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Lifetime Sheds

An In-Depth Look at Lifetime Sheds – Are They a Good Buy?

Lifetime Sheds 5 x 8, One of their best selling shedsImage courtesy

JUST MADE THE DECISION TO ADD a garden shed to your backyard?

Now the fun begins.

There are so many different sheds on the market, it can drive you crazy trying to find the right one to fit your needs or budget. If you are basing your judgment of Lifetime sheds on the “plastic” sheds of years ago, you might be in for a nice surprise. These sheds are made to provide you with many years of reliable service.

So, today we are going to take at Lifetime brand polyethylene sheds, one of the leading brands on the market. We are going to look at what makes them so popular from the HDPE polyethylene used to make each part to the powder-coated steel reinforcement used throughout. These sheds are loaded with features many of the other brands simply don't offer or come up short on.

Look What Lifetime Sheds Had to Offer:

Item Lifetime
Floor included Yes
Sub-flooring needed No
Foundation required Yes
Steel trusses for roof Yes
Steel reinforcement in walls Yes
Can be enlarged Yes
Metal parts powder-coated Yes
All parts made in U.S.A. Yes

Today's Polyethylene Not What You Might Think

During the early days of polyethylene sheds, the materials used were simply not up to the job they were being tasked with. Often, these materials would fade and warp under the sun or become brittle and break in freezing temperature. In most cases, people who purchased these early sheds ended up angry and spending, even more, money on a wood or metal shed.

Lifetime continues to invest heavily in researching and developing stronger and better materials. The polyethylene materials used in Lifetime sheds are the result of this research. They have been tested to ensure they can stand up to anything Mother Nature has to hammer it with. The roofs are supported in some models with steel trusses to help ensure they can handle heavy snow loads.  

The polyethylene used in Lifetime sheds incorporates special UV protectants to ensure it maintains its color without any signs of fading. The protectant also helps to ensure the sun's heat and UV rays will not cause the material to warp. Your lifetime shed will continue to look new for many years.

The Roof

Roof_Lifetime_6418_Outdoor_Storage_ShedImage courtesy of Amazon

Lifetime sheds feature a steeply pitched roof designed to ensure rain, snow, and ice can easily slide off, reducing the amount of load it must carry. For those of you who live in areas where it tends to snow significant amounts at a time, Lifetime sheds also feature powder coated steel A-frame style trusses for added support. Depending on the model you choose, your shed may feature a skylight to help provide you with plenty of natural daylight.  All skylights are fully sealed to keep water and snow out.

The Walls

60042 lifetime storage shed wall construction diagram-lifetime-shedImage courtesy of Competitive Edge Products

Having a strong roof is only the beginning of what makes Lifetime sheds worth more than a second look. The walls are the most vital part of any structure, including a shed. This walls that offer very little in the way of structural strength or support are of very little use to anyone. Many low-cost sheds are built using single-wall polyethylene construction, making them weak and easily broken into. No one wants that.

Lifetime sheds are made using double-wall construction from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction and steel reinforcement. This material and design offer superior support, improved weather and theft protection, and exceptional good looks. One more thing you should know about double-wall construction is that the walls act in some ways like double-glazed windows by using the air gap as a form of insulation. The extra-thick polyethylene double-wall construction also helps to prevent rocks slung from under your lawn mower causing damage.

Metal vs Plastic Hardware

One of the most common complaints with many brands of polyethylene and resin sheds is that they use plastic hardware to assemble them. While there a few brands that seem to think their plastic hardware is more than strong enough for use in assembling a shed. The problem with this is that many of their customers find out the hard way that plastic hardware may not be their best option.

Lifetime sheds use steel hardware that has been treated to prevent rust. This hardware will not break under high winds or heavy loads like plastic hardware that can easily break under these conditions. Now imagine a shed that uses plastic hardware to secure the doors and keep thieves out. A determined thief can break into this type of shed in minutes. Lifetime sheds feature all-metal locking hardware to ensure your shed and its contents remain safe and sound.

Why Choose a Bolt-Together Shed?

There are a number of resin/polyethylene sheds designed to be assembled by snapping the parts together. While you might think that assembly should be simpler on these sheds, they can often be hard to actually get all the pieces to actually fit together. In many cases, a big rubber mallet has to be used. Then the first time a strong wind blows through your area, they blow apart so quickly it will blow your mind.

Sheds, such as those from Lifetime, that are assembled using the bolt-together method are far stronger and less likely to be affected by strong winds. While it might take longer to assemble this type of shed, the pieces tend to line up more quickly and the overall assembly is easier. The worst thing you have to do is set aside a little more time and patience to build the shed.

Built on a Strong Foundation

Another very common problem with many polyethylene sheds is that they come with a thin plastic floor or no floor at all. In many cases, you would be better off buying one that has no floor than one that has a thin single layer of plastic. Lifetime sheds come with a double-wall polyethylene non-slip floor that is reinforced for maximum weight capacity.

The material chosen for the floor is resistant to stains, oils, and solvents allowing you to make more use of your shed for things like storing lawn mowers, paints, solvents and just about anything else you can imagine. You should, however, build a strong platform or foundation to set your shed on. You can pour a concrete slab, make a foundation from pavers, create one from gravel, or simply flatten out the ground (though this is not recommended).

