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12 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas that Will Help Turn Your Yard into an Entertainers Dream

Outdoor Kitchen Idea - Patio cover with outdoor bar seating

DO YOU LOVE TO COOK outdoors but are getting tired of having nothing more than a gas grill to cook on?

Do you get tired of having to keep running in and out of the house to get everything you need to prepare the meal?

What about those meals where you need to make several dishes all at the same time?

If these scenarios sound like you, then a few of the simple outdoor kitchen ideas can give you a great place to entertain. Not only will your family and guests be pleased, but an outdoor kitchen can add significant value to your home.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Your Home

An outdoor kitchen means more than having a fancy brushed stainless steel gas grille out on your deck or patio. It means having the ability to cook a wide range of meals. It also means turning your backyard into a serious outdoor entertainment. An area where you, your family, and countless guests will enjoy the many gastronomic delights you will be preparing.

Getting started is not as easy as you might think, it means creating a workable kitchen that is in the thick of the action. It can help you come up with your perfect design by looking at outdoor kitchen ideas, taking something from each of them and creating the perfect outdoor space to fit your needs.

What you choose to include or exclude from your design should be based on your needs and wants. Rather than what someone else thinks is a good idea. It took me several months of looking at hundreds of designs and items to come up with my design. But in the time since my outdoor kitchen has been finished, I have spent countless hours cooking amazing food. On top of this, I have continued to add to my kitchen since then. My latest addition is a wood-fired pizza oven.

Here are some ideas for your outdoor kitchen that are worth considering:

Overhead Cover or Not?


Let's start with the basics, like do you want a roof over your work area or not. Most outdoor kitchen ideas offer you the option. The choice is yours and you may want to match your final decision with the weather where you live. For example, a pergola offers shade, but won't keep the rains or snows at bay.

If you want complete shade and protection from the elements, you may want to build a full roof over your kitchen. You may also need to factor in the cost of building the roof in your original estimate.



outdoor_kitchen_lightImage courtesy of 101 Recycled Crafts

If you think you are likely to be outside cooking after dark, your outdoor kitchen is going to need some type of lighting. The first thing you need to think about is will your outdoor kitchen have electricity running to it. This can affect the type of lighting you can use. LED lights make the best choice no matter whether you have electricity or battery power.

Try to avoid propane lanterns or candles as they add to the risk of fire. Instead, consider a range of both directional and non-directional lighting fixtures to ensure you have plenty of light both where you are cooking and where people may be sitting to eat.


An Outdoor Pizza Oven

While an outdoor pizza oven may not be one of the first pieces of equipment you buy, it can make an amazing addition. These ovens can be purchased as wood fired, electric, or gas fired based on your tastes and the availability of fuel.

They can be used to make an incredible array of dishes, including pizza. But since they can be quite expensive, you might want to leave space to add one later in your final plans.

ZacsGarden – 3 Steps in Finding the Best Outdoor Pizza Oven


The Barbecue Grill

outdoor_kitchen_grillImage courtesy of Pinterest

Of all the equipment you are likely to include in your outdoor kitchen ideas, the BBQ grille is probably the most important. Outdoor grilles come in many forms and designs. They can run on propane, natural gas, electric, charcoal, wood, wood pellets, and those that can be used with multiple fuels.

They come in a variety of sizes, numbers of burners, with infrared cooking areas, the list is endless. You have to decide what type of cooking you plan to do before you spend the money on a grille.

Have You Considered Adding a Smoker?

outdoor-kitchen-smokerImage courtesy of Charcoal BBQ Site

For those of you who truly love the taste of slow-cooked smoked meat, consider adding a smoker to your outdoor kitchen. Like grills, smokers come in an incredible range of styles and sizes.

They burn wood, charcoal, gas, electric, and more. There is nothing like the taste of freshly smoked meats so you may want to add a smoker into your plans to make the most of your outdoor kitchen.


What About a Refrigerator?

Outdoor-kitchen-refImage courtesy of Stewart and Outdoor

If you are going to become an outside kitchen chef, you should include a refrigerator in your plans. Your choices include basic refrigerators, simple refrigerated drawers, wine chillers, beer kegerators, beverage centers, ice makers, and combination units.

Be sure you buy a fridge that is rated for outdoor use. Otherwise you may end up wasting your money when the rains or snow kill your fridge.


What About an Ice Bath Area?

outdoor-kitchen-bath-areaImage courtesy of

Whether you need somewhere to keep your condiments chilled before you serve them or a place for your cocktail garnishes, there are several different types of ice tray available.

Some even come with individual “buckets” that are designed to fit inside the main ice tray so that everything stays separated and chilled until you need it.



outdoor_kitchen_countertopsImage courtesy of HGTV

There was a time when the only “countertop” you had when cooking outside was some kind of table. Today's outdoor kitchen ideas include countertops that look just as good as the ones that adorn your indoor kitchen.

They can be made from concrete, Corian®, granite, marble, or any other material that can handle hot pans coming off the grille as well as they can handle rain and snow. Choose a material that is going to look as good five years down the road as it did the day you installed it.



outdoor_kitchen_cabinetsImage courtesy of Gen4Congress.Com

If you are going to build an outdoor kitchen, you are going to need plenty of storage space. The last thing you want to have to do is keep running back and forth to your indoor kitchen for basic supplies.

