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22 Wood Shed Designs & Ideas You Can Build Yourself


Thinking of a wood shed style? These wood ideas and designs will help you decide...

WE HAVE BEEN building structures from wood since time in memorial.

If you are looking for an affordable way to build your own shed, wood makes the perfect material to use.

Do you need somewhere to store your firewood? How about a secure place for your motorcycle, family bikes, garden tools, or maybe an art studio or she shed?

Here are some great quality, solid shed designs and ideas to help you sort out the one that is a perfect fit for your needs and your backyard. I hope you enjoy the images and get some really cool ideas from them.

1. The Farm Storage Shed

A Miniature Log House in Your Yard


From storing garden tools to a cool place to hang out in the heat of summer, nothing beats a good old fashioned log-built shed.

As long as you use mud to chink the gaps between the logs and put a roof with a steep pitch on top, you have a shed that is cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Easy to build and made to last forever.

2. The Mini House Storage

Looks Just like Your House Only Smaller


Why not create a miniature version of your house for your backyard? The design of your house must have appealed to you when you purchased it so take that and shrink it to fit.

You can use this wood shed design for storage, as a garden shed, a studio, or just about anything that comes to mind. Better yet, your neighbors are sure to love it.

3. Clean and Simple

A No Stress Approach to Shed Building


Sometimes it is the simple things in life that please us the most. This simple open style shed has no glass in the windows and no door to lock the world out.

It makes a great place for you or the kids to hide away from the world and read your favorite books. It also doubles as a convenient place for your lawn mower or garden tools.

4. The Artwork Shed

An All-New Approach to Showcasing Your Artwork


Rather than creating art on a canvas that only a few people are ever likely to see, why not add a mural or large painting to one end of your shed.

What a great way to personalize your wood shed and give the neighbors something to look at. If you get tired of your artwork, all you have to do is paint over it and start with a blank canvas.

5. The Big Wooden Shed

Super-Size Our Wooden Shed


There are times when the typical small garden shed simply won't do. This monstrous big wooden shed is big enough to provide storage for everything you own and still leave enough room to create a workshop.

You can add shuttered windows, roof ventilation, and a garage size door to make the shed a multipurpose place for everything your family needs and more.

6. The Community Wooden Shed

Give Your Backyard an Old-World Look


If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a rich history dating back a couple of hundred years, you have probably already seen wooden sheds like this in your community.

They are built from materials that are readily available and made to stand the test of time. Thatching the roof to make it watertight may take some time, but the results are well-worth the effort.

7. The Cute Old Shed

Simple Old World Charm


When you live in an older home, why would you want a modern style shed that stands out like a sore thumb? 

Wood shed designs like this one with cedar shakes on the roof and on the walls offer plenty of weatherproofing and long life. But most importantly of all, this style of shed will look great in just about any backyard.

8. The Forest Log House

Add an Alpine Look to Your Backyard


If you are lucky enough to live on property with lots of trees, you might consider building your shed to look like an old forest log house.

This one uses logs for the walls, split logs for the porch and doors, and cedar shakes for the roof to create a warm dry place to work or for storage. What a great way to build a garden shed that blends into your surroundings.

9. Mini House Shed

Seems Like Mini Houses are All the Rage


No matter where you live or what you plan to use your shed for, nothing looks cuter than a shed built to look like a miniature house.

Wood siding and cedar shakes on the roof can give your shed a rustic charm that is hard to beat. More importantly, this type of shed is perfect for use as a workshop or art studio complete with a porch to relax on in the evening or heat of the day.

10. Relaxing Garden Shed

When You Need Somewhere to Get Away From It All


While many people use their garden shed as nothing more than a place to store garden and lawn tools, the right shed design can be used to create a place to get away from it all and relax.

Providing you have plenty of room in your backyard, choose a shed design that incorporates room to store everything, and then has extra space to create a workshop, studio, or even a place to sit back and relax with your favorite book.

11. The Log Cabin

Rustic Charm and Solid Construction


Once again making use of all that Mother Nature has to offer, starting with log walls.

In this particular shed design, the builder used split logs for the wall instead of whole logs such as are used in traditional log cabin construction.

You can cover the roof with tin, steel, or shingles to seal the weather out and count on the logs to provide plenty of insulation and protection from the elements.