Here are Five Great Lifetime Sheds Worth Your Consideration

Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage

Lifetime-6405LIFETIME 6405 Outdoor Storage Shed with Window

Measuring in at 90x114x70 inches, this Lifetime shed features 4 large skylights for added natural lighting, a pair of vents for better airflow, and a single shatterproof window. Inside you will find a customizable shelving system that adds even more versatility. The steel-reinforced high-arch double doors create an opening that is 4′ x 6′ with locking mechanisms inside and out. Comes with a high-density polyethylene floor that is resistant to stains, chipping, and peeling.

Pros Cons
Steel A-truss reinforced double wall roof Time-consuming assembly
Steel reinforced double constructed walls Assembly manual poor
Bolt together construction using steel bolts Threaded holes may strip out using metal screws

Lifetime 6402 Outdoor Storage

Storage ShedLIFETIME Storage Shed

This Lifetime shed measures a full 12-feet long for those who need plenty of storage space. The entire shed is made from low-maintenance UV-resistant HDPE (high-density polyethylene) that has been designed to resist weather damage. Both the roof and walls are made using double-construction and include steel reinforcing to ensure maximum load support. Best of all this shed comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

Pros Cons
Steel-reinforced double-wall construction Steel screws tend to strip out plastic threads
Lockable steel-reinforced doors Some issues with panel alignment
UV-protected for long-life Installation manual needs work

Lifetime 6415 Outdoor Storage Shed

Lifetime_6415LIFETIME 6415 Outdoor Storage Shed

The extra-wide Lifetime shed measures a full 11 feet wide and 13 feet deep. There are 2 shatterproof windows and a vent at each end of the shed to provide plenty of ventilation. The steel reinforced high-arch roof not only helps rain and snow to slide off, it provides 6'8″ of headroom at the peak. The HDPE double walls have built-in steel reinforcement to help with load carrying ability and added security. The shed also features a fully customizable shelving system.

Pros Cons
2 shatterproof-windows and 2 vents Challenging assembly
High-pitched roof with steel trusses for support Threaded holes in plastic strip out easily
Steel-reinforced doors for added security Doors need a way to adjust the alignment

Lifetime 6411 Outdoor Storage Shed

Lifetime_6411_Outdoor_Storage_ShedLIFETIME 6411 Outdoor Storage Shed

At 8 x 7.5 feet, this Lifetime Shed is the perfect size for your lawn mower and a large selection of your favorite garden tools. It features a single shatterproof window, 3 skylights, and 2 vents for added ventilation. The roof, walls, and doors are made from durable double-wall HDPE construction with steel reinforcement for added support and security. This shed features a customizable shelving system that lets you set up your shelves to meet any needs.

Pros Cons
High-pitched roof provides 6'8″ of headroom Screw holes tend to strip
Sturdy plastic non-slip floor Assembly manual leaves a lot to be desired
Durable HDPE material designed to last years Challenging assembly for one or two people

Lifetime 60005 Outdoor Storage Shed

Lifetime_60005_Outdoor_Storage_ShedLIFETIME 60005 Outdoor Storage Shed 

This Lifetime shed features double doors on one side instead of the end, making it easier to use as an equipment storage shed. The roof features skylights, durable double-wall HDPE construction, and powder-coated steel support trusses. There are two small windows in the front and a single window in the rear, all made from shatterproof polycarbonate. High-grade steel screws are used throughout the construction process to ensure superior stability.

Pros Cons
Powder-coated steel reinforcement used throughout construction Skylights would work better if they were clear instead of opaque
3 windows and 2 skylights Tends to leak in the rain
Low-maintenance UV resistant materials Assembly manual is very poor

Other Options

If the many sheds offered by Lifetime are not exactly what you are looking for, perhaps a resin of HDPE shed is not what you should be considering. There are several metal sheds that may fit your needs. Here is one worth considering, bear in mind that metal sheds can be more expensive and far more challenging to assemble.

Arrow Shed AR108-A


ARROW Shed AR108-A Arlington Storage Shed

This metal shed from Arrow features simple to assemble parts that are pre-drilled and pre-cut that makes assembly easier. All galvanized-steel parts are coated with a baked-on enamel to help minimize any risk of corrosion. The design includes a mid-wall brace for added stability. There is a total of 440 square feet of storage space and a large door opening that should give you more than enough room for most riding mowers.

Pros Cons
Sheet metal offers excellent strength and durability Even galvanized steel will rust in time
Bolt together design withstands high wind Must be set on a foundation or pad
Plenty of space for a riding lawn mower Very difficult to assemble


Today's top-quality HDPE sheds offer a wide range of sizes and designs for you to choose from. The entire range is durable and well-constructed and ready to take on any challenge. They HDPE material used in their construction is resistant to the sun's UV rays and just about anything else mother nature can throw at it. In my humble opinion, all of these sheds make an excellent choice, just be sure to match the one you buy with your needs and budget.

  • I hope you have learned something about why Lifetime HDPE storage sheds are so popular.
  • If you have any information you would like to see here, please contact us here.
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  • Thank you for reading this.

Suncast Horizontal Storage Sheds

Suncast Horizontal Storage Sheds Put Under the Magnifying Glass

RESIN SHEDS HAVE COME a long way over the last 10 years.