There are many different styles and designs for cabinetry that can be used for your outdoor kitchen and will stand up to the elements.


What About a Sink or Running Water?

Outdoor-Kitchen-Sink-KitImage courtesy of Home Ideas Collection

As long as you don't mind running all of the dirty dishes into the kitchen and having to carry water out to your outdoor kitchen, then you don't need running water or a sink.

But, if you prefer to make your outdoor cooking area complete and fully functional, you can run a fresh water line out to your kitchen and install a kitchen sink. You can even add in a small hot water heater if you want hot water on demand.



outdoor_kitchen_ seatsImage courtesy of Australian Outdoor Kitchen

Now that you have at least the basics when it comes to outdoor kitchen ideas. You need to have somewhere for everyone to sit when they are eating the gourmet meals you have prepared for them.

You can simply use picnic tables or you could go with tables and chairs. Of course, if you are going to the trouble of building your own outdoor kitchen, why not go all out and build your own tables and seating?



outdoor_kitchen_entertainmentImage courtesy of Better Decorating Bible

Now that you have the perfect outdoor kitchen put together to cook gourmet meals for your family and friends, have you considered what you are going to do about entertaining them after the meal is over?

Consider adding a fire pit for everyone to sit around or maybe a big LED television or projector that can be used to create outdoor movie nights. At the very least you should consider having an entertainment system with a radio and CD player to keep the party going.

All of this is just the beginning. I have friends whose outdoor kitchens far surpass the ones they have inside their homes. There are so many different “specialty” items you can add to your outdoor kitchen ideas to make your kitchen more suitable for your personal cooking style.

These include items like extra burners, tandoors, recessed blender stations, wet bar inserts, and many, many more.


This Is Just the Entree

All of this is just the beginning. The more I look at the many different outdoor kitchen ideas, the more I consider tearing my current kitchen apart and rebuilding it. When it comes to designing your outdoor kitchen, the sky is literally the limit. I would follow my dreams and completely rebuild mine. However, as my wife says, “I have Cadillac dreams on a Pinto budget”. So instead I sneak in a few upgrades here and there. Eventually, I will have the outdoor kitchen of my dreams.

I hope that the information above helps you get the outdoor kitchen of your dreams and that it offers you a good start to building your dream outdoor kitchen.

There's more ZacsGarden on Facebook and Pinterest.



16 Great Patio Ideas for Any Home

Outdoor Patio Ideas - wooden chairs and stairs

Patios turn what would be grass into a usable entertaining or relaxing space

ADDING A PATIO TO YOUR yard is a great way to make use of what might otherwise be a section of your lawn. Having a patio gives you a place to relax in the sun, enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a chilled glass of wine in the evening. But, just knowing you want a patio is only the beginning. Do you know what size patio you want, what you want to be able to do on your patio, how to build it, or what amenities you want on your patio?

It took me a while to determine how I wanted to build my patio. In the end I settled for a large brick patio with a roof. The roof keeps the sun and rain out. It also protects my outdoor kitchen that can feed my family and friends on the weekends. To help you with your outdoor kitchen ideas, here are some examples of what others have done.

Also see: Landscaping Ideas Around Patio and Paved Areas

Small Patio Ideas

Make the most of your small space

Image courtesy of ArchitectureHD

Just because you have a small patio to work with, doesn’t mean you can't make the most of the space you have. Consider adding furniture and a fire pit to give you somewhere to spend evenings year-round. Maybe add a pergola to keep the rain or sun at bay. If you live in an area where it gets cold in the winter, you can always add a patio heater along with the fire pit to keep everyone comfortable.

Patio Cover Ideas

Put a Roof Over Your Head and Stay Dry All Year-Round

Image courtesy of Outdoor Furniture Design and Ideas

Adding a patio cover is a great way to make your patio usable year-round in sun, rain, snow, and more. There are several options including a pergola, which you can build from scratch yourself, buy in a kit form, or buy ready built and install yourself. In recent years the use of retractable awnings as porch coverings. These can be great as you only extend the patio roof when you need it, the rest of the time it can sit retracted against the wall

Brick Patio Ideas

Bricks Are One of the Most Versatile and Beautiful Materials for Patio Construction

brick_patioImage courtesy of Antique Brick Warehouse

Brick is one of the most popular materials to be used in building a patio. Not only does brick look amazing, it can be arranged in a wide range of patterns and better yet, bricks come in an incredible variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. While it might take you more time to build a top-quality brick patio, the resulting patio will last for many years and can look nothing less than magnificent when they are done. Consider using different colored bricks to create a mandala-like pattern or perhaps even an outdoor game-board the whole family can enjoy.

Cheap Patio Ideas

Creating a Welcoming Place Outdoors on a Tight Budget

cheap_patio_ideasImage courtesy of Pallets Designs

Just because you are working on a tight budget, doesn’t mean you can't still have a nice patio in your backyard. There are several ways you can keep costs under control and still end up with a lovely patio for your family. For example, with a little looking around, you might be amazed at how many places near you sell used construction materials such as bricks, pavers, lumber, railroad ties, and more. These are a great way to save money on your patio project. Alternatively, you might consider purchasing resin boards instead of lumber. Not only do they often cost less, but they require virtually no maintenance and will last for many years.

