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The 7 Best Shed Alarm Systems for Under $100

Do You Need A Shed Alarm? & The

7 Best Shed Alarm Systems Under $100


There are 3 decisions to make about shed alarms and keeping intruders out of your shed

THERE IS ONLY so much you can do to secure your shed and make it virtually impossible for someone to break into and steal your gear.

After installing new locks, securing the windows, and creating a virtual fortress, the only thing left is to install a shed alarm system that lets you know when someone is trying to break in.

There are typically 3 decisions you need to make before you can get a shed security system...

Here we take a look at what you should be searching for in an alarm system and then at seven of the most popular alarm systems on the market.

Decision 1 - The 3 Types of Security System Monitoring

There are a number of different factors you need to consider when it comes time for you to purchase a shed alarm as the final piece in your shed security plan.

With so many different types of alarm systems on the market, making the right choice can easily become overwhelming.

Here we are going to go over some of the most important issues you need to consider before shelling out your hard earned cash for a shed alarm.

#1 - Monitored Home Security

One of the fastest growing forms of home security in the U.S. is monitored security. With this type of security, you sign a contract with a company like ADT who then come to your home and install a complete home security system.

The company then comes to your home and installs a wide range of security equipment including sensors, sometimes cameras, and keypads.

While most don’t charge you for the system, they do obligate you a contract that provides you with 24/7 monitoring for a fee. Although the monthly rates vary from company to company, most are under $50 for basic monitoring services.

(We monitored home security here becuase you can put one of these house monitors in your shed, and use it through the keypad in your home.)

#2 - Wireless Monitoring

With this type of shed security, you can either install a system yourself or have one professionally installed.

Any time one or more of the sensors is tripped by a burglar, you are immediately notified via your cell phone. Some systems will also notify your local police department so they can send someone to investigate.

Many do-it-yourself versions of this type of alarm can be found for under $100, however, if you want more than the most basic of features, you may have to pay more.

#3 - Siren Notification

Shed alarms with siren notification are pretty much exactly what they sound like. You install door and window switches, and motion sensors in your shed.

Some have a key fob to enable/disable them others use a keypad. Any time someone enters your shed when they are not supposed to be there sets off the alarm which then sounds an incredibly loud siren.

These are only effective when someone is home and may annoy your neighbors if for some reason they keep going off.

How to Know which Monitoring Method is Best for your Shed/House

As we stated above you have a range of options when choosing your shed alarm regarding how it is monitored. If you go with a professionally installed and monitored system, your shed and in most cases your entire house will be covered by a range of sensors and cameras.

The monitoring is done by a team of trained security specialists whose job it is to monitor hundreds of homes at the same time. Should the alarm in your home or shed go off, they will notify the police and contact you.

This type of monitored security has a number of advantages, not the least of which is virtually instantaneous notification of both you and the police that someone is breaking into your shed.

This means the police will be on their way as quickly as possible. Monitoring companies also provide signage that lets everyone know that your house is monitored, this frequently deters thieves who would rather go somewhere that isn’t protected.

With a cell phone monitored system, you will receive a notification on your phone that the alarm has been triggered. This gives you the opportunity to contact the local police or determine that the alarm has gone off in error.

While it may take a little longer to notify the police, these systems can reduce the number of false callouts, which should make your local police happier.

They are also a one-time expenditure with no monthly fees other than your cell phone service. Unless you plan to install a complete home alarm system, this type of alarm might be the best choice for you

Decision 2 - What Type of Monitoring and Detection Will Suit You Best?

Next on the list of things to consider as you shop for your shed alarm is what type of monitoring and detection you plan to use. There are several options including different types of switches, sensors, and cameras to choose from.

While each of them is capable of doing the job of protecting your shed to a certain degree, your best bet may be to use a combination of them for maximum security.


These simple magnetic devices can be attached to doors and windows. They come in two parts, on one side is the switch itself, on the other a simple magnet.

When the door or window is closed the switch is held in an open or closed position. Once the door/window is opened, the contacts in the switch open or close and the alarm is triggered.

You should plan to have at least one switch on every window and door in your shed. Most modern systems use wireless switches for ease of installation.


This section is subdivided into motion and infrared or thermal sensors. Here again, you should plan to have at least one of each in your shed alarm system.

Depending on where you can locate these sensors, between the two of them your entire shed can be covered. This way if anyone manages to sneak into your shed, one or the other of these sensors will pick them up and sound the alarm.


