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How the Secret Service Would Do Shed Door Security

How The Secret Service Would Do Shed Door Security (Opinion)


IIF YOU ARE LIKE me, you probably use your garden shed for a lot more than storing junk...

Do you keep your motorcycle in it?

How about the family bicycles, your tools?

Is your neighborhood like mine, ripe with teens who break into sheds just for fun?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you need to invest heavily in the best possible shed door security. Personally, by the time I did my homework and invested in the right forms of security, even the Secret Service would have a hard time getting into my shed.

What I Found and How I Secured My Shed Door 

First, let’s get started by saying there is more to making your shed secure than just hanging a new door and installing some kind of lock.

If you truly want your shed to be secure from your local teens and any other unsavory character, you need to make sure the entire shed is locked down when you are not in it.

Believe me, I tried adding a better padlock, but that didn’t stop some jerk from knocking the lock off and making off with my kids’ bikes.

A Thicker Door


The best place to start with your shed door security is to take a close look at the door itself. Depending on the type of shed you have, it may or may not have a door that is at least 44 mm thick.

Thicker doors are not only harder to kick in but can accept much larger and stronger door locks such as deadbolts. While you can get away with a thinner door (especially if you have a sheet metal shed), you can always refit your shed with a thicker one to ensure maximum security.

Thin Doors Can Be Used


The majority of smaller sheds are sold with a thinner door that is braced for added strength. While these doors can be modified with extra braces to improve security, they are not designed to accept a mortise style lock. Instead, most are designed to be used with a hasp and padlock.

You can still achieve better shed door security with this type of door, you are just going to have to work harder for it. For example, you should install extra bracing for the hinges and hasp. You can also move the hasp and staple to a point on the door where the bolts go through the framework rather than the body of the door.

A Word about Bolts


Image Courtesy of Amazon

If you are going to use a padlock to secure your shed door, there are a couple of things you should know about this type of security.

To start with you must use coach bolts to secure the hasp, staple and hinges securely in place, these bolts have a smooth round head that cannot be gripped by any type of tool.

The bolts are fed through the door and door frame from the outside and secured in place by nuts and lock washers. Short of cutting the bolts, no one will be able to remove them, making coach bolts the ultimate way to secure your hinges, hasp, and staple in place.


Since you are already installing a new hasp and staple along with upgraded hinges, don’t you think it would be a good idea to take a good look at the padlock you are planning to use?

The best type of padlock to use in securing your shed door is one with a closed hasp. You have probably seen a version of these in use to secure bikes in place. These locks are designed in such a way as to expose as little of the hoop as possible, making it far more difficult for someone to cut it.

Be sure your lock is weatherproof and buy a well-known brand name lock such as Master Lock or Kryptonite.


Kryptonite Locks (Image Courtesy of Amazon)

Here's a quick video explaining a few different ways to secure your shed door

Your Shed Windows


Image Courtesy of Amazon

If your shed is like mine, it probably has at least one window that doesn’t open. Don’t be fooled into thinking it is safe from burglars just because it doesn’t open. All a thief has to do is break out the glass and he is in.

The best way to secure these windows is to install a mesh grille on the outside using coach bolts. Add more security by frosting or tinting the windows and adding curtains or blinds to keep prying eyes out.

If your shed windows are the kind that open, you can still secure them by adding window locks and a mesh grille on the inside. Again, use tint, frosting, and/or curtains to enhance your shed’s overall security.

Your Shed Walls


Chances are good that no one will ever try to break into your shed by going through the walls, but at the same time, they do represent a possible way in.

Not only this, but if your shed walls, as well as door and window frames, are not sturdy, they do represent a way in.

One way to overcome this is to insulate the walls and then add a layer of ½-inch plywood to the inside of the walls. Not only will this make your shed warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, but it will make it much harder for a thief to rip out the door or a window to gain access.

There Is Always More You Can Do

No matter what you do to secure your shed and enhance your shed door security, there is always something more you can do. For example, install anchors on the floor that can be used to secure motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs, toolboxes, and anything else of value.

Be sure to mark everything with an engraver to reduce its resale value. Add exterior security lighting with motion sensors and security cameras to record everything that is going on.