Concrete Patio Ideas

Concrete is Not Just for Driveways and Sidewalks Anymore

poured-concrete-patio-designsImage courtesy of Concrete Patio Designs

One of the wonderful things about today's concrete is that it comes in an incredible array of colors. Why not choose a color that complements the outside of your home? Many experienced concrete specialists can create different patterns in the concrete and make your patio look like it has been tiled, has a wood grain-like finish, or create unique patterns to your specs. This is your chance to create a long-lasting patio that will stay looking good for many years to come.

Creating Shade

No One or At Least Very Few of Us Want to Sit Out in the Endless Glare of the Sun

patio-furniture-1Image courtesy of JB Hostetter

While it is always nice to spend time out in the sun, your patio needs to be your shady oasis from the sun. There are a number of ways you can do this, including both temporary and permanent methods. For example, if you are looking for temporary shade, why not add a table with an umbrella or perhaps a free-standing umbrella. If you are more interested in creating permanent shade, you could build a roof over your porch or perhaps a pergola with or without a roof. Each of these ideas offers you a good way to add shade to your porch.

Not Your Ordinary Patio Cover Ideas

Putting a Lid on Your Patio Isn't Only Practical…

patio-coverImage courtesy of Invest-Remax Blogspot

There are many ways to put a lid on your patio based on where it is located, how big it is, and of course where you live. For example, if you live in Florida, your patio cover needs to be able to block the sun and rain, but it doesn't need to hold the weight of snow. Conversely, if you live in Montana, your patio cover better be strong enough to handle several inches of snow. The same applies to the materials you choose, corrugated fiberglass might work well in Florida, but unless you build a very strong framework under it, most likely would not survive a single winter in Montana.

Ideas to Light Up Your Patio

Put a Little Light in Your Life

patio_lightingImage courtesy of Mpression

If your porch is only usable during the daylight hours, you are missing. There are so many different ways you can add lights to your porch to choose from. Why not add string lights to your porch, they add plenty of light and atmosphere and come in a virtually endless range of colors. No power to your porch, why not try a string of candle-powered lanterns instead. Or perhaps battery-powered LED lanterns.  You can use landscape lighting like those lining your driveway, or spotlights to showcase your hard work, the possibilities are endless.

Different Styles of Patio Furniture

Make Your Patio a Comfortable Place for Everyone to Use​

asian-porch-with-hanging-egg-chair-i_g-IShzi91ts9tkss0000000000-qgILCImage courtsey of Zillow

You might be amazed what you can do with your patio with the right furniture. You can literally turn your patio into an outdoor living room, bedroom, play area, bar, or kitchen with the right furniture and accessories. Wicker and resin wicker are among the most popular types of furniture for outdoor use. Wood furniture is also very popular, in particular, Shaker style furniture.  You can add a few throw pillows and potted plants, even add an outdoor rug to define your porch space while adding in a few creature comforts.

The Different Styles of Patio Heater

Add a Little Heat and Create a Year-Round Place to Relax

patio_heaterImage courtsey of Lava Heat Italia

No matter where you live in the U.S. evenings can become chilly or cold, leaving you with a patio that can only be used during daylight hours and spends evenings empty. That is unless you add some form of heat to your patio. Patio heaters come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and forms of fuel. They can be freestanding, wall mounted, or site built. Porch heaters can be powered by electricity, propane, kerosene, natural gas, coal, or wood. Adding heat to your porch can turn it into a year-round place to spend quality family time or plan a few parties.

Ideas on How to Use Pavers

Unlimited Range of Colors and Styles

patio_paverImage courtesy of Pinterest

The most important thing about concrete pavers is that they come in an almost unlimited range of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can use them to create an incredible range of patterns and designs ranging from simple geometric patterns to adding bands of color to accentuate the rest of the pattern. Why not use strips of grass to add even more color to your patio? The best thing about pavers is you can choose the colors that best accentuate your home and the area you live in or go all out and create your own psychedelic mandala pattern.

Backyard Patio Ideas

Yes, You Can Do It Your Way

back_patioImage courtesy of Pinterest

Only you can truly know why you decided to build a patio in your backyard. There are so many different approaches you can take in the construction of your patio or work with the one you have. Maybe building yourself a secret garden, making it a formal outdoor space for hosting dinners and parties, or perhaps create a rustic chic space for your family to relax. To help decide what you want your patio to look like, you first need to know how you plan to use it, then start looking at furniture and accessories to fit in with this plan.

Ideas for Outdoor Patio Living

Create Your Own Outside World

outdoor_patio_ideasImage courtesy of Zillow

Just because your patio is outside, doesn't mean it should be nothing more than a flat concrete slab. Instead, it should be a place where you and your family can spend time together. One of the most popular outdoor patio ideas is to create an outdoor living room complete with a loveseat, two chairs, and a firepit. In fact, firepits have become one of the most popular patio accessories in the country. An outdoor patio is also the perfect place to build an outdoor kitchen that can be used for family events or staging a party for your friends.