12. Out in the Cold

Keep the Cold Outside Where it Belongs


Your garden shed does not need to be fancy, it just has to be capable of keeping the cold, rain, and snow at bay. This simple wooden shed with a tin or shingle roof is more than capable of doing just that.

If you are going to do more than store a few garden tools inside, you might want to insulate the walls and build stronger doors.

13. Old Log Shed

Sometimes the Old Ways are the Best Ways


Logs are always a great way to build a shed and are a tried and trusted construction method that has been in use for centuries.

This shed uses upright logs instead of horizontal logs for the walls, but the result is the same. Not only do you end up with a completely weatherproof shed, but one that looks really cool and will only improve with time.

14. The Old Wooden Shed

Once Again Old and Eclectic Win the Race


Wood is the perfect material to build your next garden shed from. Not only is wood easy to work with, but it ages beautifully.

If you really want your shed to stand out from the crowd yet blend into your garden landscape use a wide range of different types of wood, sheet, boards, logs, branches, and anything else you can lay your hands on. Just be sure the finished product is weatherproof and will protect anything you put inside of your shed.

15. The Rice Field Shed

Not Just for Rice Paddies


While this simple wooden shed is more likely to be found amongst the rice paddies in Asia, you can build it almost anywhere. Simple wood construction with shakes on the roof make this a quick build.

The overhanging roof was meant to give workers a place to bag the rice out of the rain, but will give you a place to sit out of the sun when you need a rest from working in your garden.

16. The Slanted Roof Shed

Why Build Two Roofs When One Will Do?


Just because it might seem like most shed designs feature a peaked roof with two slopes doesn't make this the only design. As you can see here, it is quite possible to build your shed with a single slope roof.

If you put the peak of the roof high enough, it should give you more than enough space to add in a very usable loft for extra storage.

17. The Painted Shed

Clapboard Siding and Plenty of Your Favorite Color Paints


Not everyone builds a shed in their backyard as nothing more than a place to store garden tools, lawn mowers, and bicycles. Some build a shed as an art studio or workshop space away from the main house.

If you are building your shed for this type of use, consider crafting a shed like this one with durable clapboard siding that can be painted to match or complement your house.

Your neighbors are sure to appreciate the great looking shed that adds to the value of their homes as well as yours.

18. The Nature Log Cabin

Straight Out of the Woods


Here again, we see a shed that has been built with readily available materials that can be brought straight out of the woods.

The solid log construction will help this shed stay standing for generations to come. They also add a ton on natural insulation and in time your shed will simply biodegrade and return to the land from whence it came. In the meantime, enjoy a shed built from the bounty of Mother Nature.

19. Rock and Wood Combi

Rocks and Twigs Can a Shed Build


Mother nature has much to offer when it comes to shed designs such as this one.

Build the lower half of the walls from rocks, you can interlock them or cement them in place. Then add log upper walls and a tin or shingle slanted roof for maximum protection from the elements.

A good shed like this will last for decades with minimal maintenance and keep everything dry inside.

20. Small Wooden Shed

Great Things Come in Small Packages


Your next garden shed doesn't have to be big to be useful. In reality, any shed design you choose simply needs to be big enough to get the job done.

This simple wood shed is big enough to store garden tools or create a nice little potting shed for starting your spring plants in.

The simple wood and tin roof structure is inexpensive to build yet highly functional.

21. Closed in Veranda

Extra protection from the elements


Want some protection from the elements while still being able to enjoy the outdoors. While this shed has seen better days, the window openings in the closed in veranda give you a good idea of what this shed looked like in its hey day.

This is a good option for those who work in their sheds, to give a little more protection from the elements. You could also paint it yellow... just in case you need it to stand out at night.

22. Dug Out Shed

Caveman Style Sheds Are All the Rage


If your property has any kind of small hill on it, you have the perfect place for a dug out shed. Simply dig out a section of the hill to match the size of shed you are looking to build, then add in the walls, roof, and door.

The hill will provide shelter from the wind and weather, it will also help to maintain a more constant temperature in your shed.

Just a Few Really Cool Shed Designs

These are just a few of the dozens of really cool shed designs I came across in my search for the perfect garden shed. Each has its uses and many of them are made from nothing more than readily available materials courtesy of Mother Nature. All will provide you with a dry place to store just about anything, some are big enough to create a studio or workshop in.

