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18 Websites with Spectacular Weathervanes for Sheds

Weathervanes for sheds

Below are the best weathervanes for sheds and homes available on the internet

YOUR GARDEN SHED AND HOW YOU CHOOSE TO DECORATE IT can say a lot about you from your tastes to what your favorite hobbies happen to be.

No matter what style of shed you buy or build, you want finishing touches like a weathervane that draw attention to all of your hard work.

If you are like most people who have built their own shed, you probably take a lot of pride in your work and workmanship. What better way to cap off all that hard work than to add a custom weathervane to the top of the roof ridge or cupola?

Here are 18 of the best places in the country that offer over 1000 custom weathervanes for you to consider.

Trendir Copper Weathervanes

Unique Weathervanes from Around the Country

Trendir weathervanes

Image Courtesy of Trendir

Trendir offers a wide range of custom made copper weathervanes from Outdoor FurniturePlus.

Copper weathervanes are easy to care for and will last virtually forever.

Trendir, via Outdoor Furniture Plus, offers a huge selection of weathervanes ranging from$50 and up making them a bit on the expensive side.

Trendir is not a vendor, however, the site will direct you to their handpicked vendors. Visit Trendir here.

West Coast Weathervanes

Every Imaginable Weathervane Under the Sun

West Coast Weathervanes

Image Courtesy of West Coast Weathervanes

West Coast has just about any kind of weathervane you can imagine.

Their offerings cover animals, sports, hobbies, transportation, special occasions, the natural world and more…

They have a seemingly endless list of weathervanes to choose from.

You choose between small, medium, and large versions of each weathervane.

The only real drawback is the cost as these weathervanes tend to cost in the thousands of dollars. Visit West Coast Weathervanes here.

Greens Weathervanes

Greens Turns Fine Art into Amazing Weathervanes (UK)

Greens weathervanes

Image Courtesy of Greens Vanes

Greens champions the 2,000 plus years of weathervanes by creating fine art in copper to puton your shed.

All weathervanes are hand-made by true artisans.

Weathervanes are offered in copper, brass, bronze covered with 231/2K gold.

Incredible range of designs ranging from the Victorian era to the Alice in Wonderland. You can commission your own designs. Just a note, they can be very expensive running with prices in the thousands of dollars.

There is typically a waiting list for their weathervanes. Pepared to wait, check them out here.

Cottage Surroundings Weathervanes

Small Selection - Big Prices

Cottage Surroundings Weathervanes - Bear Weathervane

Image Courtesy of Cottage Surroundings

Cottage Surroundings offers a number of rustic products to decorate the inside and outsideof your home.

They are not focused solely on weathervanes. They do, however, offer four delightful designs to choose from, Loon, Moose, Fisherman,and Bear.

Prices are all under $500, which is quite reasonable for top quality copper weathervanes. The copper weathervanes are mounted on steel rods, which could cause corrosion issues.

Great site if you are looking to decorate your home with a rustic look. Want more? check here.

Wayfair Weathervane

More than a Weathervane Site

wayfair weathervanes

Image Courtesy of wayfair

Wayfair is a lot like Amazon in that this site sells a very diverse range of products. They offer a diverse range of weathervanes from many manufacturers around the globe.

Wayfair offers a full range of prices starting at under $100. You get free shipping on most orders.

You can order cupolas complete with weathervanes and have them delivered to your home. Wayfair is noted as having slow shipping problems but has excellent customer service. Go there here.

Weather Factory Weathervanes

Custom In-House Weathervane Designs from Maine

Weathervane Factory weathervanes - Flying Pig

Image Courtesy of Weathervane Factory

Most of their weathervanes are not only designed in-house but are also crafted right on site.

All weathervanes are made from copper for a long life. Copper weathers beautifully acquiring a beautiful green patina.

Cast aluminum weathervanes for added durability. Huge selection of styles including transportation, animals, arrows, and commercial.

Prices here are very reasonable averaging under $500. Want more info, go here.

Weathervanes Sculpture

Amazing Hand-Sculpted Weathervanes Since 1989

Weathervanes Sculpture - Mermaid Weathervane

Image Courtesy of Weathervane Sculpture

Edwin B. Waskiewicz has been handcrafting his weathervanes for over 25 years. All weathervanes are hand-hammered from copper or brass. Each one is crafted with a meticulous eye for detail.

Each is unique. If you can imagine your design, Edwin can make it for you.

Very, very expensive, his weathervanes run from $500 to over $10,000, they are not for the faint of heart or wallet. Still interested, go here.

Jankowski Weathervanes & Garden Art

Custom Made to Order Weathervane Art

Jankowski Weathervanes - Horse and Hound weathervane in gold leaf

Image Courtesy of Jankowski Weathervanes

Each weathervane is handmade to your order. Weathervanes are made of copper or brass.

They are mounted on a stainless steel post for minimum corrosion. Turn your hobby, lifestyle, dreams into a weathervane.

Turn your hobby, lifestyle, dreams into a weathervane.

The biggest problem is that because each piece is custom made, you can't get an idea of pricing on the website, not a very good way to sell weathervanes in our opinion. But if you want more, it's here.

Paul Margetts Weathervanes

Amazing Hand Crafted Wind Sculptures from the U.K.

Paul Margetts weathervanes - School Weathervane

Image Courtesy of Paul Margetts

Offers a wide range of traditional style weathervanes as well as fun and whimsical designs. Paul Margetts designs his weathervanes from your description.

You can adjust the size of your weathervane to fit your shed or building. Come with custom mounting brackets to suit your needs. Made from galvanized steel rather than copper or brass, which may corrode faster.