Decorating Ideas for Patio Areas

Let the Decorator in You Come Out Redecorating Your Porch

patio_decorImage courtesy of Pinterest

Without adding your own personal decorating touches, your porch is little more than a flat slab that no one really wants to use. But, if you add potted plants, a little furniture, and perhaps a few lights, you turn it into a completely different world.  Rather than running out to your local furniture store, why not get creative and make use of unusual items to decorate your porch, make tables out of wood barrels cut in half with a sheet of glass for the top. There are plenty of outdoor rugs you can use, an incredible array of outdoor furniture to choose from, rain barrels, hammocks, flowers, plants, and more. Why not go crazy and let the interior decorator in you go wild.

Enclosed Patio Ideas

When in Florida

enclosed-porch-ideasImage courtesy of Design Babylon Interiors

Okay, so Florida is not the only state where people have enclosed patios. In fact, having an enclosed patio is a lot like having an extra room in your home. You can furnish it like a living room, a den, or even a study. I have a few friends who use their enclosed porches as bedrooms during the summer. Add a ceiling fan or two to help keep things cooled down in the summer. A wood stove can help in the winter. Carpet adds a nice touch as does plenty of comfortable furniture.

Patio Deck Ideas

Get Creative and Make Your Patio Into Something Your Entire Family Can Use

patio_deck_ideaImage courtesy of

A patio does not have to be flat on the ground, in fact, there is no reason why you can't treat your deck just like a patio. I started out with a deck and turned it into an outdoor porch paradise over the course of a couple of summers. I started with a resin “lumber” deck that was pretty boring, added some raised garden beds, a firepit, and a center raised garden with several perennials in it. My next project is to build a roof over it and add an outdoor kitchen.

Turning Your Porch into Something Special

Having a porch out in your backyard can be seen as the start of something good. It gives you a special place to turn into an outdoor recreation space for your entire family to enjoy. The number of things you can do with this space is virtually endless limited only by your imagination… And your financial resources. My personal suggestion is to start with what you think your patio will be used for. Then draw up a few plans to work with.

  • I hope you have learned something about making your patio into something amazing.

  • If you have any information you would like to see here, please contact us here.

Practical Landscaping Ideas

15 Practical Landscaping Ideas You Can Use for Any Yard

How to Take the Next Step With Your Outdoor Space

Landscaping Ideas for Slopes

You don't have to have a professional come in to have a nice yard

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR a some inspiration you can use for your yard, but not spend a ton of money? Doing your own landscaping can save you a bundle, but only if you start out with the right plan.

Fortunately, I've already done the homework and come up with these fantastic ideas to share with you.

Sprucing Things Up with a New Take on Edging

Edging adds beauty and practicality

Cheap Landscaping Edging Idea - Planks of Lumber

No one ever said the borders around your garden and along your pathways had to be boring. Why not spruce up the edges a firm border along your pathways or around the gardens.

You can get creative with what you use for edging. Here is a few links to some inspiration to get you started

Landscape Inspiration that Add Much Needed Privacy to Your Home

Keeping those nosy neighbors at bay

Small Garden

Is there nothing worse than having nosy neighbors who watch your every move in the backyard? There are several great ways to create a little extra privacy starting with adding privacy fencing. But, not everyone wants to stare at a boring fence when sitting out on the patio.

Instead of fencing, why not use trees and shrubs to create an all-natural privacy screen that both you and your neighbors can enjoy. Even if you can't plant them in the ground, you can always use planters for shrubs and smaller evergreens to build a privacy fence.

New Looks for the Side of Your House

Scrap pallets have so many uses

Landscaping ideas for side of house - Landscaped side of house with gate

Just because it is the side of your house doesn't mean it has to be boring. Why not use this area for a climbing garden? Add trellises and plant climbing flowers, ivy, tomatoes, virtually anything that climbs.

You can plant flowers or make the area even more useful by planting vegetables or fruit that your family can enjoy all summer long. They can build the trellises out of old pallets, make your own from scrap wood, or run down to your local discount hardware store and buy them.

Steep Landscaping Ideas for Slopes

Tame those slippery slopes

Landscaping Ideas for Slopes

Slopes can be challenging to work with, which means most people leave them covered with grass as it's easy to maintain. But why not terrace the slope and add in a few flower gardens instead. Building above ground gardens into the slope makes the job easy but turns that boring slope into something beautiful you can be proud of.

Raised garden beds can be made from scrap lumber, old trees, or rocks, all of these will give you a slope that is much easier to take care of and looks amazing.

Clean Up the Shady Areas Around Your Trees

Become a master of the shade


The shady areas around your trees can appear hard to work with, but it's certainly not impossible. In fact there are many solutions including planting flowers and cover plants that thrive in the shade. You can also add rocks, pavers or edging blocks to create separate spaces

Spending a little time thinking about these shaded spots in your garden will not only will the splash of color and texture, but it will also make mowing and maintenance around your trees much easier.

Creative Inspiration for Around Your in Ground Pool

Add beauty and privacy for your in-ground pool

Landscaping ideas for pools - privacy heding

The area around your pool should be awash in color all summer long. Placing strategic flowers, shrubs and even trees with some paving, decking, and edging will leave you with a space everyone will want to spend their summer

What's Possible with Landscaping for Above Ground Pools

Give your above ground pool a little natural beauty

Landscaping ideas for pools - Above Ground

While that above ground pool might be an oasis in the summer, most don't look that good from the outside. These ideas will help you blend your pool into your yard. Not only will this look great, but the shade will help keep the water cooler.

