DIY vs PAID – 17 Garden Tool Organizer Solutions

DIY vs PAID – 17 Garden Tool Organizer Solutions (for Inside or Outside of Your Shed)

Garden Tool Organizer is Needed Here

Love being organized? Here are some great garden tool organizer solutions for any gardener

HAVE YOU LOOKED AT the mess inside your garden shed lately?

Do you have tools and accessories scattered as far as the eye can see?

Do you find yourself buying new tools simply because you can't find the ones you already have?

There is nothing worse than having a garden shed full of tools you can't find. Not only is this very frustrating, in the end, many of your tools end up getting damaged or permanently lost in the mess.

A much better solution is to buy or build some form of garden tool storage. The big question is whether you might be better off building something yourself or buying a storage system that is literally ready to put together and use.

Here we take a look at a number of options and then let you know whether the DIY or the Paid version is the better choice in our opinion.

Large Yard Tools - Inside the Shed

1. DIY - Yard Tool Rack

Yard Tool Rack

Source: Instructables

This yard tool rack is about as simple as it gets. Made from a pair of 2 x 6s that have been notched to fit the handles of your various long handled yard tools.

You can use a circular saw or jig saw to cut the notches and vary the sizes to match the handles of each tool. The completed racks are nailed or bolted to the wall studs. The entire unit can be built in a couple of hours for just a few bucks.

2. PAID - Holeyrail Garage Organizer


Source: Amazon

The Holeyrail garage organizer is a long strip of industrial grade steel that can hold up to 600 pounds when properly installed. The pre-plated steel is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and comes predrilled for use with standard pegboard type pegs.

These do not come with the unit, but you do get a set of ten PegStrappers™ to help lock the pegs in place. This organizer comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware. More detail available here


We reckon DIY here. Although the paid option isn't expensive building a rack on a wall yourself is not overly complicated, and can be done typically with scrap timber found around the home. You can cobble one of these racks together in less than an hour and custom build it to fit in with your needs.

Large Yard Tools - Outside the Shed

3. DIY- Yard Tool Rack

Yard Tool Rack

Source: Pinterest

Although the one depicted was custom built for kayaking, it shows you how easy it is to build one just like it for your garden tools.

To make this type of yard tool rack all you need is a few 2 x 4s, some plywood, a pegboard and a few tool hangers. You can even make the hangers yourself by notching out a 2 x 4 to fit the handle of tools such as rakes, garden forks, and shovels.

Yours doesn't have to be this big, build it to fit your needs.

4. PAID - Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Cart


Source Amazon

Simple and neat rolling solution for your large yard tools. Plenty of storage

The Rubbermaid rolling tool rack features a heavy duty plastic base and slotted tool rack with steel cores for added strength. It is ideal for storing power trimmers and long handled tools.

The rack has a 20 large tool capacity and is mounted on casters for easy portability. There are spots for 17 smaller tools along the top and in clips mounted to the sides.

The wide base makes this tool rack very steady when moving it around.  See more detail here


Just like the inside storage rack, we reckon the DIY version makes a much better choice. Not only can you build it out of any scrap lumber you happen to have lying around, you can customize it to fit your tools. Most prebuilt units do not have any way to adapt them if they don't fit your selection of tools. As an added bonus, you can make your tool rack as big or small as you need.

Small Garden Tools - Inside the Shed

5. PAID - Suncast 2-Foot Hand Tool Garden Organizer 


Source: Amazon

This extra deep small tool hanger lets you hang multiple tools on each hook for convenience. The hooks are tilted back to help keep tools from sliding off.

The organizer is designed to be mounted on either 16" or 24" on center studs and predrilled to allow you to mount more than one unit on each stud. Made of durable resin with fixed hook locations. More info here

6. DIY - Old Rake Tool Hanger

To build this simple tool hanger, all you need is an old garden rake, a little time, and a big nail or screw to hang it on the wall.

This hanger works great for any small garden tool with a hole in the handle. Of course, you can always drill the holes yourself in any tool, that is not already pre-drilled.

You are limited to tools that will fit the rack or limiting the number of tools you can hang.


You could go either way with these small tool organizers. The old rake is about as inexpensive as you can get, but you are limited to the number of tines on the rack for storage. The paid organizer may cost you a little bit of cash, but offers more storage space for your tools. In this case, the final decision rests on how many tools you have and whether or not you have an old rake laying around.

Small Garden Tools - Outside the Shed

7. DIY - Garden Mailbox Tool Storage

Garden Mailbox Tool Storage

Source: Houzz

There is nothing like having your small garden tools right where you need them. This DIY storage box can be built in a couple of hours from scrap wood.

Make it even better by using chalkboard paint to add a message board. This way you and your significant other can leave each other messages or you can leave yourself reminders for another day.

8. PAID - Garden Mailbox Tool Storage

Source: Amazon

While most people use a mailbox for exactly what it was made for, there is nothing that says you can't repurpose one for use in the garden as a small tool storage unit.

There's plenty of room for a small shovel, your gloves, some garden twine, pruners, and more. This unit can be easily bolted to the side of a raised garden bed or placed on a post in your garden.


For this one we choose the DIY unit, not only does it look really cool, but you get the pleasure of turning a few scraps of lumber into a functional work of garden art. However, if you are in a hurry and want a functional garden tool storage unit, mailboxes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, perfect for decorating your garden.