Who can say no to a shed that is virtually maintenance free, looks quite nice and easy to put together?

Because of this, they are now one of the most popular choices for homeowners wanting a little extra storage space. But do the pros outweigh the cons? And what makes Suncast Horizontal Storage Sheds different from the rest?

In this article, we take a deep look into one of the most popular brands for outdoor horizontal storage. We go through the 5 main reasons that make their sheds different from others.

1. The Resin

Modern Resins Are Made to Last

One of the most common reasons given for not buying a resin shed has long been that the resin materials. In the past they simply could not hold up to being left out in all types of weather for long periods of time. This idea was not something that was dreamed up by a few disgruntled buyers. It was in fact based on a lot of truth.Keter_Store_Shed

Image courtesy of Amazon

This being said, the earliest forms of resin and plastics used in the construction of sheds did not hold up as well as they were advertised to do. That was then, this is now.

Resin Materials

The newer resins are impervious to summer's highest temperatures and winter's coldest freezes, along with the sun's UV rays that can cause fading, cracking, and warping. For years these were the bane of resin sheds as the materials many other companies used.

What I have found after having a Suncast horizontal storage shed out on my back deck for several years, is that the colors have faded just a little. But, the resin materials have held up exceptionally well. It hits the high 90s all summer long and plunges below freezing for a large part of the winter season where I live, so the resin gets a real workout.

2. The Shed Walls

A Double thickness barrier between your equipment and the outside

The problem with many resin sheds is that they are made with using a single-wall construction method. This means that all there is between what you are storing inside and the outside world is a single thin layer of plastic. This same thin layer of plastic also has to support the roof and any snow weight that might accumulate.

horizontal_shed_wallImage courtesy of True Value

Every Suncast horizontal storage shed is built using double wall construction. The walls are 1 1/2-inches thick. Double wall construction stronger and more capable of supporting the weight of the roof and any snow accumulation without letting you down. As a side note, the air gap between the two layers of plastic also adds a little insulation to help protect your possessions.

With two layers of plastic, if your mower slings a rock, there is less of a chance it might puncture both layers and damage something inside.

3. The Hardware

No Plastic Locks or Latches

The only real hardware on most horizontal sheds are the hinges used to hang the doors and any latches or locking mechanisms. Some low-budget brands use plastic hardware because not only does it cost less, but it can also be molded into a wide variety of beautiful shapes. Plastic or resin hinges simply can not hold up to continuous load bearing and movement such as would be seen when being used to hold up shed doors.

This same basic principle holds for plastic latches and locking mechanisms. But, even if they do hold up, any thief can cut through them in a few seconds with a good sharp knife. Suncast horizontal storage sheds use all metal hardware for the hinges and locking/latching mechanisms to ensure you never have to worry about them breaking or being cut.

4. Strong Assembly

Snap Together vs Bolt Together Assembly

There are two methods of assembly commonly used in resin storage sheds, the first is snapping the pieces together until they form a relatively sturdy complete assembly. The other involves bolting all the pieces together one piece at a time to create a strong and supportive structure.

While snap together might seem like a good idea as assembly take very little time, the entire project can take as little as a couple of hours. However, this type of assembly is not particularly strong in many cases and may come apart in high winds.

By choosing to use a bolt-together construction method, Suncast is able to offer a complete line of storage sheds that use this type of construction. Providing you have taken the time to secure your shed to the ground, bolting it together ensures it will far more able to hold up to high winds, heavy rains, and larger snow loads. By virtue of the Suncast engineering department, assemble is still relatively easy and requires a minimum of skill and a few hand tools.

5. The Shed Floor

At the Bottom of it All

At the bottom of your shed should be a reinforced plastic floor that can handle your heavier loads. All Suncast horizontal storage sheds come with a reinforced resin floor designed to take on the weight of your heavier loads. This may not seem very important when you are first looking at horizontal storage sheds, especially if you are putting yours out on a deck or patio.

But once you start loading your shed with everything you plan to keep in it and that cheap thin floor starts to bow or crack, you will only end up regretting that decision. With a Suncast horizontal storage shed, the floor is fully reinforced so that you can store things like your smoker, a lawnmower, several bicycles, potting soil in bags, or just about anything else you can think of.

Here are Five Different Suncast Horizontal Sheds for You to Consider

Now that you know what makes Suncast the leader in horizontal storage sheds, let's take a quick look at five of their best sellers.

Suncast BMS4900D Glidetop Slide Lid Shed

Suncast BMS4900D Glidetop Slide Lid ShedSUNCAST Glidetop Slide Lid Shed

As with all Suncast horizontal storage sheds, this one is made using heavy duty resin double wall construction. Along with the double doors on one end, it also features a sliding roof that permits walk-in access. The floor has been reinforced so that it can support the weight of your lawn tractor along with anything else you need to put in it. At 52x58x60 inches, you can store several bicycles in this shed with room to spare.

Pros Cons
Heavy-duty resin double wall construction The plastic bolts tend to break
Heavy-duty reinforced floor Must be placed on a foundation
Fast-easy construction Some issues with missing pieces in the box

Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed

Suncast_horizontal_storageSUNCAST BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed

This shed features a 3-door locking system for extra security. The easy-lift lid uses a prop-rod to hold it open and make accessing the double doors easier. The walls and roof are built from heavy-duty resin double wall construction that can handle anything Mother Nature and your kids can throw at it. Easy bolt-together assembly creates a strong structure in less than a couple of hours.