Inspiration that Will Transform the Hills in Your Yard

Creative and useful landscaping for sloping areas


Image courtesy of Pinterest

Landscaping hilly areas in your yard can be tough. Forget the grass and turn that hill into something you can be proud of. Try digging the area up and planting it with a selection of your favorite flowering shrubs and flowers. You can cover the rest of the ground with mulch, pea gravel, and river rocks.

You can use a few larger rocks as well to create a garden that remains beautiful all year round. Alternatively, you can cover the slope in terraced gardens using bricks, logs, railroad ties, or lumber to create the walls.

Ideas to Transform a Small Backyard

Small areas that are big on beauty


Image courtesy of Pinterest

When all you have to work with is a small area, you need to make the most of ever inch. Why not add a small patio for the family to relax around the fire pit? Add grass around the patio and add in a few flower gardens for color.

Depending on how much room you have, you can even add a few fast-growing trees that will provide you with shade after a few years. Create a path to your patio with paving stones and you can use the patio all year long no matter how much snow falls.

Redesign Your Small Front Yard

Create amazing curb appeal

Curb Appeal Ideas - Ruhl Home

Having a small front yard doesn't mean you should stick to nothing more than a small patch of grass. There is plenty of room to add flower gardens to separate the lawn from the house.

Use window boxes filled with your favorite perennials, add annuals to the gardens, create unusual shapes for your gardens by using rocks or pavers to edge them. If you have steps leading up to your front door, add planters filled with flowers to each step. The more color you add, the more curb appeal you will create.

You can even line the sides of your paths and driveway with flower gardens. Why not add a birdbath if you have room? The birds are sure to appreciate it and your family will love watching them bathe all summer long.

Using Rocks to Create Amazing, Low Maintenance Spaces

Rocks are the perfect addition to any landscaping


Image courtesy of Pinterest

Rocks can be an amazing way to make the yard around your home look fantastic. You can use them to create borders around your gardens. Create new gardens under your trees and fill them with flowers. Instead of mulch, you can use river rocks instead of mulch in your flower gardens.

The rocks will help keep moisture in the ground and help to keep the weeds down. Another great use for rocks is to create a number of fun walkways throughout your yards, use various colors of rock for added beauty.

New Inspiration for Your Large Backyard

The more room you have the more creative you can be

LAndscaing ideas for large yards

There is nothing like having a large backyard to work with when it comes to landscaping ideas. With so much space the possibilities could be endless... Depending on how much time and budget you have.

These ideas are a great place to start when you want to get the most bang for your buck when landscaping your large yard

Give Your Ranch Style Home a Great New Look

Create your own private ranch home getaway in the city

Landscaping ideas for ranch style homes

Your ranch style home covers a lot of space, but that doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful yard. In fact, making the most of the space near your home can be a great way to beautify your lawn

You can also use these gardens to plant your favorite herbs to use when cooking gourmet meals in a backyard outdoor kitchen.

Patio Landscaping That Will Create an Amazing Place to Relax

Plants are the perfect way to create an inviting and relaxing patio


Image courtesy of Pinterest

Your patio doesn't have to be nothing more than a slab of concrete or paving stones. Your patio is the perfect place for a garden surround.

How big your gardens are is completely up to you, but try to go at least three feet wide so you have room to plant your favorite flowers that will bloom all summer long, a few shrubs, and if you can, add a few trees that will grow and provide you with plenty of shade.

If you love birds, this is the perfect place to add in a bird bath or water feature like a small pond with a waterfall.

Transforming Your Deck in a Creative Way

Make your deck into a floral showpiece


Image courtesy of Pinterest

If your family is like mine, you spend a lot of time out on the deck relaxing, enjoying a barbecue, having an ice-cold glass of tea. Why not turn your deck into a showplace?

Start by adding gardens around the deck to hide the pylons and add a splash of color. Then add in a few planters on the deck itself, these can be used for flowers, herbs, tomatoes, shrubs, even small trees.

Put everything in planters you can easily move so that your wooden deck doesn’t end up rotting underneath them. A roll out awning (similar to those used on RVs) has become a very popular way to add shade in the summer when needed.

Making Your Home Beautiful - One Area at a Time

The areas around your home are like a blank canvas waiting for you to create your vision of the perfect landscape. Whether you choose to use these landscaping ideas or simply use them to stoke the fires of your own creativity, the main idea is to get out there and turn the areas around your home in places of pure beauty.

One thing to remember is that while flowers and shrubs add plenty of beauty, you can use most garden areas to plant veggies, fruits, and herbs that can be used to feed your family.

If you could visit my home, you would find that I have used every possible inch of my yard for gardens that give us flowers all year long, herbs we used to create great meals, and fruits and veggies to feed us. I love to add in a few garden gnomes peeking out here and there that put a smile on the faces of everyone who visits or passes by.

  • If you have any information you would like to see here, please contact us here.

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  • Thank you for reading this.

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Garden Ideas

Garden Ideas – From Uncomplicated to Unique See What’s Possible in Every Garden


THERE IS NOTHING WORSE than knowing you want a lovely garden for your family but are stuck trying to find the right garden ideas to match your dream. There are any number of ways to create a new garden,which can lead to more than a little confusion. My suggestion is to look around everywhere you go, you never know what you might happen upon that will give you the inspiration you need.