All Garden Tools - Inside the Shed

9. DIY - Pallet on Wall with Screws/Nails

pallet storage for garden tools


If you are looking for simple, rustic storage that can be thrown together for cheap, nothing beats repurposing an old pallet. All you have to do is hang in on your shed wall and then start putting nails or screws in place to hang your garden tools.

This style is fully customizable and is only limited by your imagination. However, you may not be able to hang heavier tools and if you use nails they tend to bend over time.

10. PAID - Flow Wall Lawn and Garden Organization System


Source: Amazon

This nifty wall organizer gives you a full 24 feet of Flow Wall panels made from heavy duty PVC. The slotted design lets you move the hooks, pegs, and buckets around to meet your needs.

This wall organizer comes with 10 plastic hooks, 6 metal hooks, and two plastic bins that are perfect for smaller items such as bags of fertilizer or seeds. The best part is that unlike nails in pallet boards, you can quickly and easily move the buckets and hooks to meet your changing needs. More info here


Here we choose the Flow Wall Lawn and Garden Organization System. Although it's quite expensive, the reason why is that this system is infinitely and easily adjustable to meet your changing needs. You can use both panels in one long strip or place each panel in a different spot in your shed.

Hook Storage

11. DIY - Wooden Wall Hooks hooks for garden tools


These simple wooden hooks were originally made to hang handbags up out of the way in the closet. However, you can easily adapt the design to hang a few garden tools on the wall.

If you aren't too worried about how they look, you can always stick a screw in a piece of wood or a dowel and achieve the same results.

12. PAID - Steel Screw-In Hooks


Source: Amazon

Each of these plastic coated hooks can hold up to 15.43 pounds when fully screwed into a stud. Unlike the wooden hook, these are long enough to hold larger items such as ladders, bicycles, garden hoses, and lawn furniture.

You get six hooks in each set for about $10, making them an excellent choice for use inside or outside of your garden shed or garage. See more info here


While the wooden hooks might work well for handbags, they aren't likely to be of much use in your shed. If you make them small enough in diameter to hold most tools, they are not going to be strong enough to support much weight. We recommend the screw in hooks as they can hold a lot of weight and are big enough to hold a wide range of garden tools.

Pegboard Storage

13. DIY - Pegboard Shelf

DIY pegboard shelf for garden tool organization


A piece of pegboard and a few hooks are the ideal storage system for hanging tools. But, when you have items that can be hung, you can always use a couple of pieces of scrap wood to cobble to create storage shelves.

Of course, things have a habit of slipping off this type of shelf and your storage capacity is limited to the size of the shelf. This type of shelf is cheap to build, but may not be the best choice for your shed.

14. PAID - WallPeg Pro 100 Hooks and Buckets

wallpeg-pro-100 -hook-kit

Source: Amazon

The WallPeg Pro brings new meaning to pegboard storage. This handy system comes with 24 L-style peg hooks, 6 box-style peg hooks, 4 red bins, 4 yellow bins, screwdrivers, and pliers.

The pegs and bins lock firmly in place to ensure your tools never end up falling on the workbench or floor. The bins are perfect for nails, screws, or miscellaneous small parts. Find more detail here


A pegboard is the perfect small tool storage idea, but using homemade shelves tends to cause more problems than they solve. Here we reckon the WallPeg Pro makes a better choice as it offers more security and usable forms of storage. On top of this, you get a set of screwdrivers and pliers, something most of us never have enough of.

Garden Hose Storage

15. DIY- Bucket Hose Reel

Talk about a cheap way to hang up your garden hoses and extension cords. All you need is a 5-gallon bucket, a piece of scrap wood, and a few nails or screws.

Simply place the wood in the bottom of the bucket and then nail or screw it to a stud. No fuss, no bother, and you are only out a few bucks for the bucket if you don't have one lying around.

16. PAID - Suncast Wicker Hose Reel

suncast hose reel

Source: Amazon

The durable vinyl wicker basket hides your hose on a reel on the inside. The hose reel features a convenient handle that makes winding up to 175 feet of 5/8" garden hose simple and fast.

Features a Slide Track™ hose guide that moves back and forth to help you wind up your hose evenly on the reel for maximum storage capacity. See more detail here

17. PAID - Crawford Medium Duty Hose Hanger


Source: Amazon

This simple hose hanger is designed to be screwed directly onto your shed wall or studs and can be used to store garden hoses, extension cords, ropes, or cables.

The hanger is made from carbon steel with a weatherproof black finish. The maximum capacity for this hanger is 35 pounds, making it the perfect way to keep your hoses neat and tidy for less than $15. See more info here


While the bucket is a great and very inexpensive way to hang your hoses, it would not be our first choice. The bucket sticks out too far from the wall and will break in time due to the weight of your hoses. Both of the paid varieties offer less obtrusive ways to store your hoses and will provide you with many years of service.

In Summary

Neat and Tidy is the Way to Get Things Done

Working in the garden is meant to be a lot of fun. Sure it's hard work at times, but the payoff is a beautiful yard and garden. But, if you can't find your tools because you don't keep them organized and neatly put away, working in the garden can quickly turn into a nightmare.

More importantly, you probably have a small fortune invested in your tools, why risk damaging or losing them, when you can invest in a few of these garden shed tool and accessories storage ideas?

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