The more you do now, the less the chances are someone is going to break into your shed and take everything you have worked so hard for.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

If you have any other ideas, feel free to let us know. Contact us here.

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The Flimsy Truth About Most Shed Locks & How to Secure Your Shed Doors and Windows

The Flimsy Truth About Most Shed Locks & How to Secure Your Shed Doors and Windows

Old Shed Doors

SO, YOU ARE READY to upgrade your shed's security after watching your neighbors' sheds being broken into over the last few weeks.

The last thing you want is to be the next one in line to lose your bikes and the rest of your gear.

I can totally relate to where you are at, last year several of my neighbors went through the same thing.

They got me to and stole three bikes, my ATV, and hundreds of dollars' worth of tools. My first step was to invest in upgrading the security of my shed. I started out by looking at the various types of shed locks on the market looking to find the best ones for my money.

Typical Problems Associated with Various Shed Locks

No Matter what type of shed lock you are looking at, each different style has its own share of problems.

It is far better for you to know exactly what you are up against before you rush out and invest in a lock that simply isn't going to get the job done. After all, what is the point in spending your hard earned money on a shed lock only to make it easy for a thief to break into your shed and steal your property?

When you start your journey into better shed security, there are a few things you need to consider beyond the lock itself. Only when you fully understand the groundwork will you be ready to set up the best possible shed locking system for your needs.

Here are a few things to consider that can save you time and most importantly of all, money.

1. What Is Your Shed Made Of?

The materials your shed is made from will have a major impact on the type of shed locks you can install and expect a certain amount of security from.

For example, if your shed is made from plastic, you may not be able to install a deadbolt, but a good well-secured hasp and padlock can offer plenty of security.

On the other hand, if you have a wood framed and sided shed, you can go all-out with a deadbolt/ locking door handle combination. The main point here is that no matter what type of lock you install, it will only be as good as the materials it is attached to.


2. Humidity and Rain

If you live in an area where it rains a lot or suffers from high levels of humidity, you need to keep this in mind as you search for the right shed locks.

Cheap padlocks, door handle locks, and electronic locks can be seriously affected by water and humidity. Rusted lock cylinders can leave you with a lock that is either very hard to open or cannot be opened at all.

These locks also tend to freeze shut if you live where it snows or is extremely cold in the winter months.

3. Poor Quality Locks

If you are going to invest in some form of shed locks to protect your valuables, why would you even consider buying a cheap lock?

The idea behind a lock is not to just look pretty, it is to keep those people who covet what you have but don’t want to pay for it out. Even “top” brand name padlocks like Masterlock brand are only minimally effective if your shed and hasp setup are not up to snuff. In fact, many of these “top” brands are relatively easy to cut with a large pair of bolt cutters.

They might be “bullet proof” as their ads claim, but a determined thief with bolt cutters can slice right through the locking bar. Cheap locks are made with steel internal parts rather than stainless steel or brass, because of this they can and frequently do rust shut.

This renders them practically useless. Do yourself a favor and invest in good quality locks for your own peace of mind.


4. Hasps

A lock is only as good as the materials it is attached to. For example, if you are planning to use a hasp and padlock setup, you must use a top quality hasp.

This means one that cannot be cut with a pair of bolt cutters. It also means you need to use security bolts to firmly attach the hasp to the shed and shed door. You can use security screws, but these can be ripped out of wood door or frame with a pry bar.

By using bolts with a steel plate on the other side of the door will make it much harder to rip the hasp off of your shed.

5. Doors, Door Frames

Hollow core doors are practically useless when it comes to providing security for your shed.

Not only is it virtually impossible to install any form of lock that can’t be ripped out of the door, a dedicated crook can simply break through the door. You can reinforce the door lock area with a brass or steel plate, but again the rest of the door is easily destroyed.

Use a good solid wood door if you want real protection. Never cut corners by drilling the hole for the locking bar in the frame and not installing the metal plate that comes with it. Here again, this makes it much easier for a thief to break open your shed door.

What You Need to Know about the Various Types of Shed Locks

There are essentially six different types of door lock you can use to secure your shed, each of which has their own benefits and issues you should consider.

Long before you make your final choice, you need to be well-aware of the intended use of each lock and the types of doors and windows they can be used to secure.

