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What Size Shed Do I Need?

What Size is the Right Size?

What size shed do i needTry the shed size app

THE PROCESS OF buying a shed is not like Sunday football. You don't want to do it twice or three times in a row.

And because buying a shed is a ONCE IN A DECADE ASSIGNMENT, it’s important to get it right. It's got to fit all your equipment, and fit into your yard.

When we are looking for sheds we make sure we get all THE BEST CURRENT INFORMATION. It helps us make the best decision.

To help we have done the same here. So you can make your first choice, the best choice, and answer this age old question of “What size shed do I need?”



Shed SizeBest MaterialsWhat will fit in it?Can I stand in it?Can I work in it?What size yard does it need?
12x20Metal, WoodSUVYesYes X-Large
12x12Metal, WoodMotorbikeYesYes Large
10x12Metal, Wood, PlasticATVYesYes Large
10x10Metal Wood PlasticRiding mowerYesYesLarge
8x12Metal, Wood, Plastic, FabricRiding mowerYesYesMedium
8x10Metal, Wood, Plastic, FabricRiding mowerYesYesMedium
8x8Metal, Wood, Plastic, FabricRiding mowerYesNoMedium
Horizontal Plastic, WoodBikeNoNoSmall
VerticalPlastic, WoodPush mowerNoNoSmall

Sheds by Size

Tips for finding the right size shed

If your thinking about what size shed you need then here are a few pointers…


Building a shed yourself is a great way to get the size you want. Get the plan for this very shed here.

1/ Get one larger than you think you need

There is no end to the stuff that you accumulate, but there is a limit on your shed.

2/ Make sure the door opening is big enough

It's good to make sure that the doors open so you can get your rideon mower and other stuff in there!

3/ Think about the small stuff

Shelving can save you a lot of space. Hooks are a great idea for long handled tools but shelving is important for smaller items. So when you buy a shed, give yourself enough room for one end to be shelving.

4/ Watch your head

Sheds are typically measured on their footprint (i.e. 10x10ft.) But height is important in a shed. If it is high enough you can get some attic storage happening.

5/ Measure your equipment/tools/stuff first

If your really keen, get everything you want to put in your shed out in the yard and measure around it. You'll can be surprised how much stuff you have that the wife wants out of the house!

Choose One and Start!

If you are still not sure, there is an easy to use app available online to help you decide which shed size you need, check it out here.


Thanks for reading, we hope we have answered your question “What Size Shed Do I Need?”

If you'd like to add anything please use the contact page to talk to us!

Sheds by Purpose

Need a shed for storing something in particular?


Got a new toy? Or you can’t fit your car in the garage anymore and need to clear up some space? Or maybe the wife’s shoe and clothes collection has earned its own building.

In either case, buying a shed is EXPENSIVE IN BOTH TIME AND MONEY. So getting the one you want first time is important.

There are many different brands and models of sheds available these days. There are even many different shed plans for those DIYers.

To help make your decision easier we have organized SHEDS BY THEIR BEST PURPOSE.

So you can find the best way to store your stuff, quickly and easily.

(We also found this cool shed size app that shows you what can fit in what size shed. Check it out here.)


Sheds by Purpose

What Does It COST To Build A Shed?

Need a new shed, on a budget?

What Does It Cost To Build A Shed?

We could dream all day about if only money was unlimited…

But it’s important to stay within the lines, because there’s only so much hard earned cash to go around.

And just because you’re on a budget doesn't mean you can’t GET THE SHED YOU WANT.

To help get the best shed for your buck we've organized these sheds by their price. We've tried to make it easy to see what's good value, and what isn't.


On the table…

We had a look on (their prices are usually pretty good), and found what size shed you could get for how much. These sheds aren't the best quality sheds, and foundations aren't included, but we think IT’S A GOOD INSIGHT into the cost to build a shed.

$2506x65x4V or H Shed**Framing kit***
$50010x1010x8V or H Shed**V or H Shed**

*All prices are without foundations which we do recommend that you put in.

** V or H shed is a Vertical or Horizontal Shed (like a cupboard or deck box).

***Framing kit is a box of plastic brackets that help to build a wooden frame. 

Sheds by Price

How do you get a quality shed for a great price?

You've heard it all before, you get what you pay for. But its good to know what your paying for to make sure you're getting a good deal. So here is what to look for in a shed

1. The thicker the material, the better

Not only does it make the shed sturdier but its an indication of quality.

2. Resistance

Sheds are susceptable to rot, rust, fading, pests and corrosion. But these days sheds manufacturers are quick to address their deficiencies.

3. Reviews

Read homeowner reviews and do your research. It's easier at Amazon, or Home Depot to see all the information, and read reviews from previous purchasers.

6 Typical Extra Charges

Companies do have some sneaky extra charges that can add to the cost to build a shed. Its good to be aware of them before you start.

1. Delivery

Typically delivery is free, but some sneaky manufacturers will try to make their money in the delivery. You do want to get a shed delivered to your property because they can be quite heavy and cumbersome to move yourself.

2. Accessories

You may need to put in a window or something else in your shed so it will do the job you want. Accessories such as shutters, vents and flower boxes tend to be overpriced, so make sure you add it in before you purchase.

3. Foundation

Foundations typically aren't provided, so they are an added expense. Putting a good foundation down can be quite expensive so it is worth nothing the price before you purchase the shed. We have some information on choosing your foundation if you are unsure of what your options are. Find it here.

4. Paint & Drip edge(Flashing)

This is another added extra that can cost you some coin.

5. Shingles

This is only with wood sheds. Sometimes manufacturers will tell you how many bundles of shingles you need to finish the shed.