Pros Cons
Easy bolt-together assembly Must be placed on a foundation for best support
Reinforced floor May not hold up to high winds
Panels line up easily Top may warp and not lie flat

Suncast BMS3200 Horizontal StorageShed

Suncast_BMS3200_Horizontal_Storage_ShedSUNCAST BMS3200 Horizontal Storage Shed

Made from durable 1 1/2-inch thick double wall resin construction, this horizontal shed offers double doors that measure 46 3/4-inches wide, plenty of room for you to get your mower or bikes in and out. The sturdy doors use all metal hardware to ensure they continue to work for many years. The sturdy floor is fully reinforced to handle heavier loads and assembly is simple with a few hand tools.

Pros Cons
Extra-wide doors Plastic screws may break
1 1/2-inch thick resin double wall construction Missing hardware
Fast Easy Assembly Some issues with gaps in finished product

Suncast BMS3400 34 cu. ft. Horizontal ShedSuncast_BMS3400_Horizontal_Shed

SUNCAST BMS3400 Horizontal Shed

This Suncast horizontal shed offers a full 34 cubic feet of storage space and measures 53×32-1/2×45-1/2″, which is plenty of room for a mower, a couple of bikes, your potting soil, pots, and miscellaneous tools. The double doors have a built-in hasp to help keep thieves at bay. The floor is reinforced to help support heavier items and the resin material used in the construction will resist the sun's UV rays and both extremes of temperature.

Pros Cons
Hasp for padlock built-in Quality control issues
Reinforced floor Roof uses plastic hinges
46 1/4″ wide doors Door may not stay closed

Suncast BMS4700 The Stow-Away Horizontal Storage Shed

Suncast_BMS4700_The_Stow-Away_Horizontal_Storage_ShedSUNCAST BMS4700 The Stow-Away Horizontal Storage Shed

This is a massive horizontal storage shed measuring a massive 70 cubic feet. The easy-open lid is equipped with a pair of gas shocks to help lift and keep it up. You can fit two huge 96-gallon trash cans inside. Built right here in the U.S., this shed measures 5 ft. 5-1/2 in. W x 3 ft. 2-1/2 in. D x 4 ft. 1-1/2 in. on the inside. The reinforced floor features a built-in ramp that lets you easily roll heavier items in and out.

Pros Cons
Massive 70-cu.ft. storage capacity Challenging assembly
Plenty of rooms for your bikes or mower Must be placed on a flat surface or foundation
Heavy-duty resin double wall construction Instructions hard to follow

Other Options

What if a resin Suncast horizontal storage shed doesn't seem like it will meet with your needs? There is another more expensive option you might want to consider. There are several different types of wood horizontal storage sheds worth considering such as this one:

Leisure Season Large Horizontal Refuse Storage Shed


Leisure Season Large Horizontal Refuse Storage Shed

This horizontal storage shed features tongue and groove all-wood construction with three doors for easy access. All hardware used in the construction is rated for outdoor use. It measures 61 x 36 inches on the inside, 47 inches at the front, and 51 inches at the back. The lid is designed to stay in place without assistance and the doors are lockable to help keep out stray critters.

Pros Cons
Weather resistant all-wood construction Long construction time
Acrylic-coated hardware No floor
Strong tongue and groove construction Flimsier than it looks


When it comes to resin horizontal storage sheds, Suncast is one of the leaders in the field. The heavy-duty 1 1/2-inch double resin wall construction is resistant. Resistant to the sun's UV rays, extremes in temperature, and your kids. I have had mine for several years and highly recommend any of those listed above. Also remember is that any resin shed you buy must be installed on a foundation or other sturdy flat surface.

If you have any information you would like to see here, please contact us here.

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My Teds Woodworking Plans Review – An Honest Customer Opinion

My Teds Woodworking Plans Review - An Honest Customer Opinion

Take a Deep Look into Teds Woodworking Plans and Make the Decision for Yourself!

Hi my name is Zac and yes I have purchased Teds Woodworking Plans...

Being a high school woodwork teacher myself and having a passion for garden projects it seemed like a good fit for me

I also couldn't argue with the deal. 16,000 woodwork plans...

But after my purchase I noticed that there seems to be a bit of animosity towards 'Ted' and this product

(Which seems to derive from the aggressive marketing and sales tactics used to sell the product)

Now there is no doubting that this product is popular, it seems to be all over the woodworking internet...

But is it all that it's cracked up to be... and is it even legal?

We'll that's what I intend to find out by writing this review.

So for the answers to those questions and more, you have come to the right place. Keep reading below

Note - This review certainly is not a glowing endorsement. After writing it and researching Teds woodwork plans I really think that you need to make up your own mind

Disclosure - if you decide to purchase Ted's Woodworking and you click a link on this website I will receive a commission from the sale. But my commission does not change the price in anyway. It is $67 (although i show you a cunning way to get it for $47 below) whether you click the link or not...

Anyhow lets get on with what is in TedsWoodworking...