Here is what I found out about these six popular forms of door lock to help you find the right one to secure your shed and everything in it.


Image Courtesy of Amazon

1. Padlocks

- The most common form of shed lock

People have been using padlocks to secure just about anything, including sheds since time in memorial. This, however, does not mean they are your best bet.

To start with, if you are going to use a padlock, you need to be sure the hasp is secured to the door and frame using security bolts or screws. Secondly, you need to buy a padlock that is virtually impossible to pick or cut through.

This is going to cost you a bit more than the average lock, but you will find your money well spent.


Image by Amazon

2. Deadbolts

- A good way to secure your shed if you have the right shed

Deadbolts are typically found being used to secure homes, not sheds. But, they do have their uses if your shed has a solid door and strong frame.

Unlike a hasp and padlock setup, deadbolts do require precision installation and the right tools to install them. Once installed they are a relatively strong way to secure your shed.

Your best bet is to buy a deadbolt that requires a key on either side. The deadbolts with a twist knob can be opened by someone who has broken out a window and crawled inside your shed.


Image Courtesy of Amazon

3. Door Handles with Built-in Locks

- Not the best way to secure your shed

Door handles that have their own built-in locks are great for bedroom doors or house doors with a deadbolt installed.

So, if you are going to install a door handle with a built-in lock, you should be prepared to install a deadbolt for added security. These locks range in price from cheap and ineffective too expensive and more effective.

Do yourself a favor and buy a double cylinder lock to maximize your security.


Image Courtesy of Amazon

4. Doors with Built-in Cylinder Locks

- Not much better than door handles with built in locks

You can also install a cylinder type lock directly in your door, if it didn't come with one already installed.

The problem is, that just like door handles with built-in locks, these locks are not very secure and can be easily picked or kicked in. And just like those door handles with locks, you should plan to install a deadbolt for added security.

Many of these types of locks can be opened using a screwdriver or in worst case scenarios with a simple credit card.


Image Courtesy of Amazon

5. Electronic Locks

- What will you do when the battery dies

Electronic locks are becoming increasingly popular in many do-it-yourself storage facilities. But at the same time, they are not always the best choice when you are trying to find a good way to secure your garden shed.

While many of the most expensive ones are fully waterproof, beware of the cheaper ones as they may not be and if they short out, you will have to cut them off.

Also, consider what you are going to do if the batteries die or the power goes out.


Image by Amazon

6. Combination Locks

- Decent locks, but only as long as you can remember the combination

Like standard key locks, combination locks are only as good as the money you are willing to invest in them.

You really do get what you pay for when you buy any type of padlock. The biggest problem with any kind of combination lock is that you have to remember the combination. Along with this, you also have to consider whether or not you will be able to cut the lock off if you lose the combination.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it is up to you to decide what type of lock is likely to provide the best possible level of security. Personally, I have a solid wood door on my shed with both a high-end door handle with built-in lock and a deadbolt.

My shed is not only my workshop loaded with expensive tools, but it also houses my motorcycle and several bicycles. Along with good quality locks, I have tinted the windows and added an alarm system.

My goal is to never have to worry about someone breaking in again and to date, I am one of the few homes in my area that has not had their shed broken into.

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13 Comprehensive Plans and Walk-Thru’s to Build Shed Doors

A Woodworker Making His Shed Doors from Shed Door Plans

Whether it's time to finish your shed project, or you need to replace existing shed doors...

Here are some plans and how to guides to get you started guide

We've looked at the most popular shed door types, and the plans to build them..

Now all you need to do is order the material, build it and measure the size of your mower so it will still fit through the door

NOTE: Looking for shed designs, check our handpicked shed door ideas page for 40+ shed door ideas

Single Shed Door Plans

The standard shed door is the simplest of the 3 to build

Simple and Easy to Understand

shed-door-single-door shedking

One of the simplest doors to construct is the single door. And these plans make it easy to build one. They aren't the most comprehensive but there are drawings with sizes on them, and a few notes written by the author

The sizes are important and you will need to adjust them to suit the size of YOUR door, and the thickness of your siding or anything else.

If you want some help building a solid shed door it's all here to help you

Custom Shed Door Designed and Built in One ShortVideo

If you plan to make your door plans using the computer (sketch up) then this is a walk through guide on how someone else has done the job.

