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The BEST Shed Shelving Ideas

Best shed shelving ideas

Is this a shed or a bonfire?

Keeping your stuff off the floor…

Sheds are cluttered places. Because they are used for storage in some capacity they tend to attract ‘stuff.'

This stuff always tends to take up space. IT SLOWLY CREEPS UP ON YOU, and eventually it takes over… Soon enough you've run out of space to put your new stuff.

This is why a shed is only as good as its shelving. Good shelving can even make a small shed seem great, and bigger than what it is. Giving you PLENTY OF ROOM FOR NEW STUFF, and organize your old stuff.

the 10 Best Shelving Options for Your Shed

It's IMPORTANT TO FIND GOOD SHELVING, so to make it easy, we've scoured the internet and found the best 10 shed shelving solutions…. Enjoy.

1. The Professional Look

If you love your car and everything to do with it, you need a good setup for your tools.

This storage system gives your TOOLS A WELL-ORGANIZED HOME for when you need them.

They look like they belong to the ANDRETTI PIT CREW. The checker plate finish gives the units an automotive, industrial look. And although they look and perform like pit lane, THE PRICE IS MORE UPPER GRANDSTAND.


When your car deserves the best, so does your tools. Available here.

2. A Heavenly Storage Solution

When you need help getting your equipment off the floor and out of the way, it might be time to look to the gods.

Using your roof storage is a great idea for those LOOKING FOR MORE ROOM. A ceiling mount shelf allows you to USE THE DEAD ROOF SPACE in your shed, even above a doorway.

The Hyloft can be adjusted for height, and holds 300lbs. The white finish is UNIVERSAL AND WILL FIT IN ANYWHERE.


Hallelujah! A truly unique solution for giving you more floor space. Available here.

3. More than meets the eye…

It's sold as origami, but it's more like transformers to us. ASSEMBLY IS ALMOST INSTANT, pull it out swing it open and you’re done.

It comes with wheels for it which makes it EASY TO MOVE AROUND the yard, or house.

When you think portable and versatile, strong doesn't also jump into mind. But the SHELVES ARE POWDER COATED STEEL, and can take some punishment.


Quick and strong, just like an Autobot. Available here.

4. Create Your Man Kitchen

If you’re looking for mass organized storage then you need a system.

This is a single shelving unit. By itself it will store items, but its best feature is that it is DESIGNED TO WORK IN WITH OTHER PIECES.

There are taller shelf units, draw units and open shelf units so YOU CAN PICK AND CHOOSE what storage suits you best.

All the cabinets are all uniform, so they fit in perfectly with each other. You can even put some plywood over the top and use it as a workbench.


An simple organizing system… Why didn’t we think of that!!! Get it here.

5. Get Those Tools Out of Hiding

Finally have some room for a workspace and want it done your way? Whatever your requirements, this multipurpose workbench will work with you to get what you want.

You provide the wood so you can MAKE THE SIZE OR FUNCTION WHAT YOU WANT. And there’s no need to worry about strength. The kit legs are tough, and have a smart industrial look. So even when its clean it looks like you get stuff done.

And if you’re not sure on how to design it to suit your needs, there are plenty of customer images on Amazon to provide inspiration. Some of them LOOK LIKE WORKS OF ART… all those tools on a wall.


A great project that you can design yourself and be proud of, no matter what your skill level. Get started here.

6. Where Do You Stick Your Long Items?

Maybe along the side of the house, or under it? Or is it getting in the way in your shed?

You can’t escape left over lengths of material when doing projects. You know you will need them at some stage, so over time THEY JUST ACCUMULATE. It’s like a space sucking trap.

The key is to get them out of the way, and there’s no better way than a WELL-ORGANIZED STORAGE RACK.

This one is easy to set up and can be customized, making it our BEST CHOICE FOR YOUR SHED.


Surprisingly strong and a must for any wood work shed. Available here.

7. Guaranteed More Space

Unfortunately there are only so many corners in a shed where you can lean your long handled garden tools.

Although very practical, long handled tools are kind of awkward to store and it’s always painful trying to get to the ones you want.

Moving some here and there, and then putting it all back again. It’s a perfectionist’s worst nightmare.

So for those who like order, or are lazy, here is the holeyrail. It’s easy to install with only a few screws and its heavy duty. You can even put your Weed-Wacker on there.


A great storage option your obsessive compulsive side will thank you for. Available here.

8. Attention Gardeners

Got some tools but little space to put them? Or maybe you were given some tools that you’ll get around to using one day…

Tools are handy to have around, but they don’t always get used often. And for those times you need some GOOD OUT OF THE WAY STORAGE.

The storability wall mount system lets you store an array of tools EASILY, NEATLY AND ON A SMALL FOOTPRINT.

If you’ve got a space on the wall, you can give your tools a home.


For hobby gardeners and those with more modest, well-kept tool collections. Available here.

9. Anything, Anywhere

If your shed shelving needs are changing, these shelf hangers will change with you. The hook in design makes it EASY TO ADD AND TAKE AWAY SHELVES.

The system can go anywhere you have joists running across your roof. You can even build a shelving wall to partition areas of your shed.

It will also WORK WELL AS STORAGE above a bench or desk, against walls or even in your kitchen pantry.


A unique way to keep your items, out of the way. Get yours here.

10. Looking to Maximize Your Shed Space?

Then these shelves are a no brainer. STRONG AND STURDY, they can be easily adjusted and have a capacity of 2400lbs. You can even buy wheels for them in case you need a portable solution.

Chrome wiring helps the unit look neat while also allowing the shelves to be quite thin, making it easy to see and access your equipment.

If your gear is ending up where it shouldn’t, this SHELF KIT WILL HELP LOCATE YOUR ITEMS, and give you your space back.


The 6×2’ footprint makes this unit effective, out of the way storage. Available here.

In Summary…

There are plenty of ready made solutions for storage in your shed or garage here. If your looking for something a little more DIY, then check this out. In addition to shelving, you'd be surprized at the other accessories you can upgrade your shed with.

Thanks for reading this article on shed shelving and storage solutions. Contact me if you have storage and shelving suggestions, or you'd like me to review specific models. 

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