I hope you have enjoyed these cool shed designs I found for you as much as I have enjoyed collecting them and that they have inspired you to go out and create your own amazing and unique shed.

If you liked what I have put together for you here, please let me know.

Let everyone know you enjoyed reading this on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Thank you for reading this.

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Building A Wood Shed In 6 Easy Steps

Want to see what your in for?

Building a wood shedThere's nothing worse than a project that turns into a frustration. Something that doesn't work, isn't included or wasn't thought of.

That's why we have simplified the steps of building a wood shed. And there are plenty of videos explaining how to build the shed.

**Note – We covered the foundation in previous page. If you have not put a foundation down yet please revert to that page. (See that page here)

Building A Wood Shed

We have found that building a wood shed takes 6 steps.

1/ Build the panels

The first step is to put the frame together. If you have a kit, then find the pieces and put them together, you can use your foundation for somewhere level and flat to help you build it.

If your building from scratch then measure and cut the pieces for the frame and put them together.

It can save time having a nailgun to do this step, but you can get away with just a hammer and nails.

It also helps to build your trusses here too. Use the flat foundation to make sure that they are together and hold strong.

The builder builds the wall panels before putting them up

2/ Put up the walls

Next is to put the walls up. You want to erect them on your foundation. It can help to have two people do this, although you can use props and spare pieces of wood to brace the walls individually.

If you erect two walls that go next to each other, then screw or nail them together they will hold.

A great example of putting up and lining a roof

3/ Put up the roof

The roof is the third part of the shed to be assembled. Put your trusses on top of the walls and fix them in. You need to measure the distance to make sure that they are evenly spread.

For this part, you can cut pieces of wood to the size of the gap and then attach those pieces to the trusses. This will give the roof some rigidness.

Trusses are usually fixed to the top of the walls with nails or screws

4/ Cladding

If you haven’t yet clad your walls or roof, now is the time. But before you get started, you can insulate your shed with sarking if you need. It can help keep out water, if it were to sneak past your panel.

Clad the walls and the roof. This will help strengthen your shed. The easiest way, depending on what your cladding yoru shed with, is to use a nailgun, or a hammer and nails.

When cladding the roof, it is best to put some board down for lining, before you attach your outside material (shingles, corrugated iron, etc.) You will also want to add some drip edge to your roof to stop and water running down the roof and inside the shed.

5/ Doors and windows

It’s time for the fiddly stuff. The doors, trim, windows, shutters, vents and other accessories tend to go on last. This way they don’t get in the way while your building the structural stuff. This step can take as long as all of the previous steps combined, so be patient!

From 6.20. The video shows the attachment of accessories and trim

6/ Paint

Paint the thing! Wood sheds look nice with a two tone color scheme, but as long as its all covered then its all protected! It can be a good idea to paint the inside a light color, to help keep it bright in there and make it easy to see.


A quick video that shows the overall process

That’s your shed assembled. If you have any questions or want to share your experience building a wood shed, then please leave a comment!

10 of the Best Cheap Wooden Sheds

10 of the Best Cheap Wooden Sheds

wood brown texture background

Solid and traditional...

There’s no question why wood is the traditional material for building sheds. in the olden days people used wood because it was THE BEST MATERIAL to build a shed from. Back then, almost everyone had a wooden shed.

Now the problem is that wooden sheds TEND TO BE THE MOST EXPENSIVE. It’s much cheaper to buy a plastic, metal or even canvas/fabric shed.

These days it can be hard to find a good quality, well priced wooden shed. So to make it easy, we’ve found the best wooden sheds for the best price.

So now all you have to do is find your tool belt.... Enjoy

10 Cheap Wooden Sheds Comparison Table

Best Barns Danbury

The Danbury by Best Barns

Just like Lego

This shed comes delivered to your driveway, ready to be put together. All the hard stuff is done, the panels are cut and the doors are pre made. All you have to do is put it together.

If your kids liked Lego when they were younger, then they will enjoy the challenge of putting this shed together.

Even if you don’t want a shed, it’s a great excuse to spend a weekend with the kids, and get pizza after.


A good shed for 2 people to put together over a weekend. See more information here.

Great for Storing

Riding mower Garden equipment
Workbench Wheelbarrow

Suncast Cedar and resin hybrid shed

The Cedar & Plastic Hybrid Shed

Something more modern?