Here again, you have a choice between normal imaging cameras, infrared cameras, or those that can do both.

Adding one or more security cameras can help you keep a close eye on your shed and record anyone who goes near or in it, depending on where you place the cameras.

However, adding one or more cameras can add to the cost of your shed alarm system. Only you can decide whether or not the added expense is worth it.

Bear in mind you can use any recorded footage to help identify and prosecute the thief is they are caught.

Few Important Points About Choosing Your Shed Alarm

Before you get too carried away looking the many different types of monitored and do-it-yourself shed alarms, you need to consider whether you are a renter or a homeowner.

If you are a renter, you should be looking for an alarm system you can install yourself and remove if and when the time comes to move.

There are a few companies that offer monitored alarms for renters, but you should check with your landlord before installing any type of alarm system.

When you own your home, you have the advantage of being able to install virtually any type of alarm system you desire.

Decision 3 - The Shed Alarm Itself...

7 Shed Alarms for Under $100

GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System 

Fast, Easy to Install Basic Alarm Kit


This starter kit contains just about everything you need to put an alarm system in your shed or garage. In the kit is a multifunctional control center and a single wireless sensor that can be attached to the door or a window.

You can add up to 16 sensors to the system, allowing you to add motion sensors, door/window sensors, and water leak sensors.

It features a wireless keypad, a key fob remote, and a panic button. The Choice Alert is designed for easy do-it-yourself installation so that virtually anyone can install it.



Easy to Install: since there is no wiring required, you attach the sensor and turn on the control panel.

Limited range: Depending on what your shed is built out of, it may have a very limited range.

Expandable: There are 16 channels you can use to connect a range of sensors.

Kit only includes one door/window sensor: While it can handle up to 16 sensors, you only get one, if you want more you have to buy them separately.

No wiring required: Many older systems required you to run wires between the sensors and base station/control panel.

Can be tricky to program initially: The programming instructions are hard to follow unless you are technically savvy.

WER® Wireless Security Surveillance Alarm 

Very Basic Alarm that Performs Flawlessly


WER® Wireless Security Senor Security Alarm

This is a motion sensor style alarm that is ideal for use to protect your shed. The built-in PIR sensor will pick up any movement inside of your shed and sound an audible alarm.

The alarm is more than loud enough to be heard in your house, even with the windows closed. In the package is the base unit/motion sensor/alarm and a wall mount plate.

You also get a pair of keychain style remotes that let you turn on the alarm from the inside of your house. The only thing you need to provide is four AA batteries.



Easy Installation: Wireless design, the wall mount plate requires two screws to hang the sensor/alarm/control unit. It can be hung virtually anywhere as long as it covers the inside of your shed

Non-expandable: This is a motion sensor alarm, nothing more, you cannot add door/window sensors.

Battery power: Your shed will be protected, even when if the power goes out.

Battery power: While being able to remain protected if the power goes out is nice, if the batteries die you are not protected.

Loud: The alarm sounds a 105 dB siren that most people can hear in their house and is sure to scare burglars away

On/Off only remotes: The remotes do not notify you if the alarm has been tripped.

ERAY Outdoor Solar Power Alarm System

Solar Power with an Outdoor Strobe and Siren


Solar power charges the internal batteries of this alarm system so you never have to worry about plugging it in or running out of juice.

The single sensor is pre-linked at the factory so set up is a breeze. All you have to do is mount the outdoor unit on a spot of your shed where it will get plenty of sunshine and install the single included door sensor.

The alarm unit is expandable and can handle up to 99 sensors. Kit includes a single key fob remote that is used to turn the alarm on or off.



Extremely Easy to install: Simply mount the alarm to a convenient outside wall and the included sensor to the door and door frame.

Does not come with multiple sensors, you get a single door sensor. If you want a motion sensor or more standard sensors you have to buy them.

Long-life battery: The internal battery will last up to a month once fully charged.

It will take a full month to fully charge the battery when you first install the alarm.

Tamper proof case sounds the 120 dB alarm if anyone attempts to tamper with it.

Installation instructions: They are not easy for a novice to fully understand.

Safety Technology Door/Window Sensor

Low Cost Effective Security for your Shed


You can use this simple wireless alarm to protect your shed door or window. Everything you need except the mounting screws is included in the package.

The wireless magnetic switch can be installed on a door or a window. The alarm will sound anytime the door or window is opened.