[VIDEO] Part 1 - Buying Teds Woodworking Plans

This is what happens when you purchase Teds Woodworking

[VIDEO] Part 2 - Opening Teds Woodworking Plans

This is what is behind the paywall at Teds Woodworking

Summary of Review

Use: Woodworking and Shed Plans


Some plans are very detailed, some aren't


Price is good for this amount of plans

Ease of Use

You can find plans with some digging 


Dedicated support line. 48 hour answers

We Like:

  • The price is higher than some other packages but still very reasonable for the amount
  • Lots of helpful added extras to help beginners to intermediate
  • The detail and thoroughness on some plans is hard to beat with many extras included
  • Easy to print and use on site

We Don't Like:

  • Although there is a lot of plans... I doubt there is actually 16,000 plans here
  • The aggressive nature of the sales tactics used to sell the product
  • Some of the plans are light on with detail
  • It will take some time to find what you want

Summary: A massive resource of shed and other woodworking plans at a very decent price. 

From $67 (for $47 see below) with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee

The Truth About 'Ted' and His Plans...

So for this review I did a little digging around about the product, the website and what other people thought of Ted's Woodworking Plans

Because there seems to be a lot of sketchy reviews out there

Here's what I found...​

Truth is that 'Ted' most likely doesn't exist. He is most likely a persona made up by the owner of the product... kind of like the Marlboro man and Tony the Tiger (who appears on Kellogg's cereals)

Companies use people or characters all the time to represent what the product is about and give it another dimension. The character is not always 'real' like Ted.

(Ever seen celebrity endorse a product you know that they aren't using...)

Some of us do feel a little cheated by this. But it seems to be the way the world is going these days. It is also important to note that this doesn't change the product in any way

What does change the product is some of the promises that 'Ted' makes on his website we don't think are 100% true

And we also found that Ted infers or suggests some things which are a little sketchy also, such as:

  • Ted uses images of a box and CD when the product is digital and you have to pay extra for the CD - DVD set to be sent to you
  • Ted says '16,000 Step By Step Plans' - when they aren't all step by step (scroll down to see screenshots of real plans)
  • Ted says 'skill level doesn't matter' - There are plans in here suitable for beginners but not all of them are

Where Do the Plans Come From?

Package of Teds woodworking plans review

An image found on shows a boxed product, but the plans are actually a digital download

Teds plans seem to be mostly (if not all) taken from other publications.

These include universities, magazines, books and various websites

At first I was a little peeved by this, but then when I thought about it I wasn't bothered as much

I mean this stuff seems to be happening all the time these days

For example, people selling compilation music albums of artists after the artists have died

I mean if Ted owns all the rights to these plans and wants to sell them in a bundle then good luck to him

But does 'Ted' own the rights to sell these plans?

Are the Plans Offered in Teds Woodworking Plans Legal?

There a few people -, woodworkweb, formeremortals and beesource calling Ted's Woodworking a scam and saying what is being offered is illegal

From what I can tell from the links above, they claim Ted is selling plans and information that does not belong to him

Now i'm no lawyer...

I personally don't know if this is or is not legal so I have tried to contact both 'Ted' and Clickbank but so far I haven't had a reply

Which is very bad form on both their parts

But at the same time, it is a very serious allegation for people to call Teds Woodworking plans 'illegal'

The dates on all of the posts above are dated around 2012, so for 'Ted' to still be in business and seemingly nothing to have happened to the product seems a little strange

From what I can tell Teds Woodworking plans offer is quite popular, and successful. I'm sure some lawyer would love to get their teeth stuck into that.

But they haven't and they have had years to do so. So it makes me wonder....

What is the law that Teds Woodworking plans is supposedly breaking? And why hasn't anyone done anything about it?

Now as I said I'm no lawyer. I think on this one each of us has to make our own moral judgement.

If you've spent a few minutes looking at the links above and reading this post you are as informed as I am...

For me - until I hear different - all of this seems to be a storm in a tea cup. And if nothing has happened with the legal issue already, I can't see anything happening in the future

Why Else Some Bloggers are Not Happy with Ted's Woodworking...

Teds Woodworking is unpopular with a lot of online woodworkers. It stems mainly because of it's aggressive sales techniques

'Ted' is advertising a lot of places around the internet and he is always trying to sell his stuff - most notably on other bloggers websites

But to be truthful, I don't think it matters what Ted has done or didn't do

Most woodwork bloggers will ever be happy with offers and products like this...

It's a bit like McDonald's or Walmart coming to a small town. The town never likes the idea of it but most people can't afford to say no to the convenience, range and prices 

Woodworking bloggers aren't going to be happy with Ted's Woodworking plans but Ted is going to keep selling his plans because people can't say no to a great offer like his

What About the Plans?

With all that out of the way lets talk plans

Firstly, if you haven't watch part 2 of my video on Opening Teds Woodworking plans. You can see first hand for yourself the plans that are included in the package

Personally, I dont think there is 16,000 plans. Although there is a lot (and i could be proven wrong)

But for $47 (see below) you can get a massive collection of woodworking plans... Let's face it this is much cheaper than anywhere else

You could subscribe to your favorite woodworking magazine for 10 years and still not come close to that

So if you are looking for an inexpensive way to get plans for your next woodworking projects then Ted's is a good option. Definitely worth some thought.

