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The 10 Best Cheap Chicken Coops Online for 2022

Cheap chicken coops for your backyard

Fresh eggs every morning …

NOTHING CAN BEAT a freshly collected, perfectly prepared, free-ranging chicken’s egg on the breakfast table. It’s one of the simple luxuries that prepares a man for whatever hassles the day has in store.

If you’re beginning to feel like the only family on the block without a chicken shed it’s probably time to INVEST IN A COOP OF YOUR OWN.

Like so many of us, we know that you haven’t got time to build the darned thing from scratch, so we've pulled together ten of the best Cheap Chicken Coops that we could find online.

These are all self-assembly kits that take only a couple of hours to build … So let's get started!

Chicken Coop Comparison Table

1. Pawhut Green Backyard Chicken Coop

Easy to Clean
Poor Assembly Instructions
Good Ventilation
Small Run Area

4 Star accommodation for a bunch of lucky chickens!

This good looking coop is pretty large for a budget model. There’s a two section nest box with a lid that props open for easy egg collection. The pitched roof above the living area is also hinged, allowing full access for cleaning, watering and feeding.

The living and laying areas will take three or four hens, but the wire meshed run may be a little cramped. The weight is around 132 pounds; the dimensions are 88 x 37 x 56.25 inches.

The coop has all kinds of doors and windows – that’s great for access and ventilation, but it does make assembly a bit of a chore.


A classy looking coop for a small number of birds. This one’s movable and really easy to clean. Click here for a guided tour of this stately home for chickens.

2. Hen Deluxe Wooden Chicken Coop

Raised Living Area
Poor Assembly Instructions
Good Ventilation
Small Run Area
Easy To Clean
May Need Extra Weatherproofing

A cosy, easy to clean hen-house for two …

Pawhut offer a range of self-assembly chicken coop styles at reasonable prices. This model will house two fully-grown chickens comfortably, but the meshed run that comes with the unit doesn’t give the ladies much room to roam.

The living area is raised off the ground which is great, but this model isn’t mounted on wheels. Weighing in at around 60 pounds, it’s quite a hassle to regularly move the whole unit. The overall dimensions are 75” long x 32” deep x 41” high.

There’s a pull-out droppings tray for easy cleaning, and the living area roof can be propped open for access or ventilation. The side-mounted laying area also opens up for easy access. This coop will be fine in an area with a warm or mild climate, but it would probably benefit from extra weather proofing in cooler, wetter areas.


A smart looking coop for a couple of hens, with easy cleaning and great ventilation. Check the images and specifications here to see if it will work in your garden.

3. TRIXIE Chicken Coop with Outdoor Run

Has Easy Access to Laying Box
Limited Space in the Run
Raised Sleeping Area
Not Easy to Move
Nicely Built & Good Looking Coop
Needs Better Locks & Catches For Protection From Predators

A nicely built and designed fair-weather coop

With this good looking chicken house Trixie take a step up out of the ‘pet’ style coops into a more practical alternative. This model has a lightly weatherproofed nest box and roof, both of which lift for easy access and cleaning.

After assembly, the actual dimensions are about 68” long x 30” wide x 41” high. Trixie tell us that this size is about right for two big chickens or four bantams. As with most of the offerings at the budget end of the market, the in-built run is a little too small for your birds to forage effectively. This coop is designed to be left in a fixed position.

What do we think? Well, we like it. There may be a little work needed to adapt the coop for your local conditions, but that shouldn't be too difficult or expensive.


A good looking coop with all of the features needed to guarantee fresh eggs on the breakfast table. Click here to check out the reviews and discounted price.

4. 96" Wheeled Tractor Hen House

Raised Living Area
Poor Assembly Instructions
Easy For One Person To Move
Ventilation Open To Elements

An airy coop with an authentic ‘farmyard’ look …

This Pawhut model is definitely worth considering if you like the ‘farmyard’ look of a freewheeling hen-house.

If you’re new to self-assembly it’s worth doing some up-front preparation to identify and label the various parts in this kit. Once assembled, you’ve got a nice looking coop that will house about four big, happy chickens. The overall dimensions of the unit are approximately 97” long x 38” wide x 46” high.

In traditional style, there’s a laying box on the side of the living area with a prop-up lid. There’s a large, wired air vent above the nest box that gives us a little concern. The extra ventilation is great in a warm climate, but that vent will allow wind and rain to enter the coop in bad weather conditions. A custom cover would be easy to fit.

This model is easy to access and clean, with a good quality droppings tray. It comes with a moderate level of predator security, which is easy (and cheap) to improve.


An authentic looking, freewheeling coop that can be managed by one person. Go here to check out pictures of the run and living space.

5. TRIXIE Chicken Coop with a View

Has A Practical Laying Box
Limited Space In The Run
Easy Daily Cleaning
Not Easy To Move
Run Extension Available As An Extra
Limited Protection From Some Predators

A cute playhouse for your chickens

The kids would just love tucking-in the chickens at night in this cute little hen-house from Trixie. The laying and sleeping boxes work well for two full-size hens, maybe three at a push. The wire-meshed run is definitely a tad small, but an extension kit is available from the manufacturer. The actual dimensions of the self-assembled coop are about 69” long x 31” wide x 42” high.