This may be one of the simplest shed alarms on the market. It is battery powered and has a low battery indicator to ensure your alarm will always be ready when you need it.

Can be incorporated into the STI Burglar Stopper Wire-Free Home Protection System designed to protect your whole house.



Super easy installation, simply screw the door sensor in place, add batteries and you are ready to go.

Simple alarm unit chimes when the door is opened but is not very loud

Alarm unit chimes anytime the door is opened.

Has a limited range.

Can be added to the whole house system by STI

The base unit is not expandable.

Passive Workshop Infrared Sensor Alarm 

Simple Infrared Passive Motion Sensing Alarm


With this system, there are no door or window sensors to install. Instead, you mount the IR sensor on the wall at a height of 1.5 to 2.0 m from the floor, install the batteries and you are ready to go.

Any time someone enters your shed who is not supposed to be there, the alarm sounds. The alarm is exceptionally loud at 105 dB which is loud enough to be heard inside the house and will wake most people.

The alarm will sound for 30 seconds before resetting. Unit comes with a pair of remote controls and a mounting bracket.



Very Affordable IR motion sensor protection. Works as well as many more expensive units

If you let the batteries die your shed will be without security protection.

Good Range: Can detect motion in an 110-degree swath when properly mounted and reach out as far as 4 meters.

Kit does not come with mounting screws, might not seem to be a big deal until you find you don't have any screws.

Battery powered: Will keep working even when the lights go out.

The alarm could be louder as 105 dB may not scare a thief away.

L6D-NEW 360° Ceiling Motion Sensor

A New Take On Motion Sensor Alarms


This unit is designed to be mounted on the ceiling of your shed. The infra-red sensor then detects any motion in your shed and sounds the alarm.

Comes complete with a single key fob remote that features a panic button. The unit is battery powered but you can buy an optional AC adaptor.

The unit covers a 360-degree pattern to fully protect your shed or garage. While the alarm has a built in alarm, you can also purchase an outdoor siren kit for added security.



Simple Installation: It takes two screws to mount the alarm to the ceiling of your shed.

Since the entire unit is located inside your shed, you may or may not be able to hear it if you are in the house.

Loud: The built-in siren is rated at 105 dB, which is standard for most interior alarms.

You have to buy an outside siren unit for an additional fee if you want to ensure you can hear the alarm when it goes off.

Offers you very affordable protection for your shed.

Battery power is ok, but if you want to use AC power you have to buy a power supply.

UniquExceptional UMA20 Motion Alarm

Single Unit Simple to Use Shed Alarm 


This may be the simplest shed alarm yet. The entire alarm system is contained in a single unit that can be mounted on any wall in your shed.

It offers a super loud 130 dB alarm and can be turned on and off by entering a code on the keypad. You can easily program your own code for added security.

Battery powered, but again you can also buy a separate AC adaptor. You can also buy an external siren and connect it directly to the built-in port. Covers an area that is 60 degrees wide by 20 feet long.



Very affordable: As a single unit this is one of the most affordable units that works as described.

Lower cost does cut down on coverage area, which may or may not be a good thing depending on the size of your shed.

Has a port to add an external siren: This is a good thing as you may not be able to hear the siren from inside your home.

Battery power is ok, but can be a problem if the batteries die, leaving your shed unprotected.

Programmable security code: By programming your own code and changing it on a regular basis you improve the unit's effectiveness.

You have to buy the AC adaptor or live with the risk of dead batteries.

In Conclusion

These are only a sampling of the simplest DIY shed alarm systems, each is capable of offering protection from would-be thieves. 

While they all have their good and bad points, the ERAY Outdoor Solar Power Siren Alarm comes out the winner.

It offers full solar power with a battery backup and can be expanded to handle a range of different sensors to ensure your shed is fully protected at all times. 

The only thing it cannot do is be connected to a camera or call the police for you. If you want features such as these, they are going to cost you more than $100, but in reality are probably not worth the extra cost.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

If you have any other ideas, feel free to let us know. Contact us here.

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How the Secret Service Would Do Shed Door Security

How The Secret Service Would Do Shed Door Security (Opinion)


IIF YOU ARE LIKE me, you probably use your garden shed for a lot more than storing junk...

Do you keep your motorcycle in it?

How about the family bicycles, your tools?

Is your neighborhood like mine, ripe with teens who break into sheds just for fun?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you need to invest heavily in the best possible shed door security. Personally, by the time I did my homework and invested in the right forms of security, even the Secret Service would have a hard time getting into my shed.