This is a great walk through guide for beginners. You may not be able to make your door entirely from this video. However, it's a great to watch if you haven't had much experience woodworking before.​

You'll get to see how this door is put together and maybe take some ideas and use them in your door build​

Rough Opening Preparation with Detailed Drawings


Just as important as the size of the doors is the preparation of the rough opening. The rough opening is the door frame work in the wall of the shed.

These well detailed elevation drawings show you how to build the door frame and where to install the drip cap (flashing). 

There is also a written guide on how to install your door after you've put the frame together. Great for a new shed build or if your changing the size of your door.

Single Shed Door with Window

shed door plans ana white

Scroll down half way to see this shed door plan. There's not a heap of detail included, although there is a cutting list and also a list tools you will need to build it.

If your looking for something simple with a little character this might be for you​.

Large Single Door Step-by-Step Guide

Shed Door from probarnplans

For sheds that will be used for storage of larger equipment i.e. rideon lawnmowers, golf carts, and atvs, If the situationcalls for the use of one larger door instead of the construction of the two smaller doors this is your plan.

It goes through the issues effecting the door such as weight and opening sizes. Of course a larger door will call for a larger rough opening.

The door itself is quite simple. And the plans are not a lot of detail included just a step by step guide and some other brief notes.

Plenty of Real Images During the Shed Door Build


If you can look past all the sales stuff there's a good shed door walk through guide here. Plenty of real images of progress of a shed door build

The guide starts with the frame and covers everything including the door trim. A reasonably thorough step-by-step guide of how to build a shed door.

Double Door Plans

The advantages are double the size, the disadvantages is that it's double the work. Here are our top picks for double shed doors

Extensive Double Door Plans and Walk-Thru Guide

The video and look at the blog post are both quite detailed. They provide a user friendly walk through of a shed door build

The doors have a nice finish and detail although they aren't the strongest doors we in the line up

​The blog post is also very comprehensive. It includes a run down of material prices, plenty of images and even some explanation of the techniques that have been used. Well worth checking out

For People Who Like to Read


Long description of a shed door build project. Some real images but the detail here is in the written content.

The door at the end isn't the finest we've seen but it is an easier build and the shed door is quite sturdy. This plan is a good guide to building double doors that are uneven sizes. Good guide if the situation calls for it

This door ended up quite expensive to build (in New Zealand), hopefully it wont be so expensive for you

Watch an Experienced Shed Door Builder

This is a comprehensive and easy to watch video on how to build and install some double shed doors. It includes how to build the door, install it and put gate hinges on.

The doors look good when they are finished. Worth a watch if you want to pick up some tricks from an experienced shed builder

Printable PDF Shed Door Plans


Not the most flashy of Shed Door Plans but they are quite extensive and thorough. All the pieces are laid out so it's easy to recreate for you own build

The images in the plans are detailed enough to be helpful and not confusing.​ The doors look more like traditional​ barn doors than some of the others we have seen

Sliding Shed Door Plans

Want something fancy to really open up that space? Sliding doors are a little more work (because of the sliding mechanism) but help create and save space

Neat, DIY Sliding Shed Doors

shed barn doors instructables

A neat and well laid out guide to putting some sliding doors on a yard barn

The sliding runner mechanism is made from skateboard wheels and some steel flat bar. The downside of this is that you need a workshop to do it.

If you do have a workshop then this can save you some money and give you a great looking sliding setup that should work until the cows come home

Simple Yet Elegant


Comes with a material and hardware list and some detailed drawings that look to us like they have been done on sketchup. 

This plan isn't the most comprehensive walk-thru guide we've seen but they are detailed enough to get a semi-experienced woodworker through the project.



Great detailed drawings of the mechanism of the sliding door. Great for DIYer's who want to make it themselves. Also good for people who want to buy a kit and aren't sure where to put their studs and measure the door frame.

This is a little advanced so we recommend this for confident woodworkers and DIYer's. If you haven't had much experience then choose one from above.

Shed Door Security - BONUS

A good option for some extra security, if you are concerned about thieves

As you can see there are many options available to you when you decide to build your own shed

Haven't had enough yet? Then you can sign up for the newsletter. Or feel free to browse around the site.