Not all the plans are the greatest, and the most detailed but from what I've seen half of them are pretty good

Below is a good illustration of the difference in the detail in Ted's Woodworking plans


taken from teds woodworking

These plans although detailed are not as user friendly as others. Although these ones do include a material list, not all plans in Teds woodworking do

You definitely can build this barn from this plan, however it isn't as simple as 'Ted' makes it out to be and you will need some prior building knowledge to build this


taken from teds woodworking plans

As you can see this plan is quite detailed and easy to read. It has many elevations, a 3D drawing, close ups, plenty of annotations and is in color

What Will I Do With the Plans?

We'll I am going to keep the plans for when i build my next shed. Just being able to print some of these off and give them to the permits office really appeals to me

Ill also use them to find new projects for the students in my wood technology classes

The good thing about having these plans is that the advanced kids will be able to read the plans and start work straight away. Leaving me more time to help those who require it

Overall, personally even though there is this cloud still hovering over the product for me that I dont have it

I'm glad I purchased Teds Woodworking plans

It's Your Turn Now

Still undecided about Teds Woodworking plans?

Sleep on it. If you still want it tomorrow it will all be here.

'Ted' does hype it up a bit and make you think that you have to buy now​

So if you sleep on it and you still want it tomorrow, then you know at least you did really want it and it wasn't the hype that made you buy it

And if you do decide to purchase, make sure you read the section below and save yourself $20 !

How to Get the Plans for $47 Instead of $67

​I paid full price... but you don't have to!

Basically, you need to give your email address to 'Ted' to get the discount... and this is how you do that

NOTE - Because this is a work around to paying full price i am not sure how long this is up. If you use this can you let me know via the contact page that it is working?

1. First get onto Teds Woodworking (you can use this link)

2. Then click the X which gets you out of the tab... (in this image it is red)

click x on the tab/window

3. All of a sudden you will see this appear (or a version there of)

teds woodworking popup

4. Click stay on page (or equivalent in your browser)

5. Then you will get taken to another page, click the X on that tab or window like you did with the first one to close that tab

teds second popup

6. Click 'stay on this page' (or equivilent) here also

7. You will get taken to a new page

enter your email here

8. Enter your email here and click the 'Download Free Plans Now' Button

9. When you click the button, you will be taken to a new page where the heading is 'Welcome Onboard'

10. Scroll down the bottom of that page and you will see the new price

47 price at teds woodworking

NOTE - If you want the bonuses in Teds Woodworking, then i'd probably buy the CD and DVD set instead of opting in for the upgrades. In the membership area, it says that everything is included on there.

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P.S - If you are still unsure of whether you should purchase Teds Woodworking plans after reading this review then sleep on it, it will all still be here tomorrow

Storboss Mountaineer MHD Storage Shed Review

Size (ft) 15.5 x 10.25 x 7.7
Weight (lbs) 503
Storage Space (cu ft) 1000 (approx.)
Assembly time 16 – 24 hours (2 – 3 people)
Price (see below)
Country Made in the USA

Storboss Mountaineer MHD Storage Shed Review

“A home for your larger toys”

When I was younger I did up a jeep. It was my pride and joy, but it kept getting in the way. I was always worried about it getting rained on, and moving it when it wasn’t ready to be moved. The thought kind of spoilt the experience…

Unfortunately my Jeep  never had the home it deserved. And now, years later when I look at the Storboss Mountaineer MHD Storage Shed , it’s like going back in time. A HOME FOR MAN SIZED TOYS and projects, and maybe a second Jeep restoration.

It ticks all the boxes that need to be ticked when it comes to storing your pride and joy.

Large door opening No windows or skylights
Reinforced steel for strength Instructions are tough to understand
15 year limited warranty No vents (we can see)

1st Tick – Security

It’s strong and safe. There’s no way for opportunist eyes to see what’s inside, the steel panels are thicker than average, and the trusses are reinforced to take a heavy snow load (25lbs per square foot.)

The shed’s appearance is also under the radar. It DOESN’T DRAW ATTENTION like some others do. Its single tone color scheme and modest appearance doesn’t scream ‘open invitation’.

Project car
Hot Rod
Car Trailer


2nd Tick – Size

There is plenty of room inside. To start, the swinging DOORS OPEN 8FT WIDE, which is more than plenty for ride on machinery and any other equipment.

It comes in sizes from 10×10 to 10×30 which is large enough for your boat, hot rod or even your dragster.

The minimum height inside the shed of 6’2” tall, so unless it’s a horse (and we don’t recommend keeping horses in it) then you should be able to ride or drive it in and out do problems.


3rd Tick – Price

You can get this shed for a very modest price, which is great because toys cost money. Although be sure to price in a concrete slab in your costing’s. The shed doesn’t come with a foundation.



There are a few pitfalls however, but NOTHING THAT CAN'T BE FIXED WITH an angle grinder, a welder and some imagination.

  1. There’s no way for natural light to get in. A window or two wouldn’t go astray, or skylights if your security conscious.
  2. There are no vents. You might want to keep the place ventilated if using chemicals.



This is a strong secure shed, with plenty of room that’s great value for money. Get yours before I get them all.

Available from:



Frequently Compared With:

Arrow Brentwood 5 x 4 ft. Shed Review

An economical and serviceable option that tidies smaller yards with ease.