Make Your Garden Uniquely Yours...

No one ever said a garden has to be this size, that shape, or in a particular type of container. In fact,many avid gardeners will go out of their way to use unusual containers for their plants.

Others put their plants in unusual places in the house or yard. Your garden should be something that does more than feed your family or provide a place for flowers to grow, anyone can do that. It should be something that makes a statement about who you really are.

This being said, here are a few of the more creative ideas I have come across in my travels. Some are somewhat common, but you will find that one or two of these great garden ideas are truly unique. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed collecting them.

Flower Garden Ideas

Flower Garden Ideas

​Nothing is more beautiful than a huge swath of colors such as those you might see in a flower garden. Use these ideas to create your own rainbow, using a wide variety of flowers to ensure maximum color spread.

Vertical garden Ideas - Beautiful vertical garden in city around office building

Vertical Garden Ideas​

​Who said your gardens had to be horizontal to succeed?

When you are limited for space or simply want something a little different, why not go up instead of out. You can create a vertical garden on fencing,with pallets and window boxes. Be creative, let your mind wander, you might be surprised at the results.

Herb Garden Ideas - Freshly harvested herbs

Herb Garden Ideas

​The best way to make your favorite dishes taste amazing is to use fresh herbs.

You can plant them in containers or an open patch of garden. You can even grow them inside on the window sill in small pots or troughs. Herbs will produce all year long inside and most of the year outside. Some will even resist frost.

DIY Garden Ideas

DIY Garden Ideas

​Sure, you can run out to your local department store or discount hardware superstore and choose from an increasingly large range of garden stuff...

But, who sets out to create a garden only to have it look like everyone else's? Look around your garage, garden shed, local scrap yard, you might be surprised at what you find and how easily it can be turned into a planter, storage for tools, or just garden art

Front Garden Ideas - Ruhl Home

Front Garden Ideas

Planning to brighten up the front of your home?

You will have the best house on the street with these simple but effective garden ideas. From a few well-placed flower beds, to trees, hanging baskets and just about anything you can do to add color and life to your front yard.​

Rock Garden Ideas

Rock Garden Ideas

​Not all gardens consist of just soil and plants. You can create an amazing relaxing garden using rocks ranging in size from gravel that is used to create paths through your garden to boulders.

Boulders also come in a range of sizes, use them to create your own garden landscape.

Vegetable Garden Ideas

Vegetable Garden Ideas

Whether you want to get the kids interested in eating healthy, providing ​food for yourself or you just want to know where you food is coming from, growing your own vegges is great

And all the best ideas I could find relating to growing your vegetable garden are here:

Backyard Garden Ideas

Backyard Garden Ideas

Your backyard is a place where you and your family can get away from it all...

It is also the perfect place to get serious about your garden. From vegetable and flower gardens, to gazebos and sheds, it's all here to give you and your family a place to relax, year round.

Container Garden Ideas

Container Garden Ideas

If you can't (or don't want to) dig gardens in the spot you want to grow plants, all is not lost.

People have been container gardening for centuries. You can use virtually anything that will hold soil as a planter. And all that other people are doing with their planters (including DIY stuff) is here

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

​Even if you can't put in an herb garden outside, there is no reason you can't grow your favorites on the kitchen windowsill.

You don't have to buy fancy containers, anything will do, even a few leftover Styrofoam cups. For all the ideas and detail on what to put your herbs in and where to put them, take a look here

Desert Garden Ideas - Cactus and Gate

Desert Garden Ideas

Just because you live in the desert does not mean you can't have a garden.

What it does mean is that you have to tailor your selection of plants to suit the climate. With so many different varieties of plants available, you'll need to be creative, but the best ideas I have found are here...

Creative Garden Ideas - Elephant

Creative Garden Ideas

​Planting vegetables, flowers, trees, and shrubs is only the beginning when it comes to gardening for many people. You might be surprised at the crazy ideas you and your family can come up with to decorate your yard and gardens.

Indoor Garden Ideas

Indoor Garden Ideas

Why not bring the outside inside by using a variety of planters, pots, and stands?

Although light can be a large factor there are other things to consider. To see what's possible, and the benefits of an indoor garden, go here:

Home Garden Ideas

Home Garden Ideas

There are not too many places where you can't get something to grow. Make use of odds spaces, create planters from things you would normally throw away, and make use of both indoor and outdoor areas all year long.​ For the best of home garden ideas, take a look here

Raised Bed Garden Ideas

Raised Bed Garden Ideas​

There are a number of reasons to build raised garden beds...

Some do it purely for aesthetics, or accessibility, while others have poor soil to work with. When built right a raised garden bed can help minimize weed growth and bring the beds up to where they are easier to work in.

Whatever your reason, you can find all kinds of ideas for raising your garden here

Create Your Own World

When you make the decision to build one or more gardens around your home, you open up an entire world of creativity.

There are no set rules for what a garden should or should not look like. Dig some of your gardens into the ground, use plenty of planters and pots, and most of all plant as many varieties of veggies, flowers, trees, and shrubs as you can. Use your garden to paint your own world, one plant at a time.

