free delivery) then building a shed is just as easy as... eating lunch

The secret is the proven shed building technique that has been used by the Europeans for years... In fact over 300,000 of these sheds get sold in Europe every year

Building A Shed SHOULD Be Fun & Enjoyable, NOT Frustrating ...

If you have ever worked on a woodworking or construction project you know how much time and effort goes into planning it

You may have hit the same brick wall

  • You underestimate the materials, time, effort and manpower you need to get it done
  • You waste $100's even $1,000's on parts that don't matter... just because you've never done it before!
  • You may have even called it quits because it just gets too hard!

Many people do it the hard way... but now YOU don't have to

Now anyone can build a magazine perfect shed their your backyard

Solid Build have been manufacturing wood sheds, garages, gazebos, cabins and other outdoor structures for 20 years and have since built over 100,000 sheds

It's So Easy to Get Started...

douglas solid build shed
  • Whether you have never read plans before
  • Whether you consider yourself DIY incompatible
  • Whether you have even step foot in a hardware store before!

It doesn't matter what your skill level

All the planning and preparation is done for you... All you need to put it together is a mallet, handsaw and electric drill

Sold Build Makes Building a Shed Simple & Easy

The kit that gets delivered is BY FAR the easiest and most simple way to put together a shed you will ever come across

Delivery of Solid Build Shed


All the material is delivered to your address

assembly of solid build shed

Easy to Understand

The included easy to read instructions make installation a breeze

Close up of solid build shed


Every board is pre-cut and designed to fit exactly where it should

The inside of the solid build shed

Finished Interior

The shed comes with a beautiful pre-finished interior

Genuine, Unsolicited Testimonials Are Flooding In From New Owners... People Like Yourself! ...

"The Material is Definitely Stronger and Thicker"

"We love the design, we love that it was unique and the materials would be strong and last for years to come

The material for your company is definitely stronger and thicker that would withstand Chicago winters and winds...

Once we had the foundation done it only took about a day to put the actual shed up"

- Amanda, Chicago IL

"Most People Don't Have Sheds This Nice"

"We looked at Tough Shed, and some stick built options...

Aesthetically they can't compete

We have ten and a half acres .... and we wanted something that fits with our property

The other sheds just weren't as appealing to us. They didn't have the design"

- Tod, Temecula CA

"Everyone Who Sees It Is Impressed"

"I knew I needed a storage shed for tools and lawn and garden equipment, but I felt the barn type structures detracted from our backyard landscape design

As soon as I saw the Bristol model wooden shed, I knew I had the solution to having enough storage space and a very pleasant and functional design.

Everyone who sees it is impressed and comments on its unique design.

I couldn’t be happier my choice and also the shed’s high quality construction"

- Brian, Sonoma CA

Bristol Solid Build Wood Shed

"You Don't Have To Be An Engineer To Do It"

Whales Solid Build Garden Shed

"Thanks again for all your assistance. We really love how the house turned out and had a lot of fun with the entire project.

It was not hard to put it together and you didn't have to be an engineer to do it. The instructions are good, illustrations clear and all the pieces and parts arrived safely.

Like you said, when it was delivered it took about 30-45 minutes for my son and I to unload it by hand into the garage (which wasn't a big deal).

The next day I went through piece by piece, identifying and consolidating all the parts. This was a major aid in assisting us as we read and worked through the construction steps.

- Ron and Bev, Colimbia SC

You see, Solid Build has been manufacturing these sheds for over 20 years and helped over 100,000 people build the shed of their dreams...

There's Literally Nothing Else Like This ...

Finding quality this good at a reasonable price point is not something you come across every day...

I don't say it lightly becuase I have looked around and seen many sheds and shed builders

And I can tell you that the Solid Build modern log cabin shed is unique, distinctive and indeed very solid!

If you are already buying your own shed or considering it, this isn't something you SHOULD use, it's something that you would be insane not to.

Here's the bottom line:

Solid Build Pool House

How Much Would You Pay To Have The Frustration Taken Out Of Building Your Shed?

Okay, okay. You're convinced that Solid Build sheds are the best thing since sliced bread. So, how much is it going to cost you? Tell you what, why dont YOU decide what its worth?

  • What price tag would YOU place on something that will give you the ability to a build beautiful outdoor shed easily that you and your loved ones will enjoy for many years to come?
  • What price tag would YOU place on something that will do all the planning, preparation and takes the hard work out of building for you?
  • What price tag would YOU put on a shed that keeps your tools, equipment, and other items safe and dry year after year?

To hire your own draftsperson and carpenter for the shed you want could cost you in the tens of thousands of dollars

And to plan, build and construct a shed of this quality could easily take you 6 months to a year

Just the material costs alone add up in the thousands of dollars...

So get your Solid Build shed delivered and save time, frustration and money....

What Your Receive With Your Solid Build Shed

  • Free Door and Window Hardware
  • Free Delivery (to the 48 Contiguous States)
  • Easy to Follow Manual
  • All Lumber Pre-Machined- It just clicks into place!
  • Tempered Glass on All Windows
  • Customer Service Phone Line (open 8am-8pm Monday to Friday)
  • Beautiful Finished Natural Wood Interior
  • FSC Certified Building Material
Fin Garden Shed By Solid Build Wood Sheds

The price that you see on the shed you want.. is your total investment!

You Have A Choice To Make Today About the Shed You Will Put Up

A) You can keep trying to build your shed the way you've been doing it, brace yourself and hope for the best


B) You can join 100,000+ (and counting) other homeowners, woodworkers, and professional shed builders by letting Solid Build send you a SHED KIT and step-by-step directions to a create stunning, professional well designed shed, effortlessly and on time

Which is it?

YES Zac! I Want To Build a Perfect Magazine Cover Shed on My Property

  • I Understand I'll Be Purchasing an Amazing Looking, Easy to Put Together Shed with All the Material Pre-Cut and Delivered to My Property
  • Plus I'll Get Free Delivery if I Live in the Contiguous 48 States (Canada, Hawaii and Alaska are required to organize own delivery)
  • I further understand that on top of all these incredible benefits, If I order and have a change of heart before the delivery has been shipped, I am backed by a ironclad 100% Money-Back Guarantee

On That Basis, Let Me Choose My Solid Build Shed

Oh, and yes of course, because the order process is online, Solid Build takes orders 24 hours a day - so even if it's 4:00 a.m. and you're in Kathmandu you can go ahead and place your order - you'll still get instant download access.

I look forward to welcoming you to the family so to speak.

These are the best quality sheds at this price point we could find... You won't regret it 

- Zac

P.S - If you have any questions, unlike a big box company, you can call Solid Build and ask. Their phone number and contact times are in the top right hand corner of the website

P.P.S - Remember... if you have a change of heart before the shed gets shipped you have the 100% Money-Back Guarantee

P.P.P.S - Act now and lock in the sales price for your new shed. YES!, Take Me To The Shed Selection Page Now

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