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How To Build A Fabric Shed

The 6 step process…

Fabric Shed

Just like building anything, building a fabric shed can be fun or a pain depending on how you do it.

Fabric sheds can be built in approximately 1-2 hours, and the smaller ones can be built by just one person.

And there is enough information here to make building your fabric shed is simple.

We've included videos and a simple guide because seeing others do it and knowing what to expect can save your shed building experience from turning into a frustration!

Building a Fabric Shed in 6 Steps

1/ Count your pieces

Make sure you have everything. Many homeowners end up running off to home depot to get a few bolts that are missing, save yourself the trouble first!

The ShelterLogic company video that shows the complete assembly process

2/ Make the frame

Building the frame is quite easy if you lay out all the parts first. This way you make sure they are all there, but it also helps you see how they go together.

3/ Then anchor the frame

Once you have the frame together, measure it to make sure its square, then fix it to the ground with the provided anchors. You can also purchase heavy duty anchors, which although annoying, is a good idea if you plan on leaving the shed up permanently.

To make sure its square, diagonally measure from one corner to the other. Both measurements should equal the same.

4/ Add the cover

Once your shed frame isn’t moving its time to add the cover. You add the front and back first (in the ShelterLogic models) then put the top cover over the top.

An unhappy customer who didn't get his cover exactly right

5/ Then anchor the cover

Do up all the latches, ratchets and tie downs. It's best just to do them up lightly for now, just in case you need to make adjustments later.

A company video with many close ups of the anchoring process

6/ Double check everything is tight

Make sure that everything is tight including your ratchets, tie downs and any bolts used to hold the frame together.

Because the shed is fabric is it important to check your cover is held tightly onto the frame. To give you an indication with the ShelterLogic sheds, you shouldn't be able to slide your hand between the frame and the cover. If you can, your cover is too loose.


Thanks for reading. If you know of any other tips for building a fabric shed, the please leave a comment and let us know!