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The 21 Most Popular Curb Appeal Ideas You Can Add to Your Home in Less than 24 Hours

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Curb appeal doesn't necessarily have to take years to take effect. You can add your own quite quickly


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Quick Navigation#1 – Paint#2 – Edge Your Lawn#3 – Front Light Fixture#4 – New Mailbox#5 – New Mulch#6 – Shutters#7 – Clean Exterior Walls – Power Washer or by Hand#8 – Replace a Few of Those Tile/Shingles on the Roof#9 – Highlight the Path to Your Door#10 – Make Front Door Stand Out (Say Open Me)#11 – Prune and Prune Some More#12 – Add a Door Knocker#13 – Install Window Boxes#14 – Add Arbors or Fence Panels#15 – Stonewall Border Edges#16 – Outdoor Art#17 – Upgrade Railings#18 – Create a New Planting Bed#19 – Potted Plants#20 – Install House Numbers#21 – Garden Lawn Patio Landscape Pathway DecorPulling Up to the Curb (In Summary)Related Articles:

WHEN THE TIME COMES to sell your home, there are several steps you can take to help entice buyers to stop and check it out. If you were to talk to just about any reputable realtor, one of the first things they are likely to tell you is you must make potential buyers want to see more of your home.

If the first thing they see is a run-down home or yard, most will drive on. According to the National Association of Realtors, (although we couldn't find the actual study, it's quoted in quite a few places) curb appeal sells approximately 49% of all houses.

Here are 21 of the most popular curb appeal ideas we found used by realtors and home and garden websites across the country.


#1 – Paint

Nothin' like a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting a Door

Repainting your home is one of the best curb appeal ideas out there. If the paint on your home looks old or is faded, chipped, and cracked, any potential buyer is going to see a home that looks like it has not been well cared for.

Buying a few gallons of paint, rollers, and brushes doesn't cost that much, but can add tremendous value to your home. You can give the front a coat in a day. To do the whole house, depending on the size of your home, you can probably paint it in one or two days.

#2 – Edge Your Lawn

Put that Power Edger (or Spade) to Good Use

Curb appeal ideas - edge lawns

Remember that power edger you bought, you know the one that is buried out in your garden shed? This is the perfect time to drag it out and put it to work.

Nothing looks nicer that crisp clean edges along all f your sidewalks, paths, and of course don't forget your driveway. Grass that is overgrowing the edges of paths etc. make your home look unkempt, no matter what the rest of the yard looks like.

#3 – Front Light Fixture

Add a Touch of Class with a Fancy Light Fixture

Curb appeal ideas - Front light fixture

Your front door is the gateway to your home, if all you have to light the way is a boring commercial style light fixture, buyers are not likely to be impressed. This is one of the least expensive curb appeal ideas.

Check out the wide range of front light fixtures available online and in your local hardware stores. Shed a little extra light on the front door, you might be surprised at the results.

#4 – New Mailbox

Update that Old Beat-up Mailbox with Something Newer and Nicer

Curb appeal ideas - New Mailbox

While that beat up old standard mailbox might still be perfectly good and still keeps you mail dry, it sure doesn't look good from the street. It is also one of the first things potential buyers are likely to see when they pull up.

Now is the perfect time to replace it with a brand new one, leaving the old one in place could lead people to think the rest of your home matches the condition of the mailbox.

#5 – New Mulch

Give Your Gardens a Fresh New Look

Curb Appeal Ideas - New Mulch

Mulch tends to stop looking good after only a few months out in the weather. As potential buyers walk up to your door, you can bet they will be checking out the gardens. A few bags of mulch don't cost much and can be laid down in a couple of hours or so.

This is a wonderful way to make your flower gardens look spectacular and show buyers how much you care about your home and gardens.

#6 – Shutters

Shutters Make a Nice Change from Curtains

They can be used to block out the light and let in plenty of fresh air. Even more importantly, you can paint them to complement the color scheme of each room you put them in.

No one ever said windows must have curtains or that shutters belong on the outside. Interior shutters have become a very popular trend.

They can be used to block out the light and let in plenty of fresh air. Even more importantly, you can paint them to complement the color scheme of each room you put them in.

#7 – Clean Exterior Walls, Fences and Pavers

Get Rid of the Grime and Add Beauty and Value

Curb Appeal Ideas - Clean your home with a pressure washer

Over time you have probably become used to how dingy your exterior walls, fences, driveway etc. have become.

Whether you are talking about the walls of your home or those surrounding your gardens, washing them down with a power washer or even scrubbing them by hand can have a dramatic effect on the way your home looks from the street and on how fast it is likely to sell.

#8 – Replace a Few of Those Tile/Shingles on the Roof

You Don't Have to Replace the Entire Roof for Instant Curb Appeal

Curb appeal ideas - Changing Shingles

Remember that wind storm that came through your area last winter and left you with a few missing or damaged tiles or shingles?

This is the last thing a potential buyer wants to see. Replacing them is something you can do if you are familiar with working on the roof, otherwise, your best bet is to call in a professional roofer who can get the job done in a few hours.

#9 – Highlight the Path to Your Door

Add a border of shurbs or a few lights to draw visitors down the garden path

curb appeal ideas - garden path

Have you ever noticed how many creatures are attracted to lights? You can achieve a similar effect by adding a few electric or solar-powered lights along the sides of the path to your front door

Not only do they look quite chic, but they will make it much easier for buyers who come to see your home after the sun sets. This is something you can do for yourself in just a few hours, less if you install solar-powered lights.