Arrow Free Standing Car Port, 10 by 20-Feet Review

A durable solution that will protect your pride and joy from the elements…

Arrow Hamlet HM Steel Storage Shed 10 x 8 ft. Review

A great value shed to clear out your garage or patio and get some space back.


Classic Wood Saltbox Shed Review

Size (ft) 8 x 8
Weight (lbs) 1260 (approx.)
Assembly time 16 – 24 hours (2 – 3 people)
Price (see below)
Country Made in the USA

An excellent storage unit, at a reasonable price.

Classic Wood Saltbox 8x8

Great quality wooden components Requires added extras
Customizable Assembly requires some tools
Beautiful looking shed No windows or skylights

“A great shed that will provide reliable use for many years.”

Beware: If you build this shed, your neighbors are going to think that you’re a master carpenter. This is the type of shed that you build, if you want other people to ask you to build their sheds.


The Classic Wood Saltbox Shed is not a snap together shed. It is a quality built shed, made from quality materials. The manufacturer ‘Little Cottage Co.’ is situated in Amish country, so they have shed building credentials.

Gardening tools
Pool equipment
Push Mower


To assemble the shed, you must have some ability to use power tools like drills, screw drivers, and a hammer. Although it is simple enough for a standard DIYer’s to put it together. Instructions are provided but if you get into trouble, you can get in contact with the manufacturer.

The shed comes with Smartside siding that has a 50 year replacement warranty. The kit comes with fasteners, swivel door latch and windows. The windows are not preinstall so you will need to follow the directions to install them.

When you get your shed it comes ready to paint, but without shingles, drip edge (aka flashing) or a floor kit. You can buy these from the manufacturer, or from a local source. The shed will sit happily on a wood frame, or a concrete slab.


The Classic Wood Saltbox Shed makes an excellent storage unit, at a reasonable price.

Available from:


Frequently Compared:

Rowlinson Wallstore Wooden Outdoor/Garden Lockable Storage Unit

This handsome storage shed that protects your garden equipment from the elements, at a great price.

The Suncast Cedar and Resin Hybrid Shed

This shed offers the best of both worlds, its easy to assemble while being strong and good looking.

Leisure Season Horizontal Refuse Shed

Keeping your yard tidy has never looked smarter. Originally designed for bins, this shed is also a good size for bikes, or a washer dryer combo.


Suncast 98 Cubic Foot Shed Review

Size (ft) 4 x 4.6 x 6.6
Weight (lbs) 140
Storage Space (cu ft) 98
Assembly time 1 – 3 hours (1 person)
Price (see below)
Country Made in the USA

The build quality is good and the unit is secure…

Suncast Horizontal Storage Shed Review

Easy to clean A little top heavy
Easy to assemble Can’t lean heavy items against walls
No maintenance required

“Easy, out of the way storage”

All the benefits of a maintenance free, plastic shed on a small footprint. It’s height makes it great for storing long handled garden tools, while it can also store paint cans, hoses, extension leads and other smaller items.


Being plastic it’s easy to clean, DOESN’T ROT OR RUST and the color doesn’t fade either. This makes it a great maintenance free addition to your yard. It’s a set and forget solution.

It looks quite neat and the two tone color scheme is universal, it looks smart up against almost any cladding. It’s an unobtrusive appearance that isn’t going to attract attention.

The shed will sit happily in a corner of your patio, deck or balcony. We do recommend that it does back onto something like your house or a fence because it can be a little top heavy.

[twocol_one]Suncast 98-Cubic Foot Horizontal Blowmolded Shed background

Long handled garden equipment
Patio furniture
Hoses + garden supplies
Weed Wacker/Weed Eater


As for installation, the shed MUST BE INSTALLED on a flat, level surface. Because it is tall and not so wide, this is very important. It effects the way the shed sits and also the operation of the doors. If you are putting it in your yard, then we recommend at least some pavers on a flat bed of sand.


SHELVES ARE AVIAILABLE for this unit although not included. Suncast does provide instructions on how to cut a possible 4 shelves to fit in the unit.

If you have trouble, the manufacturer has a customer service line that is easily accessible.

AS FOR SECURITY, The build quality is good and the unit is secure with a padlock able to be put on the front handles, but it’s by no means Fort Knox.


This is a great companion for the little yard, or balcony, if you have run out of space and your garage.

Available from:


Frequently Compared:

Suncast BMS4900 Glidetop Slide Lid Shed

This solution is large enough for your equipment, but small enough not to get your council or HOA involved. A long lasting, easy to assemble storage solution.  

The Suncast Cedar and Resin Hybrid Shed

This shed offers the best of both worlds, its easy to assemble while being strong and good looking.

Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed Review

The Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed, is great way to tidy up your yard on a small footprint.

Caravan Canopy 10 x 10 Review

Size (ft)10 x 10 x 11.75
Weight (lbs)58
Storage Space (cu ft)1175
Assembly time5 minutes (1 person)
Price(See below)

Wherever you want shelter, this is an almost instant solution that doesn't compromise on quality

Caravan Canopy 10 x 10

Very quick to assembleOnly 4 small legs
Quite sturdySecurity non existent
Lightweight and easy to moveNot for harsh conditions

Need an instant, portable shelter?

The Caravan Canopy 10×10 is an easy quick solution for any shelter. It is great for, (and really built for) sun and light rain protection.

