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Shed Size Calculator App

*Disclaimer – The sizes used in the shed size calculator app are approximate sizes. The application is designed to give you an approximate size. Please measure your items before making decisions on the size of your next shed.

So, how do you know what size shed to buy?

We heard stories of people getting all of their equipment out and measuring it. Sounds like a long day!

There are also calculators available online that work like old love testers. You put in all of your information and it matches you with a shed size. It's not a very visual process though.

To make it easier, we have measured everything and put it online. Now you can move the items around to see what size shed you need, all from the comfort of your arm chair!


We've tried to make it as easy as possible.

  1. Select the size shed you want
  2. Move the items in and out of the shed to see what fits
  3. If you need a custom item, fill in the custom sized item area

It’s that easy!

You can see the sizes we have used for the App here

Item Length (ft) Width (ft) Length (px) Width (px)
Riding lawn mower 6 3 69 34.5
Push lawn mower 4.5 1.8 52 20.7
Trailer 11.3 6.3 130 72
ATV 6 4 69 46
Sedan car 10 6 115 69
Patio furniture 2.5 2 29 23
Work bench 5 2 58 23
Shelving 4 1.5 46 17
Ladder 2 1 23 12
Bicycle 6 2 69 23
Motorbike 6 3 69 34.5
Pick-up Truck 18 8 207 92
Wheelbarrow 4.1 2.3 48 27

Px (Pixel) sizes worked off 11.5px per foot

Can you think of a way we can improve our App?

We welcome constructive feedback, please contact us here.

You can also learn everything you need to know about building a shed on our how to build a shed resource page

What Size Shed Do I Need?

What Size is the Right Size?

What size shed do i needTry the shed size app

THE PROCESS OF buying a shed is not like Sunday football. You don't want to do it twice or three times in a row.

And because buying a shed is a ONCE IN A DECADE ASSIGNMENT, it’s important to get it right. It's got to fit all your equipment, and fit into your yard.

When we are looking for sheds we make sure we get all THE BEST CURRENT INFORMATION. It helps us make the best decision.

To help we have done the same here. So you can make your first choice, the best choice, and answer this age old question of “What size shed do I need?”



Shed SizeBest MaterialsWhat will fit in it?Can I stand in it?Can I work in it?What size yard does it need?
12x20Metal, WoodSUVYesYes X-Large
12x12Metal, WoodMotorbikeYesYes Large
10x12Metal, Wood, PlasticATVYesYes Large
10x10Metal Wood PlasticRiding mowerYesYesLarge
8x12Metal, Wood, Plastic, FabricRiding mowerYesYesMedium
8x10Metal, Wood, Plastic, FabricRiding mowerYesYesMedium
8x8Metal, Wood, Plastic, FabricRiding mowerYesNoMedium
Horizontal Plastic, WoodBikeNoNoSmall
VerticalPlastic, WoodPush mowerNoNoSmall

Sheds by Size

Tips for finding the right size shed

If your thinking about what size shed you need then here are a few pointers…


Building a shed yourself is a great way to get the size you want. Get the plan for this very shed here.

1/ Get one larger than you think you need

There is no end to the stuff that you accumulate, but there is a limit on your shed.

2/ Make sure the door opening is big enough

It's good to make sure that the doors open so you can get your rideon mower and other stuff in there!

3/ Think about the small stuff

Shelving can save you a lot of space. Hooks are a great idea for long handled tools but shelving is important for smaller items. So when you buy a shed, give yourself enough room for one end to be shelving.

4/ Watch your head

Sheds are typically measured on their footprint (i.e. 10x10ft.) But height is important in a shed. If it is high enough you can get some attic storage happening.

5/ Measure your equipment/tools/stuff first

If your really keen, get everything you want to put in your shed out in the yard and measure around it. You'll can be surprised how much stuff you have that the wife wants out of the house!

Choose One and Start!

If you are still not sure, there is an easy to use app available online to help you decide which shed size you need, check it out here.


Thanks for reading, we hope we have answered your question “What Size Shed Do I Need?”

If you'd like to add anything please use the contact page to talk to us!