And if you know of any GOOD shed door plans then let us know and we will put them up on the page. Contact here.

42 Handpicked Shed Door Ideas For Your Next Project


Quick Navigation

NOW THAT YOU have decided on the perfect shed design,

Figured out what materials you are going to use,

There is one very important step left.

You can't have a shed without at least one door that can be used to keep everything you own inside and at the same time keep the weather and would-be thieves on the outside.

You can buy pre-hung shed doors or build your own from scratch. Here are a few great shed ideas I came across when building my shed.

Looking for Shed Door Plans? They are located here

1. His and Hers

Bet You Never Thought of This


If you and your significant other plan to use the same shed, why not install a matching pair of his and hers shed doors.

Great shed door ideas like this come from the strangest places, but may be just what you are looking for!

2. Red and White

Bold, Bright and Beautiful


You can actually use any color you want on this barn style split door design. Imagine the amount of fresh air you will get from having the top half open while keeping out the critters and kids with the bottom half securely closed.

3. Elegant House Door

Add a Touch of Class to Your Shed


Now that you have gone to the effort of building a truly elegant shed that looks very much like an extension of your house, why not add a pre-hung shed door that is just as elegant as your house.

Not only will this type of door add a nice finishing touch, it is a great way to keep your shed securely locked when you are not in it.

4. Dwarf Like Door

Short but Very Strong


If you go to the effort of building your shed from a range of natural materials to help it blend into your garden, why not go all the way.

This unique style of door can be built in panels, made from scrap lumber, tree branches, or anything else that helps it blend into the scenery.

5. Light Blue Garden Shed Door

Simple Do-It-Yourself Door Complete with a Window


Simple, cute, and functional, this shed door can be painted to match or complement the color of your shed.

The built in window adds extra light that can be very useful for when you are working on your next big project and let you see who’s knocking before you let them in.

6. White Customized

Old Fashioned but Still Very Functional


This is one of the simplest do-it-yourself door designs in the world. The who door can be put together in less than an hour.

You can install a hasp for a padlock or a deadbolt if you need the extra security, and best of all this type of door will last practically forever.

7. Vinyl Door

Matches that Expensive Siding You Decided to Use


So you went to the trouble and expense of adding vinyl siding to your shed. This is a great way to match your shed to your home and protect it from the weather.

The only thing left is to install long lasting vinyl doors that match your siding to complete the truly professional look and ensure your shed stays secure for many years.

8. Artwork Design

Far From the Ordinary


No one ever said your shed door had to be plain and boring. Why not take a little extra time and get creative?

All it takes is a little bit of artistic license, a few paints, a brush, and a voila you have a unique shed door that is sure to impress as well as look fantastic in your backyard.

9. Warp Wooden

Large, Effective and Very Secure


These large warp wooden doors are perfect for your large garden equipment shed. If you build them out of 2 x 6-inch lumber and use strong metal hinges, no one will ever be able to break in and run off with your tractor.

10. Different Design and Style

When You Have More Than One Shed


If you are going to build more than one shed for your backyard, it only stands to reason that you need more than one shed door idea.

Variety, after all, is the spice of life, you can even choose different shed door ideas to suit individual needs for each of your sheds.

11. Two Way Entry Vinyl

Why Settle for One Door When You Can Have Two?


No one ever said you were limited to a single door on your shed. Why not install two vinyl doors instead of one.

This way you have plenty of room to get in and out of your shed. Choosing vinyl doors ensures they will provide outstanding weather protection and last for many years to come.

12. Wooden Door

When You Are Set on a Complete Do-It-Yourself Shed


Since you have gone to the trouble of building your wooden garden shed from scratch, why not go all the way.

Most wooden shed plans include instructions for building your own doors as well. Not only will this save you money, but hand-built wooden doors look awesome.

13. Black Door

I See a Red Door and I Want to Paint it Black


If you are going paint your shed or cover it in siding, why not have a shed door that is painted a complementary color.

Not only does black go with just about any color, it also hides a lot of the scuffs and marks that tend to show up on shed doors as you move things in and out.

14. Two Way Big Shed Door

Double the Pleasure


When you plan to use your shed to store large items such as a small garden tractor or motorcycle, you need shed doors that are big enough to let you drive in and out without having to worry about hitting them.

