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Irri-Tape Bird Repellent Ribbon

Irri-Tape Bird Repellent Ribbon

Cost ★☆☆☆☆ (See cost here)

Aesthetic 3/10

Source Local hardware store / Internet

The Bird-X Irri-Tape is easy to use and quite durable. It is a great, cheap solution to rummaging, dirty pesky birds.

How does Irri-Tape work?

Irri-Tape is placed over an area by either hanging it up or sticking it on a surface. The Irri-Tape itself isn’t adhesive so you must stick it up with duct/sticky/masking tape.

Irri-Tape is best when placed in a sunny area. In the light the reflective image on the tape is like broken pieces of mirror, they flash all types of colour and sparkle everywhere. The erratic flashing movement irritates the birds and keeps them away.

Irri-Tape also creates a sound. If the birds are close enough they will also hear the tape in the wind, which sounds like rain on a tin roof to us, but irritates birds and keeps them away.

The Irri-tape bird repellent ribbon will

  • Stop birds hitting windows if you have big windows.
  • Keeps birds off decks, pergolas, and balconies.
  • Deter birds from loitering in a particular area

The Irri-tape bird repellent ribbon works best against

  • Pigeons
  • Woodpeckers
  • Birds in migration
  • Birds who haven’t nested and aren’t already regularly feeding in an area

(The Irri-Tape also works for. vultures, sparrows, and robins)

Conditions the Irri-tape bird repellent ribbon works best in:

  • Sunny
  • Breezy (Slight continual breeze)


  • Tape is only 7.6metres (25 feet long), you will need most likely need a few to cover any reasonable area.
  • In harsh winds the tape can break, 1 metre (3 foot) long pieces are recommended.
  • Will last about a year on average, before breaking and losing its reflective shine.

Laguna Blue Heron Review

My Blue Heron Review

Laguna Blue Heron


Cost ★★★★★ (See Cost Here)

Aesthetic 8/10

Source Local Hardware Store/Online

PEOPLE WITH THEIR OWN features and ponds love their gardens and like to keep them well maintained and manicured. Many people want to preserve the beauty of their water fountains and gardens for longer use. However, most of them have issues and problems regarding unwanted pests like wild birds that destroy and ruin the beauty of their water gardens.

If you are looking for a bird decoration that prevents any wild bird from roaming around your property, the Laguna Blue Heron is the decoration and alternative solution to your problems. The attributes of this essential product are actually amazing and extremely reliable.  The Laguna Blue Heron Review will help you understand all the benefits and pros of this useful decorative system that can give an amazing aura to your water gardens.

Laguna Blue Heron Product Description

The featured advantages of the Laguna Blue Heron are really a significant help for those individuals who have water gardens. Thus, it is also a big help in preventing wild birds from staying in your water gardens. The magnificent color of the Laguna Blue Heron is characteristically useful. The Laguna Blue Heron looks like a real heron that can tame other birds and make them back off whenever they try to go near the water garden. The durability of the Laguna Blue Heron is vital for security purposes. Thus, this decorative heron helps shoo off other unwanted birds that draw near your pond or water garden. The Laguna Blue Heron complements the natural nature of any water gardens and ponds.

•It has a realistic look that can tame and draw off other unwanted birds.

•It resists any drastic weather conditions and does not easily wear off.

•It scares intruders away like wild birds and can be used as decorations.

•The height of the Laguna Blue Heron is 21 inches.

Pros Of The Laguna Blue Heron

The Laguna Blue Heron complements most water gardens and ponds. The realistic image of this decorative product is very essential in preventing wild birds from staying in your ponds and water gardens. It looks like a real Laguna Blue Heron bird. The quality of colors is extremely fantastic that can make it more realistic in the eyes of any birds as well as humans. The ability of Laguna Blue Heron in shooing wild animals away is exceptionally reliable and incredible. Frogs and unwanted pests are kept away by this Laguna Blue Heron. The Laguna Blue Heron not only helps keep unwanted animals away, but it can also be an amazing decoration for your pond and water gardens.