Shelters like these are the choice of many market stall owners, because they go up fast, are quite mobile and are relatively stable. But you don’t have to be hawking gourmet hot dogs or handmade necklaces to own one.

They are also GREAT FOR WHEN YOU NEED SOME MORE SHELTER in your yard like family get togethers and as a temporary storage solution.

This model of canopy is made from anodized aluminum which is maintenance free if treated well. The aluminum is lighter to move than its steel counterparts.


Caravan Canopy 10x10 sidewall kit

There is a 4 wall sidewall kit available as an added extra for some privacy

The Caravan Canopy 10×10 is A GREAT VALUE BUY in between the very cheap $99 models, and the full commercial models which cost quite a bit more. The quality is there, and the price is quite reasonable.

The canopy when folded down can fit into almost any car, so it’s easy to store in an attic when not being used. It also fits in the provided bag easily when not being used.

Because it is made for market stall owners the canopy is very easy to assemble. Simply pull it out of the bag, walk the legs out, set the height then secure the shelter. It will take one person around 5 minutes all up, (maybe 10 minutes the first time).


There are some cons. Securing the 4 scrawny legs to the ground is one, although you can get weight bags to help anchor the shelter.

The canopy will keep most of the water out. It’s around the sides that is the bigger problem, but this can be fixed WITH THE SIDEWALL KIT ADDED EXTRA. It creates an enclosed space rather than an open one. This can help keep your equipment from the weather and/or prying eyes.

The canopy frame is mostly aluminum but also does have some plastic joints. These will last if they are treated well. To avoid plastic joints you need to purchase a true commercial grade shelter which is quite a jump in price.

Our Verdict:

Wherever you want shelter, this is an almost instant solution that doesn't compromise on quality.

Available from:


10×10 Suncast Storage Shed Review

Suncast storage shed reviews
Size (ft)10 x 10 x 7.5
Weight (lbs)592
Storage Space (cu ft)625
Assembly time4 - 6 hours (1 - 2 people)
Price(See below)
CountryMade in the USA

“A versatile shed that can be adapted for many uses, thanks to its universal design”

Looks goodBasic appearance
Good valueWalls are too thin to hang items
Reinforced roof

Thinking about plastic for the first time?

Suncast Storage Building 10x10The words large shed and plastic shed usually don’t go together. Plastic can warp when it gets hot and it gets worse with big panels. Big plastic panels can also feel flimsy and weak, especially during installation.

However, THIS PLASTIC SHED IS QUITE STRONG. The roof is reinforced with 5 ridge beams for support and the honeycomb patterned floor gives the shed some rigidity that other (non-plastic) sheds don’t have.


The look is basic and functional, but not ugly. It can be personalized with accessories such as flower boxes and window shutters at extra cost. Customized or not IT WILL FIT IN, IN ANY YARD.

The two doors open up quite wide and you can easily get a push mower, garden tools and other odds and ends inside. When the doors are shut, they are lockable to keep little prying fingers out.

Unfortunately, the walls are too thin to hang your items from, which is frustrating, and again shelving is available, but at an extra cost.


It will take at least 4-6 hours to put this together, preferably with 2 people. The floor is included with the shed, but it does require a flat, level base to sit on. That means a timber frame or concrete slab, which don't come with the shed.

Our Verdict:

A versatile shed that can be adapted for many uses, thanks to its universal design.

Available from:


Shelter Logic Round Style Storage Shed Review

This is one of the best fabric shed to withstand harsh conditions

Size (ft)10 x 10 x 8
Weight (lbs)109
Storage Space (cu ft)800
Assembly time2 - 4 hours (2 people)
Price(See below)
Country(Unknown to us)

ShelterLogic 10x10 round style shed blank

Great valueExtra Augers almost required
Easy to setupNo floor
Great customer serviceRoll up door can be fiddly
Easy to move

One of the best value 10×10 storage sheds available

This is an economic way to store your motorbike, ride on mower or snow mobile.

The round style shed can cost about as much as one months storage at the local storage unit rentals place. So if you have the space, why wouldn't you? Even if you get 3 months storage out of it, YOU'VE SAVED YOURSELF A DECENT SUM OF MONEY.

ShelterLogic Round Style Storage Shed ReviewReview:

We typically think of fabric sheds as temporary solutions here at, but some home owners are putting them up as a permanent solution.

This is probably the best fabric shed to withstand harsh conditions. This is because the square shape of this shed seems to be sturdier than the rectangle shape of others. But a note to those who want to SET UP FOR YEAR ROUND USE, then you will require the stronger auger anchors (which are extra).

However, we don’t think that fabric sheds and heavy snow loads go together (even with a round style roof).
The manufacturer has gone to quite some length to deliver a strong and durable fabric shed. The frame is made with HIGH GRADE STEEL and is powder coated for extra resistance against the elements.

The fabric is strong and treated for a whole heap of things including anti-fungal agents, UV resistance and even ‘anti-aging’. I guess that keeps the wrinkles off the shed, but at the very LEAST IT WILL KEEP THE WATER OUT.


Assembly is quite easy and 90% doable with one person, however you will need 2 people to put the cover on.

Our Verdict:

Our ShelterLogic Round Style Storage Shed Review found A GOOD VALUE BUY, especially for moderate to warm climates.

Available from:


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