What I Found and How I Secured My Shed Door 

First, let’s get started by saying there is more to making your shed secure than just hanging a new door and installing some kind of lock.

If you truly want your shed to be secure from your local teens and any other unsavory character, you need to make sure the entire shed is locked down when you are not in it.

Believe me, I tried adding a better padlock, but that didn’t stop some jerk from knocking the lock off and making off with my kids’ bikes.

A Thicker Door


The best place to start with your shed door security is to take a close look at the door itself. Depending on the type of shed you have, it may or may not have a door that is at least 44 mm thick.

Thicker doors are not only harder to kick in but can accept much larger and stronger door locks such as deadbolts. While you can get away with a thinner door (especially if you have a sheet metal shed), you can always refit your shed with a thicker one to ensure maximum security.

Thin Doors Can Be Used


The majority of smaller sheds are sold with a thinner door that is braced for added strength. While these doors can be modified with extra braces to improve security, they are not designed to accept a mortise style lock. Instead, most are designed to be used with a hasp and padlock.

You can still achieve better shed door security with this type of door, you are just going to have to work harder for it. For example, you should install extra bracing for the hinges and hasp. You can also move the hasp and staple to a point on the door where the bolts go through the framework rather than the body of the door.

A Word about Bolts


Image Courtesy of Amazon

If you are going to use a padlock to secure your shed door, there are a couple of things you should know about this type of security.

To start with you must use coach bolts to secure the hasp, staple and hinges securely in place, these bolts have a smooth round head that cannot be gripped by any type of tool.

The bolts are fed through the door and door frame from the outside and secured in place by nuts and lock washers. Short of cutting the bolts, no one will be able to remove them, making coach bolts the ultimate way to secure your hinges, hasp, and staple in place.


Since you are already installing a new hasp and staple along with upgraded hinges, don’t you think it would be a good idea to take a good look at the padlock you are planning to use?

The best type of padlock to use in securing your shed door is one with a closed hasp. You have probably seen a version of these in use to secure bikes in place. These locks are designed in such a way as to expose as little of the hoop as possible, making it far more difficult for someone to cut it.

Be sure your lock is weatherproof and buy a well-known brand name lock such as Master Lock or Kryptonite.


Kryptonite Locks (Image Courtesy of Amazon)

Here's a quick video explaining a few different ways to secure your shed door

Your Shed Windows


Image Courtesy of Amazon

If your shed is like mine, it probably has at least one window that doesn’t open. Don’t be fooled into thinking it is safe from burglars just because it doesn’t open. All a thief has to do is break out the glass and he is in.

The best way to secure these windows is to install a mesh grille on the outside using coach bolts. Add more security by frosting or tinting the windows and adding curtains or blinds to keep prying eyes out.

If your shed windows are the kind that open, you can still secure them by adding window locks and a mesh grille on the inside. Again, use tint, frosting, and/or curtains to enhance your shed’s overall security.

Your Shed Walls


Chances are good that no one will ever try to break into your shed by going through the walls, but at the same time, they do represent a possible way in.

Not only this, but if your shed walls, as well as door and window frames, are not sturdy, they do represent a way in.

One way to overcome this is to insulate the walls and then add a layer of ½-inch plywood to the inside of the walls. Not only will this make your shed warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, but it will make it much harder for a thief to rip out the door or a window to gain access.

There Is Always More You Can Do

No matter what you do to secure your shed and enhance your shed door security, there is always something more you can do. For example, install anchors on the floor that can be used to secure motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs, toolboxes, and anything else of value.

Be sure to mark everything with an engraver to reduce its resale value. Add exterior security lighting with motion sensors and security cameras to record everything that is going on.

The more you do now, the less the chances are someone is going to break into your shed and take everything you have worked so hard for.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

If you have any other ideas, feel free to let us know. Contact us here.

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The 14 Shed Security Measures Every Homeowner Ought to Know About

The 14 Shed Security Measures Every Homeowner Ought To Know About


There are many options for securing your shed starting at all different price points

THERE IS NOTHING worse than getting up in the morning to find some “kind” person has broken into your garden shed.

It probably wouldn’t be too bad if all you did was store a few tools and some junk out there. But, you had hundreds of dollars’ worth of tools and a couple of very expensive bikes stored out there.

Now that you have joined the ranks of several of your neighbors who have had the same experience. It’s finally time to take your shed’s security a bit more seriously.