6. Storage options

On some sheds, you are restricted to special storage options, only offered by the manufacturer (especially plastic sheds). These shelves, hooks and racks can be quite expensive.

 This is a good amateur account of a cheap shed build

Select One to Get Started

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Thanks for reading.

If you have any more tips for building your shed and tips to control the cost to build a shed, then please let us know.

For more information on what's involved in building a shed. Click here.

What Type of Shed is Best?

Plastic, Metal, Wood or Fabric?

what type of shed is best

Trying to get to the bottom of buying a shed?

Building a shed is a big deal,  and its something you don't want to have to do twice. So picking the right one is important.

There are a few main categories of sheds, and they're a little different from each other. So to make it easier we have taken the best bits, so you can easily see the pros and cons.


Type of ShedLookPriceDurabilityPreferred foundationEase of buildGood to work inQuickest to build
Plastic★★★★$$$★★★Concrete slab/Timber frame★★★★★★★★★★
Metal★★$$★★★★★Concrete slab/Plywood★★★★★★★★★
Wood★★★★★$$$$★★★★★Concrete slab/Timber frame★★★★★★★
(Wood Kit)★★★★★$$$$$★★★★★Concrete slab/Timber frame★★★★★★★★★★
Fabric (Canvas)★★$★★Flat ground★★★★★★★★★★

Plastic/Resin Sheds

Plastic/Resin ShedThe first few times you hear plastic shed, it’s the plastic that sticks in your mind. Then the questions come… Can you even make a shed out of plastic? Will plastic withstand harsh conditions? Won't it look like a Tupperware container or doll house?

The truth is plastic is a great material to make a shed. With plastic, you can have an economical design that you might find in a big city with a wood style finish that might be found at a country house.

Plastic sheds look neat, can be assembled by almost anyone and have little maintenance issues if installed correctly. They also add value to your home by storing your items, but also looking great in your yard.

The mold injection process allows manufacturers to make every part of the shed as they want, and build it thoughtfully. This thoughtful design can provide you with natural light through windows, a dirt resistant easy to clean floor, or a slight ramp for easy access with the mower.

Plastic sheds also come in a wide variety of sizes, from a small utility cupboard for storing smaller items outside, to 15 x 8 ft. sheds, and everything in between. In this way plastic sheds can be good to store more specific items like a ride on mower, or long handled garden tools.

Plastic sheds are good value sheds that are easy to install and maintain. They are a great solution for yards and households.

Metal sheds

Metal sheds have been popular for years and stand in millions of backyards worldwide. They do everything required for a typical household and have been doing it for many years.

Although they are considered the poorer cousin to the wooden shed, metal does have its advantages. The two key ones are that they are affordable, and durable.

Metal sheds do the job all year round, and if installed correctly can stand up to some pretty harsh weather conditions. Using metal also means that the shed wont need painting or sanding or any maintenance really.

This is why metal is also popular with professional shed, factory and warehouse building firms. With metal, they can easily put up a strong shed that will last.

As far as assembly goes metal sheds are popular with DIYer's because they are easy to put together. They come in kits that are pre-drilled and pre-cut so you don't need many tools to build them (although an electric drill is usually preferred.)

As far as looks goes, the metal shed can be the ugly duckling of the shed family. However, nowadays there are powder coated, or vinyl coated versions that look quite clean and neat when installed properly.

If you want your shed to be cost effective, and durable, then take a look at metal sheds in more detail.

Wood Sheds

wood shedWood is the traditional material to build sheds from. It is strong and can be easily machined, sawn or drilled into different sizes and shapes. Letting you build the shed you want. You can even paint it to suit your house.

Out of the different materials for making sheds, wood sheds are typically the best looking. They are also the easiest to work on, and are the sturdiest and strongest sheds, which is helpful depending on the type of weather that you get.

Wood sheds are best if you want to build a shed/workshop. The wood acts as an insulator that helps regulate temperature, which the other materials don’t do.

More recently wood shed kits have become popular with DIYer’s. They can save time, and with a kit you don’t need a lot of tools on hand to put up a wooden shed.

The drawback is that they can take the most time to construct, especially from plans. But if you do build it yourself, you can save yourself money and have a strong shed that will last you for many years.

Wood sheds do require some maintenance such as painting and checking for rot. Although, these can be combated with purchasing the right wood for the job, and treating it correctly.

Wood sheds are more traditional, easy to customize and great to work in.

Fabric Sheds

Peak Style ShedYes it may look like a tent, but it’s actually a fabric shed. An inexpensive, easy and convenient storage solution, which will protect your items in good or bad weather.

Fabric sheds are surprisingly good at keeping the harsh weather out. Whether it be frost, snow or the scorching heat of the sun.

Although most don’t come with a floor (added extra), they cover all 4 sides and the roof which does keep the majority of weather out. For this reason they are great for storing outdoor items. Stuff like firewood, your riding mower, outdoor furniture, your motorbike and ATV.

Fabric sheds are also popular with market and fete stall owners because of their convenience and mobility. They go up quick and easy, and a folded up fabric shed will fit into the trunk of your car.

But one of the biggest advantages is also a disadvantage. The fabric lining makes the shed easy to put up but it also moves a lot in the wind. This excess movement will eventually cause tears and rips in the shed lining.

Some reviewers think they can get 5 years out of their shed, before having to replace the cover. But the life of a fabric shed is dependent very much on the quality of the cover, the strength of the frame, how well the cover is attached to the frame, and what type of weather it is exposed to.

If your still thinking what type of shed is best for my money, then fabric sheds are the cheapest option per square foot, no question. They are also easy to set up and very convenient. They are best for storing outdoor equipment.