If you add a second set of doors on an end or side, you can turn your shed into a drive through that makes things even easier.

15. Wood and Glass

Let the Sun Shine In


If you are building a shed that is more a quiet place to relax and get away from it all, you need plenty of light and ventilation.

These wood and glass doors will let the light in on any day and can be opened for plenty of fresh air on a warm summer day.

16. Tall

Perfect for Your Pet Giraffe


Ok, so no one really keeps a pet giraffe at home, but these super tall doors are perfect for anyone who used their shed to store really tall stuff safely out of the weather. The split design lets you open the top half for fresh air and light.

17. Sliding Wooden Shed Door

Slip Sliding Away


What do you do when you have the perfect spot for your garden shed but don't have room for a standard swinging door? The answer is much simpler than you might think.

Instead of hinged doors, why not add a sliding door? Not only does this type of door not require any extra space, it lets you maximize what space you do have to work with.

18. Classic Two Way Entry

Perfect for Use with Wooden Sheds


Double doors mean double the entry space. These classic style two-way entry doors can be hung to open in or out or if you want the most from them, you can use double hung hinges that let the doors swing both ways.

Add in a couple of windows and you can't go wrong.

19. Rock Shed Wooden Door

You Can't Have Rock Doors


While you can't go wrong with a good solid rock walled shed, there is no way to build a shed door from the same rocks you used on the walls.

Adding a simple easy to build wooden door is the perfect way to add a classic finishing touch to your shed.

20. Red Door

Classic Good Looks with Plenty of Color


Red is a classic color when it comes to barns and of course sheds.

This shed door is a standard design complete with window that can be purchased at virtually any discount lumber warehouse store for a very affordable price.

It will add great looks to your shed and let the sun shine in to light up your workspace.

21. Traditional Metal Shed

Small, Strong and Secure


Most metal shed kits come with a metal door that is ready to hang. You can also build your own metal door if you are putting your shed together from a set of plans.

Metal doors offer extra security and can help keep out bad weather and any number of pests and rodents.

22. Old Metal

Scrap Metal Doors that Will Last a Lifetime


You might be surprised if you look around at your local metal scrappers at how many old metal doors happen to be available.

Why not repurpose one and use it to secure your shed. You can use a metal door like this on just about any kind of shed and expect it to last virtually forever.

23. Metal and Wood

Why Not Have the Best of Both Worlds


Depending on the shed you have in mind, you may find a shed door built from a combination of wood and metal looks the best.

Not only this, but the right design can leave you with a door that is virtually burglar-proof, weatherproof, and pest proof. On top of this, you have a shed door that looks absolutely amazing.

24. Screen Door

Keeping the Pests Away


When you live in an area where it literally never rains, you really don’t need a big heavy door on your shed.

This simple screen door will help to keep the bugs and rodents at bay while allowing plenty of fresh air in. This type of door is the perfect solution for a shed you plan to store wood, hay, or garden implements in.

25. Improvised Metal

Scrap Metal Doors are Cost effective


No one ever said you have to use new materials to build the door for your shed. In fact, if you have any scrap metal laying around, you can always use it to throw together a makeshift door that will keep your shed secure for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

26. Home Wooden Shed Door

Do-It-Yourself Creativity at its Best


If you are going to go to the trouble of building your garden shed from scratch, why not go the extra mile and build a nice wooden door to go with it.

Shed door designs like this one take no more than a few pieces of lumber and a handful of nails or screws to build and the best part is you can customize the size to meet your needs.

27. Gray and White

Simple Yet Effective Shed Door Design


Here again we see a simple wooden door with a window that you can throw together while you are building your shed.

Your shed door doesn't need to be fancy, it just needs to be functional and have the ability to be locked when you are not in and out of your shed.

28. Fabric

Fabric is an Ideal Choice for a Greenhouse


While a greenhouse is not strictly a shed, you build one using the same principles.

By adding a fabric door either in a frame of its own or by attaching it using Velcro, your door will allow plenty of fresh air for your plants while keeping bugs and other pests out.

29. Forest Wooden Red

Use Your Favorite Color


If you are planning to build a rustic looking shed, you get to customize it from top to bottom to meet your needs and tastes.