Here we are going to take a good look at 14 different shed security options that may help prevent this from happening to you.

The Shed Security Options and How They Rank

Shed Security Comparison Table (click/tap to expose)

home burglar alarm sensor

More info about if a shed alarm system is right for you here

1. Alarm Systems

- A great way to notify you something is going on

Installing some form of alarm system in your shed is one of the best ways to keep thieves at bay.

There are a number of different types of alarm systems on the market today. Some use audible sirens or horns that go off when someone is trying to break in. Others are silent and can notify the police and you via an app on your cellphone or an in-house monitor.

There are many homeowners are now adding their shed into the same monitored alarm system they use to protect their house. If you are interested in more information about running an alarm system, you can find costs and other info below



Let's you know someone is breaking in

Audible alarms may annoy neighbors

Best deterrent to thieves

Can be very expensive

Monitored alarms can have the police on their way in munutes

may not work for all types of sheds

Shed Door Lock

Image Courtesy of Amazon

2. Upgraded locks

- New locks are relatively inexpensive security option

Adding new security locks to your shed is a great way to keep burglars at bay. That is as long as the rest of your shed is properly secured. You don’t even have to pay anyone to install them for you, which helps keep the cost down.

Be sure to buy a good quality, heavy duty security lock, preferably a deadbolt style lock. You may also want to consider adding a steel or brass reinforcing plate to the door frame for added security.



Much better than standard locks

Can still be picked or kicked in

Easy to install yourslef

Requires a strong door and frame

Relatively inexpensive

May not stop a dedicated theif


Image Courtesy of Amazon

3. Upgraded Hinges

- A great addition to installing a new door lock

If you are going to install a new security lock, you should also consider adding a pair of security hinges.

These heavy duty hinges are designed to stop someone from removing them and accessing your shed or kicking the door in.

If you are going to install new security hinges, be sure to use security screws when you do as they will ensure no one can remove them along with the door.



Relatively inexpensive

Must have a strong door

Easy to install

Must have a strong door or frame

Do it yourself installation

Truly only work with a solid door/frame.


Image Courtesy of Amazon

4. Frosting Windows

- Tinting or frosting keeps prying eyes out

You can keep prying eyes at bay by adding a tint or frosting your windows. If no one can see what you have in your shed, they may be less likely to break in and steal from you.

You can buy cans of spray-on frosting from most hardware stores or use rolls of tint or frosting to get the job done. Best of all you can do the work yourself and save money and time.



Very inexpensive

May reduce the amount of natural light

Easy to install

Tint often fades overtime

No need to hire a professional installer

You can't see out of frosted windows


Image Courtesy of Amazon

5. Sensor/Yard Lights

- A must for anyone who has a shed

Motion sensor yard lights are considered by many to be one of the best deterrents to would-be thieves. You can also use lights with sensors that turn them on at dusk and off at dawn.

Be sure your lights illuminate the area around your shed thoroughly so that there are no areas of shadow where a thief could hide. Try not to aim them in such a way as to annoy your neighbors to avoid conflicts with them.



Relatively affordable

May run your power bill up

Highly recommended by security experts

May have to have professionally installed

Adds light you can use to your backyard

Might annoy your neighbors


6. Clear the Area around Your Shed

- This is no brainer

While those bushes and shrubs might look great around your shed, you need to get rid of them or prune them back.

Bushes and shrubs make the perfect hiding place for thieves to hide while they wait for the perfect moment to break into your shed.

You don’t necessarily have to completely remove them, but you need to trim them back. Just make sure they are cut back to the point where no one can hide behind them.



No real cost unless you need to buy pruning tools

Your shed might lose some of its outer beauty

Ensures you can see what's going on

Shrubs make a good windbreak

You can definitely do this yourself

You may have to paint your shed


7. Concrete Bollards

Keep your shed where it belongs

While shed thefts typically do not involve stealing the entire shed, it can happen.

If you have a garden shed that is little more than big enough for a couple of bikes and your gear, it is not hard to believe someone could slide it on a trailer and make off with everything.

If you can’t secure this type of shed to a wall or concrete foundation, adding a number of conveniently placed concrete bollards can stop a shed thief in his tracks.



Keep your shed in place

Can be expensive

Permanent protection

Needs professional installation

Completely weatherproof

Somewhat unsightly


8. Fix Shed to Foundation

- Permanent solution to disappearing sheds

If you built your shed on a concrete foundation, why not bolt it down. This permanently installs your shed in place.