Cons Of The Laguna Blue Heron

The Laguna Blue Heron is not an effective scarer of animals that are nesting or feeding and have been around for a while. In this case the pest birds will challenge the imitation Blue Heron. So like many other bird scarers, it needs to be moved around to keep birds guessing. Also, when not properly maintained, the realistic color of it fades away.


The Laguna Blue Heron is one of the best decorations and scarers for all wild and unwanted animals in ponds or water gardens such as frogs and any other unwanted pests in your property. The Laguna Blue Heron is affordable and portable as it can be placed anywhere you want. The pole is a little lightweight and can break, but if you are careful with it, it will keep unwanted wild birds away for years to come.

The Laguna Blue Heron is available online here

Plastic Owl with Moving Head

My Plastic Owl Review

Plastic Owl with Moving Head

Cost ★★★☆☆ (See cost here)

Aesthetic 9/10 (It doesn’t draw attention, like other methods)

Source The local hardware store, you can buy them off of the internet also.

The Theory

Owls are the natural predators of most birds, so the birds won’t go near an owl. Having an owl around the area you want to protect will keep the birds away, and the birds don’t know that your owl is really plastic.

How to use

Quite simple, place the owl in the area you want to keep free of birds. I had an old fencing post near my lawn so I screwed the owl to it which was a little mucking around, but still relatively easy. Maintenance wise, you could move it around to keep the birds guessing. The owl I bought had a ‘wind powered spinning head’. So in the breeze the head spins around which is a little creepy for birds. The moving parts are to help make the owl seem more authentic, and keep the birds guessing. Not all plastic owls have moving parts.


I had high hopes for the owl. It looked quite good, (but compared to CD’s tied together with some string anything looks good) and it cost more than most of the bird scaring techniques. Two days in and I hadn’t seen any birds on the seed. Although I got the feeling they were testing the waters though, I saw one sly bird perched on the fence a few meters away from the owl, but the way the bird was sitting, he may not have seen the owl (as the gate post is a little lower than the fence height).
Four days in my wife and I came home from grocery shopping and there was four pigeons feasting on my lawn seed, right under the nose of the owl! About 4 -5 metres away, even while his head shook from side to side.Seven days in and the birds are getting closer, one bold pigeon was sighted right underneath the owl, I mean less than one metre away from it.

I do consider the owl in its current position relatively useless now, it may displace future birds that are looking for a place to eat but if they see another bird eating seed right underneath its feet, the jig is up and the seed will be gone in a few days. This caused me to move the owl.

The owl in the new place did keep the birds away for a day or two as far as I could see. There was still half the seed left that I had used. My second location was to put the owl on top of the air conditioner, which is under the eve of the roof. And when I took the owl down he had bird poo on him. :/

Plastic Owl with Wind Activated Head


The plastic owl does seem to have an initial impact on birds. Although as time passes and the owl doesn’t move, the birds seem to figure out that it won’t move and take their chances. Even a spinning head wasn’t enough movement to scare the birds.

During the test I noticed that the head of the owl wasn’t moving much. It does move in the wind but now having a way to gauge the wind I have notice there isn’t much around at the moment. This is something that I never really thought of before I bought the owl, and may be lessening its effects. It does seem far-fetched though.

I’m also not sure there is always a place to put a plastic owl either. Where you would put this if you had a space of lawn to protect? And if you had a large space it wouldn’t take long for the birds to start creeping in on the owl from a distance.

owl_bird_scarer3Plastic owl in Action

This is a good bird scarer if you were scaring the birds for a short period of time (hours) and the owl didn’t stay in the same place. For example scaring birds off an outside setting at night.

It didn’t seem to have an impact when I moved the owl, the birds didn’t see me and think, the owl is not moving on his own, he must be fake. Even though I moved the owl in the middle of the day with birds most likely watching me, they didn’t come and get the seed much faster afterwards.

What Are The Best Seagull Deterrents

What Are The Best Seagull Deterrents


Seagulls have become very brazen and savage and are increasingly stalking and stealing people’s food. This has been causing alarm for some beachgoers because they fear the’ fly by food heists’ that occur quite frequently. Seagulls know where to find a free lunch and it’s never far away.