#10 – Make Front Door Stand Out (Say Open Me)

Give Your Front Door an Upgrade

Curb appeal ideas - front door upgrade

Your front door is the gateway to your home and how it looks from the street is likely to have a huge impact. Upgrading your front door or at least refinishing it, is one of the more popular curb appeal ideas that has definitely been proven to work.

While a new door might be needed if your old is in rough condition, more often than not simply cleaning it and repainting it will have the desired effect. Just be sure to pick a color that complements but stands out from the exterior wall color.

#11 – Prune and Prune Some More

Tame those Wild Hedges and Climbing Plants

Curb appeal ideas - trimming and pruning

The walls of your home are no place for birds and other animals to nest and there is no reason why your climbing ivy or hedges should look like they are totally out of control.

Be sure to trim anything back that might obstruct windows, doors, or porches. If you have hedges around your yard or garden, be sure to trim them back and make sure the tops look nice and level for instant curb appeal.

#12 – Add a Door Knocker

Knock, Knock… It's A Potential Buyer

curb appeal ideas - Door knocker

Now that you have spruced up your front door or at have replaced it with a shiny new one, there is one more finishing touch missing.

Adding a nice door knocker is a great way to add a touch of class to your home's entryway. Sure, people are still going to use the doorbell, but at the same time, you can bet they will be staring at the doorknocker and wondering if it really works. What a neat way to welcome a potential buyer to your home.

#13 – Install Window Boxes

What a Gorgeous Way to Brighten Up the Exterior of Your Home

Curb appeal ideas - flower window boxes

Window planters offer you a very affordable way to add a dash of color to your home. They are easy to install and even easier to fill with soil and plant.

Depending on the variety of flowers you choose to plant, you could have blooms in less than a month and plants that will continue to flower all summer long.

#14 – Add Arbors or Fence Panels

Nothing Like Adding a Touch of Privacy to Your Home

curb appeal ideas - arbors or fence panels

Whether it's neighbors with a messy yard, businesses that can be seen from your yard, or you simply want to add a touch of privacy to your home a few inexpensive fence panels or an arbor is a great solution.

Fence panels come preassembled today so that all you have to do is install fence post in the right places and attach the panels.

#15 – Stonewall Border Edges

Your Home is Your Castle and it Needs Walls

curb appeal ideas - border edges

A good way to make your gardens look even better than they already do is to install stonewall border edges around them.

You can use real stone and set each piece yourself or you can buy faux stone wall sections that can be used to surround your gardens in a truly traditional manner.

#16 – Outdoor Art

What a Great Way to Add a Little Fun and Whimsy

curb appeal ideas - outdoor art

You have worked so hard creating a world of your own in your backyard and gardens, why not add a little life to it.

There are so many different forms of outdoor art available it will leave your head spinning. The good news is that whether you buy rock animals, resin birds, or ceramic beasts, your yard is only going to gain when it comes to curb appeal.

#17 – Upgrade Railings

Give them Something New to Hang onto

Everyone needs a hand (rail) to hold on to, especially when going up and down the steps to what you hope is to become their new home.

If your railings are like most, they are probably showing their age by now. Rather than painting them and trying to make them look good, why not update them with something a little fancier or more up to date.

#18 – Create a New Planting Bed

A Little Dirt, a Frame, a Few Plants and Violà!


See that expanse of boring lawn in front of your home? So do any potential buyers. This is another of the many inexpensive curb appeal ideas that you can throw together in an afternoon.

While it might not take much time to complete and plant, a planting bed like this one can add a tremendous amount of appeal and value to your home. Just be sure to add plenty of that new mulch to make your planting bed look its best.

#19 – Potted Plants

Potted Plants are not Only for Inside Your Home


Most people tend to think of potted plants as something that belongs inside the home. While this is true and you can definitely spruce up the inside of your home with a few plants, this is not the only place for them.

There are many different plants that can be successfully grown outdoors. Put one on each side of the front door, several out on the deck or patio, and even scatter a few in strategic places around your yard for maximum effect.

#20 – Install House Numbers

Think Bigger than Just Your Mailbox


In this day and age, most of us have our house number on our mailboxes so the post office knows where to put our bills.

The problem is that many areas group their mailboxes together, making it hard to find an address if there are no numbers on the houses. The best way to cure this problem is to put your house number on the front of your house using numbers that are large enough to be easily seen from the street.

#21 – Garden Lawn Patio Landscape Pathway Decor

Add a Touch of Flair to Your Garden Paths

Curb appeal ideas - pathway lighting

If you have taken the time to create one or more paths running through your lawn and around your gardens, why not add a few lights along them.

Adding lights is also a great way to add nighttime curb appeal to your home for those who like to go shopping for their next home in the evening or simply want to see what their next potential home looks like at night.

Pulling Up to the Curb (In Summary)

If you truly want to make the most of the curb appeal ideas, you need to take an objective look at your house as you pull up to it. Try to look at it as if you were interested in buying it for the first time.

Note anything that looks old, tired, worn out, out of place, or just not as nice as it should. These are the things you should be doing something about them. Only you can do what it takes to get the most out of your home, take the time to make it look its best.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression!

Thanks for reading, if you have any comments please use the contact form

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