The droppings tray is kid-friendly, so daily cleaning isn’t too much of a chore. The roof lifts for a deep-clean, but this should be supervised. It would be way too easy to get small fingers trapped in the edging.

The raised living area and close-mesh run offer some protection against predators. As a handy tip, we suggest that you beef up the security all-round with some ‘off the shelf’ bolts and fasteners.


A cute, practical nesting coop for a couple of cheerful chickens. Go here to see why your kids and neighbors will adore this lovable hen-house.

6. Pets Imperial Chicken Coop With Nest Boxes

Adaptable Living Areas
Close to Ground Level
Easy to Access & Clean
May Need Extra Bolts & Locks

Handsome, free standing coop with adaptable living space …

With its pitched roof and side-mounted laying boxes this looks just like the stylish coop that you would design and scratch-build yourself if only you had the time!

After assembly, the laying boxes are partitioned to house three chickens on each side. The partitions and roosting bars are easily adjusted to suit your own birds. There are access doors front and rear, and an easy to clean, metal droppings tray. Really nice features!

The coop comes with a set of adjustable height, plastic feet which attach to the short, pine legs. The feet allow you to easily level the hut. They also protect the legs from rotting over time. The overall dimensions of the unit are 64” long x 38” wide x 44.5” high.

It may be worth investing in a few extra bolts or locks to deter unwanted, overnight visitors.


A classic, practical coop with some very thoughtful details. Click here to work out if you’d need extra predator protection on the tray or doors.

7. Deluxe Large Wooden Chicken Coop

Makes Good Use Of Space For Run
Living Area Open To Bad Weather
Pitched, Weatherproof Roofing
Not Supplied With Nest Boxes
Easy To Customize
Needs Improved Predator Protection

This lavish, five star rabbit hotel is also offered as a feasible chicken coop …

This model looks really stylish; the raised, central living area has a nicely covered, pitched roof, and the run actually looks fairly useful. The one thing we noticed right away was the lack of a built-in laying box or roosting perches: You’d need to add these yourself as a custom project.

The overall dimensions are about 90” long x 27” wide x 40” high. The clever design gives you just over 17 square feet of foraging space. OK, that’s useful space – but this model is really meant to stay put, so you may need to think about adding handles to make it easier to move.

Lastly, we spotted the wired ventilation windows each side of the living area doors. These are great in warm, sunny conditions, but the wind and rain are going to howl through those holes in a storm.


We think that this is a cleverly designed shell to use as a basis of an easy ‘build-on’ project to house 4 or 5 chickens. Click here to see if you’re up to the challenge.

8. Ware Premium+ Chick-N-Lodge

Can Sleep Up To 6 Full-Size Hens
Needs Improved Predator Protection
Easy Access For Cleaning
Optional Nest Box Is An Additional Expense
Higher Than Some Similar Coops
Surface Area Of Run Is A Little Small For 6 Chickens

Premium, pitched roof accommodation for your backyard chicken flock …

Ware’s Premium+ coop is aimed at enthusiasts with a small flock of up to six full-size hens. It’s delivered as a self-build kit requiring pretty straightforward construction. The finished unit measures around 63” long x 43” deep x 55” high. The extra height lifts the roosting box way up above ground level.

For the basic price you get a sleeping area with adjustable roosting bars. You’ll need to pay extra for an easy-fitting laying box. Access is good, with doors on the back and one side

The floor area is open, with an all-round gap that really needs to be dealt with after assembly. The coop is designed to be sited in a fixed position, so you’ll need to work out how to give your flock more space for foraging.


An effective, good looking coop with a few minor flaws. Click here to weigh up the pros and cons of this premium model.

9.  New Age Pet Fontana Chicken Barn

Made From Recyclable Plastic
Poor Ventilation
Doesn't Rot Over Time Like Wood
Optional Small Run Is An Additional Expense

A modern, environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional wooden coop...

We know that this plain, clinical looking coop is going to appeal to a lot of backyard chicken enthusiasts looking for neater, cleaner alternative to wood.

This easy to build, self-assembly coop is manufactured from ‘Eco FLEX’ which is actually a recyclable, highly durable, rot and moisture resistant plastic. At around 53” long x 28” deep x 29” high this is a small unit which will comfortably hold two or three full size chickens..

Conditions in the coop are pretty Spartan with no obvious sign of ventilation, apart from the door. You may decide to add some custom vents and stronger fasteners after assembly. It should be an easy job.


A small, clean but clinical sleeping/laying coop for an environmentally aware family. Click here for the current price of this very affordable option.

10. Chicken Coop Plans

Save Money
Takes More Time
Get Exactly What You Want
Can Make Mistakes Reading Plans

Build your coop on your budget... whatever that is

Want to save money on your coop? Have you considered building it yourself?

There are some easy to follow chicken coop plans available to help you build exactly what you need. Good plans should include material lists, helpful diagrams and drawings, easy to interpret step by step guides to help you through the process

This way you can source the lumber and other building materials yourself and save a bundle... even if you only have a little woodwork and building experience you will be able to follow these coop plans


This can be a great project for the whole family. Click here to see some detailed chicken coop plans

In Summary...

Thanks for reading. We have tried to pick a range of chicken coops and we hope this helps answer some of your questions

If you have any suggestions for what should be in this list then please use the contact page.

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