U.K. pricing is average starting at ₤290 which can make them quite expensive if ordering for U.S.delivery. Shipping from U.K. might be slower than expected. Want more? Go here.

Amazon - Weathervanes

If You Can't Find One Here You Haven't Looked Hard Enough

Montague Weathervane

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon is the world's largest online merchandise retailer and that also extends to weathervanes.

Weathervane selection is huge. Prices on most weathervanes are very reasonable. No custom orders, you have to choose from their catalog.

Weathervanes come from all over the world. Amazon does offer a money back guarantee and many items are listed as Amazon Prime for free shipping. See more here.

Backyard and Beyond Weathervanes

Amazing Craftsmanship, Fantastic Selection

Backyard and Beyond Weathervanes - Accent Collection - Eagle and Rooster

Image Courtesy of Backyard and Beyond

This site offers exceptionally high-quality weathervanes and finials for the top of your cupola or shed. Offers weathervanes in three sizes, Estate (large), Standard (fit most sheds and cupolas), Garden(small).

Most weathervanes are made from copper for long life and beauty. They have a wide range of designs including animals, marine life, hobbies, lifestyles, and traditional.

All weathervanes come with a mounting rod, spacer balls, and directional set. You do have to contact the company for a price quote since they don't show prices on their website. Want more info, go here.

The Original Weathervane Cupola Shoppe

Fine Selection of Copper, Aluminum, and Steel Weathervanes

Weathervane.com - Rooster with Traditional Directionals

Image Courtesy of Weathervane.com

All weathervanes are crafted in the U.S. by a company who has been in business since 1985. Amazing selection ranging from military to sports and from animals to traditional weathervanes.

Great range of prices starting at under $258 and going up to $1,240. You can order a custom made weathervane direct from the site starting with a price quote.

It only takes a few days to a few weeks for them to complete your custom order. Shipping does cost, but you can choose either UPS ground or expedited service. More info here.

AA Statuary & Weathervane Co.

Affordable Selection Including Many Popular Themes

Statuary Weathervane - Sailboat with Arrow

Image Courtesy of Statuary Weathervane

Very affordable pricing starting at $89.95. They carry aluminum, brass, and copper weathervanes.

Many weathervanes are offered painted for better visibility or in multiple metals for added aesthetics.They also offer weathervane repair services, simply fill out the online form for a price quote.

They offer a ten-day full refund guarantee on weathervanes. There is, however, a 15% fee for shipping and handling charges. Want more info, go here.

Etsy - Weathervanes

More bespoke options - Can be hit and miss

Etsy - Galloping Horse Weathervane

Image Courtesy of Etsy

A great place to buy one off and custom made weathervanes. Many products sold here are made by local craftsmen seeking a market for their wares.

If you see one you like, you should grab it while you can. There is no guarantee the same weathervane will still be listed if you wait and come back.

Pricing varies based on the individual seller. Etsy is the middleman in the sale, not the retailer. See more here.

Good Directions Weathervanes

Designed and Crafted by American Craftsmen

Good Directions Weathervanes - Americana Flag Weathervane

Image Courtesy of Good Directions

They offer three different sizes of weathervane, Garden (small), Standard, and Estate (large). Most of their weathervanes are made from durable, beautiful copper. Prices vary greatly based on size and style, making it easy to find a weathervane in your budget.

They use their own patented Single Point Contact™ mounting system that lets the weathervane spin freely. 

You will need to buy the mount separately based on where you are planning to locate your weathervane. See more here.

Weathervanes of Maine

Real unique pieces, great selection

Weathervanes of Maine - Farmer Pig Weathervane

Image Courtesy of Weathervanes of Maine

Huge selection of truly unique weathervanes to choose from. Weathervanes are offered in copper and steel.

The site offers information on how to size a weathervane. They also offer hand hammered copper weather vanes. They can also custom craft a weathervane for you based on your design.

Prices are very reasonable starting at under $200.00 for copper weathervanes. Larger weathervanes are shipped via motor carrier, which makes for a longer delivery time.

You can pay more for expedited shipping on most weathervanes. See more here.

Ebay - Weathervanes

Good Range to Choose from Can Find Some One Offs Here

eBay Weathervanes - Green Tractor

Image Courtesy of eBay

You can find virtually any type of weathervane here. Not only can you buy new weathervanes, but there are plenty of used ones as well.

A great place to search for vintage or antique weathervanes. You do have to be careful when buying from private sellers.

EBay does, however, guarantee your sale and will offers buyer protection to reduce the risk of getting ripped off. Prices vary from one seller to another and whether you are buying new, used or antique. See more here.

Home Depot Weathervanes

Great Place to Find Budget-Friendly Weathervanes

Home Depot Shed Weathervane - Fish Weathervane

Image Courtesy of Home Depot

No weathervanes over $100 at Americans favorite discount hardware warehouse superstore. Sell a number of well-known brands.

You can pick up many of the available models in the store. They also offer free ship to store and ship to home shipping services. They also offer free ship to store and ship to home shipping services.

Quality may not be the best, but for the price you can't beat the offerings. They also offer a selection of weathervane mounts that can be used with your choice of weathervanes. See them here.

In Summary...

Finding just the right weathervane for your garden shed or home can be challenging. There are literally thousands of them available from dozens of suppliers.

The hardest part for most people is deciding what they want their weathervane to look like. We hope you have enjoyed reading all about the weathervanes available from these top suppliers.

If you know of any other good ones, please contact us via our contact page.

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Thanks for Reading.

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