13 Practical Motorcycle Storage Accessories for your Shed & Garage

13 Practical Motorcycle Storage Accessories for your Shed


Started feeling crowded and unorganized?

When was the last time you took a good look around the inside of the shed where you keep your motorcycle and gear?

Could you find what you were looking for or was it buried under a piles of spare parts and other equipment?

Maybe your wife has been getting on your case and telling you it's time to clean up the mess or get rid of it.

No matter what the reason, creating a place for everything in your storage shed for your bike and all of your gear is simple. All it takes is having the right motorcycle storage accessories.

To help, we have put 13 of our favorites together for you to consider

1. The Helmet Hitch

Helment Hanger Motorcycle Storage Accessory

Helment Hitch - Hanger Motorcycle Storage Accessory

Why would you want to toss your expensive helmets on the bench or worse yet on the floor, where they are at risk of being damaged, when you can hang them on the wall out of the way.

The Helmet Hitch takes less than five minutes to screw onto a convenient spot on your wall. This brilliant device looks a lot like an extension cord hanger and can hold both 3/4 and full face helmets safely out of the way. Buy one for each of your helmets. Available here.

2. Extreme Max Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock

If you are like most of us and have limited space in your shed to store your bike, the Extreme Max Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock might be just what you need. Originally designed to be bolted to the floor of a trailer, you can bolt this to the floor of your shed.

It holds bike wheels from 17 to 21 inches in diameter and can hold bikes from sport to full dresser safely upright and out of the way. Simple to assemble and install the Extreme Max lets you park your bike off to one side conveniently out of the way. Available here.

3. Pit Posse 448 Cabinet Helmet Bay

PitPosse Helmet Shelf

PitPosse Helmet Shelf

The Pit Posse 448 is another great way to get your helmets off the bench or floor. Not only does this cabinet have a shelf for two helmets, there is a shelf underneath it with room for things like your riding gloves and goggles.

Along with this, there are holes drilled in the shelf that are perfect for hangers that can be used for the rest of your riding gear, keeping it all neatly hung up out of the way. Your wife is going to love this one! Get yours here.

4. Grip-Lock Motorcycle and Scooter Security Lock

Even though you keep your bike safely locked inside your shed, this doesn't mean some nasty-minded thief won't break in and try to steal your prized bike. By adding one or better yet two Grip-Lock motorcycle and scooter security locks to your bike, you can make stealing your bike not only harder but less worthwhile.

These locks can't be drilled out or cut off and are designed to go over the handgrips and either brake or clutch levers on your bike. With over 50,000 different key combinations, they are virtually theft-proof. They lock the throttle twist grip in place while keeping pressure on the brakes and can also be used to help keep your bike from being pushed away. Available here.

5. Battery Tender Green Lithium Junior Battery Charger

Nothing sucks more than going out to the shed only to find your bike's battery dead. If your bike is like so many on the road and has a lithium-ion battery, the Battery Tender is just what you need.

Not only will this charger bring your battery back from the dead, it will then supply a maintenance charge that keeps your battery fully charged for as long as it is plugged in.

The best part is that it will never overcharge your battery and is green in color to ensure that it can't be mistaken for a charger designed for standard lead-acid batteries. Get yours here

6. Infrared (IR) Motion Sensor

Motion sensors are a great way to see if someone is in your shed that doesn’t' belong there. The problem is that so many are easy to detect and disable. The 1byone uses PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors that can detect the heat of a human body or for that matter a car engine.

Once detected it sends an undetectable signal directly to the receiver sounding the alarm where only you can hear it. Keep the receiver in the house and never worry about someone being where they don’t' belong again. Operating range is approximately 300 feet out in the open. Available here.

7. Condor Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Working on your bike out in the shed can be a real pain in the backside, especially if you need to have it standing upright to do the work. The Condor wheel chock can be bolted to the floor of your shed or trailer and can be used to firmly secure your bike in place.

Fits most bikes and is fully adjustable to fit a wide range of wheel sizes. The Condor can also be used to firmly secure your bike into a trailer for transportation without fear of it falling over. Available here.

8. Garment Drying Rack - Entryway Organizer

For years, you have probably just been chucking your leathers on the seat of your bike or on the workbench and your riding boots wherever they happen to land. No wonder your wife is getting more than just a little upset.

This all-metal stand gives you room to hang a couple of helmets on the ends, tons of room for you to hang your leathers, and best of all the perfect place for your riding boots. Thanks to the open rail design, your boots can drip dry after a ride out in the rain. Available here.

9. Above Ground Stronghold Anchor

Security is always going to be an issue, no matter how well you lock your shed doors. This anchor from legendary lock makers Kryptonite can be bolted to the floor, the wall, or the bed of your trailer.

Made of carbon alloy steel, it can be used in combination with a heavy bike lock chain to secure your bike in place and stop someone from riding away on your pride and joy. The shackle is designed to lay flat and out of the way when not in use. Available here.

10. DIY Wire Mesh Window Guards

corrugated iron covering shed window

The door to your shed is not the only place where a would-be-thief can get in and wreak havoc. If your shed has any windows, they can present an easy way in unless you take the time to secure them. One easy way to do this is to build a heavy gauge frame from steel strips and then to weld thick wire mesh over the frame.

The entire project can be completed in about an hour and then bolted over your windows using bolts that go all the way through and are secured with nuts on the inside. For added security you should weld the nuts onto the bolts. If you can't do the welding yourself, you should be able to find a local welding shop to do the work for you.

If you want to find wire mesh at a reasonable price, then here is a good place to start

11. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Loc

Now that you have the Kryptonite floor anchors bolted to the floor or walls of your shed, the next thing you need is a way to secure your bike in place. The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Loc uses an 18 mm Max-performance steel shackle and a total of 11 pounds of hardened steel chain to secure your bike.

The chain is so strong that it takes at least two to three minutes to cut through with an electric grinder and the double deadbolt lock is virtually impossible to pick or break. Available here.

12. Window Tint for Your Shed Windows

Thieves are far less likely to steal what they cannot see. One of the best ways to keep prying eyes out is to add a layer of window tint to your shed's windows. Window tint is available in a wide range of shades ranging from light to virtual blackout and is sold in rolls.

As long as you clean the glass thoroughly before applying the tint, it should last for many years. Choose tint that is dark enough to keep people from seeing in while still allowing enough light for you to be able to see when in your shed. Add this to the security mesh above and make your shed into a virtual fortress.

Shed window tint to stop people looking in. available here.

13. Tie Downs

These super soft loops have a 1,800-pound workload and are rated at 7,300 pounds breaking strength. You can use them to help anchor your bike to the floor of your shed or to help hold it in place in your trailer.

The super soft material will not harm your bike's paint or chrome and will fit over the handlebars, swingarm, forks and many other spots on the bike to help hold it firmly in place. The best part is they come with a lifetime warranty. Available here.

In Summary...

There is no reason why you should ever have a bike shed that is so messy you can't find room to move around in or that your wife constantly nags you about. By putting one or more of these ideas to work in your shed, you will have a well-organized place to store your bike, along with all of your riding gear safely up and out of the way.

It will only take you a few hours to put most of these ideas into place. Not only will they help you create the perfect place to store your bike, but will significantly reduce the risk of some unsavory character stealing your pride and joy.

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