If the traditional look won’t suit your site, then this plastic & cedar hybrid shed might.

The darker wood grain appearance looks great in an area with plenty of trees and bushes. The combination of plastic and cedar forms quite an attractive shed.

It also comes with the bonus of very little maintenance being required and two windows. It also has a sturdy floor so it can take a battering.


A well-built shed for those who want something different. There is more information available here.

Great for Storing

Riding mower Long handled garden tools
Push mower Wheelbarrow

Majestic Shed

The Majestic 8×12’

Bang for your buck

If you are looking for good value for money, then you can go past this shed. It’s a great size for a standard size yard and will store all the usual suspects, along with a riding mower.

It comes with a loft and an 8ft work surface, although there are many extras. You must pay to get it delivered to your property, and you need to provide the paint, floor, and foundation.

It’s taller than average so there is plenty of vertical room for storage of those ‘once-a-year’ items in the wrap around loft.


A great value shed, that does have a few mandatory additional extras. See the exact price here.

Great for Storing

Riding mower Once-a-year items
Push mower Workbench

Horizontal Refuse

Horizontal Refuse Shed

Organize your yard

If it’s your yard that needs tidying, then this horizontal shed is like calling for ‘organizing backup.’

The round top is designed for natural snow run off, but we question whether it would work or not. In any case, it looks quite nice and sets the piece off.

It was created to keep pests out of trash cans, but it will hold your pool or garden equipment, as well as your rubbish.

And maybe if you put it there, your family might just use it and clean up after themselves…


The cheapest wooden horizontal shed we could find. Get a discount on the list price here.

Great for Storing

Bins Sports equipment
Pool equipment Garden tools

Classic Wood Saltbox 8x8

Classic Saltbox

Want the classic look?

We are surprised how cheap this traditional saltbox style shed is.

It is a quality wood shed delivered to your property. With high quality siding that comes primed ready for paint, 2 windows and shutters, and 2×4 used in the framework.

It doesn’t come with paint, shingles, drip edge or a foundation, but even so it is a good quality shed at a great price.


A quality shed, especially for the price. Available here.

Great for Storing

Push mower Garden equipment
Workbench Wheelbarrow

New Castle

The New Castle

When bigger is better?

If a small shed isn’t just going to cut it then take a look at this quality 12×16’ shed.

There’s plenty of room for your riding mower, workbench and even a card table… You could even set it up as a pool hall if you were so inclined.

So whether it’s for storage, for a workshop or you just want a place to get away, then this shed has the size to offer you what you want.


A larger sized wooden shed that’s good value for money. Click here to get a discount from the list price.

Great for Storing

Riding mower Extra storage
Workbench Motorbike

Ted's Shed Plans

Shed Plans

The cheapest wooden shed

Thought of building your new shed yourself but you’re not confident enough? Or maybe you don’t know where to start?

When people think of plans, they typically think of large blueprints with small writing and scribbles everywhere.

Would it change your mind if you could see visuals, schematics and full color pictures of your new shed before you build it?

Even if you have a hard time with written instructions, these plans are quite easy to follow, with full color pictures so you don’t have to be technical to give it a go.


Build something you can be proud of, and save some money at the same time with Ted’s Shed Plans.

Great for Storing

Riding mower Garden equipment
Bicycles Workbench

2x4 Basics Frame kitBarn Style Shed Kit

A helping hand

If you’re not confident with your carpentry skills, then this shed kit is the next best thing to having a carpenter as a next door neighbor.

This shed building kit will help even the most novice woodworker. The galvanized steel brackets remove the need for any complicated angled cuts.

The kit even comes with a material lists with all the sizes of material you need. So there’s no need for math at all!


A great guide for a first time shed builder, and a great way to save money. Also available in a peak style roof.

Great for Storing
Household items Garden equipment
Golf Clubs Wheelbarrow

Classic wood gable shed

Classic Wood Gable Shed

A standard shed

If you build this shed, then you may have to bring the personality.

It’s quite standard, which isn’t a bad thing for a shed. It’s strong and will hold up to strong weather.

It will do what all good sheds do. Keep your items and equipment safe, secure and dry. But you have to customize it yourself.