Why not go ahead and add a solid wooden door and then paint it red or any other color to suit the location and your personal desires?

30. Downhill Wooden Door

Build It Your Way


If you plan to use a wide range of materials to build your shed, it leaves your choice of doors wide open. However, no matter what materials you plan to use when building your shed, wooden doors will always fit in and work well.

31 Double Entry Vinyl

Double Up on Your Available Door Space


Try building room for a pair of vinyl doors into your shed. Not only will these pre-hung doors last a lifetime, but the extra width of the opening is sure to make it easier for you to get just about anything in or out of your shed.

32. Big Express

Design these Doors Your Way


With this type of door, they look similar to those seen at old railway stations, the sky's the limit with regard to design.

You can make them hinged or sliding and as big or small as you need. Since they are made from wood, they are easy to build and fully customizable.

33. Artistic

Let Your Artistic Soul Speak

shed door designs - inside

Instead of sticking to the tried and true methods, let your artistic soul speak to you. Choose from a wide range of materials, use only one or mix and match several together.

You might be surprised at what you can come up with and your garden shed doors are sure to be unique.

34. Beach Shed

Wood is the Answer to Most Shed Door Needs


This simple beach style shed with its palm-leaf roof is made completely from wood. Here is yet another perfect example of the perfect place to build a wooden door to meet your needs.

You can add a deadbolt, locking handset, or hasp and padlock to keep everything secure.

35. Colorful Doors

Color Makes the World Smile


Your shed should never be something anyone would consider an eyesore. The more color you use, the more fun your shed will be to look at.

Even if the walls are plain there is no reason why you can't paint the doors in virtually any color that puts a smile on your face.

36. Church Like Door

This Chapel Inspired Door is Sure to Turn a Few Heads


This chapel style door was inspired by countless thousands of chapel doors around the world. The curved peaked top of the door has a certain rustic charm and at the same time gives you room to move taller things into your shed.

37. Classic Wooden Gray

Plain and Simple, One of the Basic Shed Door Designs


When all you plan to use your garden shed for is storing a few garden tools and possibly starting your spring crops, all you need is a plain simple door.

This one features a large window in the door as well as one on each side of it to provide plenty of light inside.

38. Big Warp Wooden

Large Wooden Doors Have a Lot to Offer


Building a large wooden door like this one should only add an hour or two to the total construction time of your shed, but they have a lot to offer in terms of accessibility.

Made from inexpensive lumber, a few screws and a pair of hinges, all you have to do is add the locking mechanism of your choice and you are all set.

39. Big Yellow

Yes, Size Does Make a Difference


When you paint the walls of your shed a bright expressive color, shouldn't your shed door have the same eye-catching appeal? For example, if you decide to paint your shed bright red, a brilliant yellow door like this one would be the perfect complement.

40. Customized

Build Your Own Door to Suit


In this image we are looking at a Tudor style shed. A shed like this one needs a good custom Tudor style door to go with it.

As you look at the different shed door designs think seriously about which of them are not only going to be functional, but also which of them are going to best complement your shed design.

41. Colored Two Way

Shed Doors with a Split Personality


Try using a variety of colors in your shed door or doors. These two-way doors are the perfect design for playing with color.

You can paint the frames one color and the panels something completely different. Try playing around with different colors until you find the perfect combination.

42. Blue Door

No One Knows What Goes On Behind the Blue Door


That is, except for you. This solid wood plank door painted all in blue is the perfect complement to any rustic wood shed.

Since it doesn't have a window that someone can peek through, it makes the perfect choice if your shed is supposed to be your quiet get away from it all place to hide out from the rest of the world.

Before I Close the Door

Before I close the virtual door, I hope that you have enjoyed these pictures of various garden shed door ideas and that they have helped you find the perfect design for your shed.

I have to admit I pored over hundreds of images before finding the right one for my last shed project. Most of these are simple to build yourself or are readily available in your local discount hardware superstore.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the pictures of these very cool shed door ideas as much as I have enjoyed collecting them and that they have inspired you to go the extra mile in choosing the perfect shed door.

If you liked what I have put together for you here, please let me know.

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Thank you for reading this.

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