It also guarantees you should never have to worry about anyone finding a way to drive away with your shed. The best way to do this is to set the bolts into the concrete foundation when it is first poured.



Very permanent solution

Harder to do on an existing foundation

No one can see your shed is secured

May need to be done by a professional

Relatively inexpensive

Could cause problems if you want to move shed


Image Courtesy of Amazon

9. Floor Anchors

Excellent way to secure items like bikes, motorcycles, ATVs

Once you have your shed secured into place and secure locks and hinges, you can go one step further. Adding one or more floor anchors gives you a way to secure any number of valuable things to the floor of your shed.

Along with bikes and ATVS, you can also secure tool boxes, electrical equipment, and large power tools. You can use floor anchors with wood or concrete floors with almost the same amount of security.



Great way to lock valuable items in place.

Limits where you can store certain items

Can be used on any type of floors

Works best when set into concrete floors

Easy do-it-yourself installation

Can be ripped out of wooden floors


Image Courtesy of Amazon

10. Camera Fake/Real

- Both may help deter thieves

While both types of camera may help to deter thieves, if you are going with fakes, be sure to add wiring and get the ones with an active light.

If you stick a cheap fake camera in place no real thief will be fooled. Real cameras will not only deter the thief, but will also give you a recorded image that might help the police find them and charge them with the crime.



Fake cameras are very affordable

Fake cameras rarely fool anyone

Real cameras capture images for the police

Real cameras/equipment can be expensive

Both let thieves think you are watching

May require professional installation


11. Get a Dog

Nothing like adding a furry friend to the family

Your family will probably be over the moon when you bring home a four-legged furry friend. A big dog that barks every time someone enters your backyard will likely keep thieves at bay.

Of course, this means you will need to keep him or her out in the yard all the time, which is not really the best way to treat the poor creature. Breeds like German Shepherd, Doberman, Pit Bull Terrier, and Rottweiler all make good guard dogs.



If trained right, dogs make great pets

Guard dogs are not always good pets

Big, loud dogs will scare most thieves off

Your neighbors might object to the noise

Relatively inexpensive security option

Dogs make a lot of mess to clean up


12. Insurance

Won't stop thieves but will replace what he takes

If you are going to store a lot of expensive items in your shed, you should invest in an insurance policy that covers everything. Your insurance should also cover the shed itself.

Check with your agent, you may be able to add your shed and contents to your homeowner’s policy for a small increase in your premium. Be sure your policy states what is covered and what is not.



May replace what you lose

Won't stop the thief

May even replace the shed itself

May have to buy a separate policy

Gives you peace of mind

Can be a bit expensive


Image by Amazon

13. Mark Your Property

- Make it obvious your property belongs to you

While marking your property may not prevent someone from stealing from you, it makes your items much harder to sell.

If a would-be thief happens to note that your items are clearly marked, he may think twice about stealing them as he won’t be able to get much for them. This is assuming he can even find someone who will buy them.

To do this, all you will need is an engraver or dremmel machine. If you only have a few items, the key cutting and shoe repair people at your local mall will also most likely do engraving.



Easy to do

Can make it hard for you to sell items

Permanent solution

You can't remove the markings

Makes items hard to sell for the thief

Not all items can be marked


Image Courtesy of Amazon

14. Reinforce/Replace the Door

- Turn your shed into a virtual vault

The door to your shed is perhaps its biggest area of vulnerability. You can easily reinforce the door with metal bars, strips, and plates or replace it with a solid wood door. You can also install a steel door.

 All of these options will only serve to make your shed that much more secure. Bear in mind that no matter what type of door you install, you should still use upgraded locks and hinges to further reduce your vulnerability to break-ins and theft.



Simple do-it-yourself method of improving your shed's security

Can be hard to find a door if yours is non-standard

Permanent solution

Steel doors can be expensive

Makes it much harder for a thief to break in 

Not all items can be marked

More Shed Security Information

Here is a great video about security produced by a police officer:

In Summary...

No one wants to wake up to a shed that has been broken into and find all of their stuff has been stolen. Rather than choosing only one of the above security upgrades for your shed, you will find that incorporating as many of them as you can will make your shed as secure as possible.

However, if you are on a limited budget, the least you should do is upgrade the door, hinges, and locks as these simple relatively inexpensive steps will serve to keep most thieves out and your things safely locked in.

If you have any other ideas, contact us via our contact page.

Thanks for reading