There are vents, but no windows which about sums up the functionality focus of this shed. More info…

Great for Storing

Riding mower Garden equipment
Workbench Wheelbarrow

Rowlinson Wallstore

Rowlinson Wallstore

Need extra storage?

If your just a bit too full, then this out of the way lockcable storage unit is big enough to get you out of trouble.

It will fit the kid’s sports equipment, pool equipment, or your garden tools easily and give you great access to your items with shed wide opening doors.

It is a very convenient unit as its designed to sit alongside a fence to save room. You could even have two or three side by side, if you needed the storage, and it wouldn’t look out of place.

The wallstore has a nice wood finish that will suits most yards, or it can be painted to match your house.


A convenient solution for when size matters. More info here.

Great for Storing

Bicycles Garden equipment
Sports equipment Pool equipment

Thanks for reading.

Know of any cheap wooden sheds? Why not let everyone know, leave a comment!

The Pros and Cons of Wood Sheds

The tradition and beauty of wood…

We do love wood sheds. The rustic and classic look enhances any backyard, and adds value to any home.

We can't put our finger on it exactly, but there is something special about wood. Maybe its because wood is a natural product and every piece isn't perfect. Or maybe its the character of wood, with every piece being different.

Either way, we believe that wood is a great material for building sheds… But in order to be fair, we have put together this pros and cons of wood sheds list…


Traditional Shed MaterialWood has Imperfections
Wood is a Great InsulatorRequires some Maintenance
Appearance is Up to YouWood is Prone to Pests and Rot
Create a Custom SizeAssembly Time
Very Strong and Solid

The PROS of a Wood Shed:

Traditional Shed Material

Using lumber is the traditional way to build a shed. Wood sheds have been around for a long time, and is still heavily used as a shed building material because of its looks, strength and versatility. It's also a renewable resource, and environmentally friendly, if that stuff floats your boat.

Wood is a Great Insulator

If you plan on spending much time in your shed, its better off being a wood shed. Lumber is a great insulator meaning that it resists the outside temperatures, leaving the inside of the shed more pleasant than a metal, fabric or plastic one.

Appearance is Up to You

Want your shed the same color as your house? No problems. Being able to choose how your shed looks is great, especially if your HOA has certain rules on colors.

Wood sheds are also relatively easy to work on, so if you want to put a window in later, or extend your shed you can do it. You can customize a wood shed this way, where you can't with other types of sheds.

Create a Custom Size

Just like the appearance the shed size is also up to you. This works well if you need a shed to fit a particular space, or you need to put something in particular in it. You can build a wooden shed to fit in all circumstances.

Very Strong and Solid

Wood is heavy, and when a shed is put together it can be quite heavy and solid. The frame is strong and takes the weight, but the sidings provide the lateral strength which really stiffens up the walls of the shed. This means that in strong winds, it isn't going anywhere.

The CONS of a Wood Shed:

Wood has Imperfections

Movement is caused by the moisture going into and coming out of the wood. This can lead to warping, twisting and bowing which, in the most extreme cases can leave timber unusable.

Tip –

  • Be sure to purchase Kiln Dried wood. This is where the lumber is heated to get all of the moisture out, which prevents it from moving. It is typically denoted by the letters ‘KD’ at the lumberyard.

Requires some Maintenance

Wood sheds require the most maintenance out of all of the shed materials. They need to be finished (painted or varnished) every so often, and parts replaced when they rot, break, or move to the point where they don't fit anymore.

Tip –

  • If you are using roof shingles, make sure they are rated to at least 20 years. It can be costly and time consuming to re-roof your shed.
  • Paint your sidings on both sides before you put them up, this will seal them and create a barrier against rot, and also stop them from moving.

Wood is Prone to Pests and Rot

Lumber is a natural product and can attract pests such as termites but also rot. Rot happens when water is stagnant and pools around uncovered timber.

Tip –

  • Be sure to buy timbers that are naturally resistant to pests and rot such as red cedar.
  • It is best to also buy pressure treated lumber for your decking, base and frame. Pressure treated lumber is treated with chemical substances and preservatives to prevent decay and insect pests from eating it. More information is available on pressure treating here.
  • To avoid rot, paint or varnish all of your lumber and keep the water out and away from the base of your shed.

Assembly Time

Building a shed out of wood is the longest route to building a shed. Simply because you are doing everything yourself.