Seagulls know where the tourists flock to and the tourists feed them not knowing they are creating monsters. Tourists come from many urban areas and are fascinated with wildlife and feed the seagulls for fun. Many public areas with a beach and park systems have posted signs warning the tourists of the consequences of feeding the seagulls. The tourists don’t read the signs and feed the seagulls, not knowing they are creating a mass problem that could cause danger to the tourists.

Seagulls are considered wildlife and are protected and they do not need a diet in unnecessary fat from the food the tourists eat. Seagulls were created to eat a diet of fish and insects. The mayfly is one of the seagull’s favorite insect that is important for the seagull’s diet to stay healthy. Tourists are harming the birds and themselves by becoming prey for these birds.

The best seagull deterrents are not to carry any type of food with you onto a beach. If you’re going to be picnicking, go to the picnic area where the seagulls won’t attack. Seagulls don’t fly far from water. If you live in an area near water where there are seagulls, put your garbage in a dumpster. Seagulls will smell the food in garbage and attack if the food is not in a secured garbage container. The next deterrent is look for any kind of signs that is posted. Read all the rules if you are in an area where seagulls are present. Following the rules and not feeding the seagulls will not only cause you harm but cause the seagull harm as well.

Manly Beach in Florida has the most vicious seagulls in the nation. The Manly Council said the public has been discouraged from feeding the seagulls for years. Many residents are fearful of the brazen attacks by seagulls and don’t bring food to the beach. Manly encourage public education of seagulls so the residents and tourists are aware of the seagull dilemma. Public Education is a very informative deterrent concerning seagulls and decided not to put up additional signs.

Remember these three deterrents when to going to an open public park system or beach area where seagulls reside. Seagulls are considered wildlife and need a good diet to be healthy in body and mind. They should live in their natural habitat and as tempting and fun as it is to feed a seagull, look for the rules that say anything about feeding the birds. In addition, public education is always informative and research is good when you decide on a vacation spot. Common sense is almost the best deterrent sometimes when seeing seagulls around water.

What Makes A Good Fake Owl?

What Makes A Good Fake Owl

Can-You-Spot-The-Fake-owl_bird_scarerCan you spot this fake owl? We have found that a bigger and brasher is better when it comes to fake owls.

When people think about bird scarers and bird deterrents, they now think of a plastic owl. They are everywhere these days, and are the most popular form of bird scarer commercially available. This got us thinking, why are they so popular

  1. Is it because they are easy to set up?
  2. Is it because purchasers believe they will do the job?
  3. Is it because they are cheap?

Were not sure, but we can help you determine what makes a better owl than a fake one. We came up with this checklist to help you when your looking for a good, effective fake owl.

  • Big, realistic eyes. Eyes really scare pest birds. You see fake eyes on a lot of different bird scarers, (bird balloons are a good example). If your bird scarer has big and reflective eyes that’s a good start.
  • Moving parts. Moving parts are a way to keep the birds guessing about your fake owl. If your fake owl has a bobbling or moving head that can help extend the usefulness of your fake owl.
  • Size. The bigger the better when it comes to fake predators. It makes it easy to see the birds see first of all. Secondly the larger the bird scarer the more it scares them. Kinda like how Arnold Schwarzenegger is scarier than Mini-me.
  • Ease to set up. Yes it is important to have a fake owl that is easy to set up, because that owl can easily be moved! A lot of fake owls are hollow plastic and are designed to be screwed or tied down to something. This takes time and makes it tougher for you to move. So if you can find one, or edit one that you can half fill with water, to give it some weight so it will sit on something on its own. Or put some kind of weight on the bottom of it, you moving the owl around will make it much more effective.
  • A good deal. Another aspect of scaring birds that we recommend is using more than one bird scaring technique. So simply put, a better deal is so you can use two more techniques at the same time.

For more tips search around our website, and for more information specifically on fakes owls click here.

Thanks for reading, if you have any comments or criticisms, please use the contact page!