Tip –

  • If time is of concern to you, look at wood shed kits available from Amazon, Costco and all good hardware chains. They include pre-cut panels which will save you time.

Wood Shed Reviews

Rowlinson Wallstore Wooden Outdoor/Garden Lockable Storage Unit

This handsome storage shed that protects your garden equipment from the elements, at a great price.

The Suncast Cedar and Resin Hybrid Shed

This shed offers the best of both worlds, its easy to assemble while being strong and good looking.

Leisure Season Horizontal Refuse Shed

Keeping your yard tidy has never looked smarter. Originally designed for bins, this shed is also a good size for bikes, or a washer dryer combo.

Fast Framer Universal Storage Shed Framing Kit Review

Looking for a helping hand in constructing your sheds timber frame? Then this framing kit might be just what you need.

Basic 10×10 Storage Shed Kit by E-Z Frames Review

If your not confident in using a nail gun or miter saw then this shed kit is a great help to put up your frame.
Classic Wood Saltbox 8x8

Classic Wood Saltbox Shed Review

Saltbox sheds have a classic look that is unmistakable. This one is no exception...

Wood Shed Reviews

Wood shed reviewsWood sheds are classic and traditional.

They are also strong and when treated well, look great.

But not all wood sheds are created equal. The TYPES OF WOOD CHANGE along with the specifications for the sheds.

So to make it easy, WE HAVE TAKEN A MAGNIFYING GLASS to wooden sheds to find out what they do well, and not so well.

All you need to do is choose one… Enjoy.

Wood Shed Reviews

Rowlinson Wallstore Wooden Outdoor/Garden Lockable Storage Unit

This handsome storage shed that protects your garden equipment from the elements, at a great price.

The Suncast Cedar and Resin Hybrid Shed

This shed offers the best of both worlds, its easy to assemble while being strong and good looking.

Leisure Season Horizontal Refuse Shed

Keeping your yard tidy has never looked smarter. Originally designed for bins, this shed is also a good size for bikes, or a washer dryer combo.

Fast Framer Universal Storage Shed Framing Kit Review

Looking for a helping hand in constructing your sheds timber frame? Then this framing kit might be just what you need.

Basic 10×10 Storage Shed Kit by E-Z Frames Review

If your not confident in using a nail gun or miter saw then this shed kit is a great help to put up your frame.
Classic Wood Saltbox 8x8

Classic Wood Saltbox Shed Review

Saltbox sheds have a classic look that is unmistakable. This one is no exception...


What to Look for in a Wood Shed

Type of Wood

The type of wood used is very important. Some sheds are made out of the cheapest material, whereas others use lumber sourced specifically for their sheds.

Cedar is a popular lumber to make sheds from because it is naturally resistant to rot and pests.

How the Frame is Built

The distances between the studs in the frame can tell you a lot about the quality of the shed, and the manufacturer. 16″ is a good distance.

Added Extras

Although they tend to be more expensive, not all wood sheds come all inclusive.

Most don't come with a foundation, and the parts aren't painted. But others don't come with drip edge, or shingles, which can also add up to some extra money.


Lumber is a natural product so it isn't always perfect. Wood can come twisted, bowed or with knots in it which make it very hard to work with. Sometimes it can be so bad that you can't work with it.

Having a warranty can mean that you get some more wood to finish your shed, rather than replace it out of your own pocket.

 Click One to Get Started…

Rowlinson Wallstore Wooden Outdoor/Garden Lockable Storage Unit

This handsome storage shed that protects your garden equipment from the elements, at a great price.

The Suncast Cedar and Resin Hybrid Shed

This shed offers the best of both worlds, its easy to assemble while being strong and good looking.

Leisure Season Horizontal Refuse Shed

Keeping your yard tidy has never looked smarter. Originally designed for bins, this shed is also a good size for bikes, or a washer dryer combo.

Fast Framer Universal Storage Shed Framing Kit Review

Looking for a helping hand in constructing your sheds timber frame? Then this framing kit might be just what you need.

Basic 10×10 Storage Shed Kit by E-Z Frames Review

If your not confident in using a nail gun or miter saw then this shed kit is a great help to put up your frame.
Classic Wood Saltbox 8x8

Classic Wood Saltbox Shed Review

Saltbox sheds have a classic look that is unmistakable. This one is no exception...