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Basic 10×10 Storage Shed Kit by E-Z Frames Review

The frame kit takes out the need for any fancy angle cuts… and the need to use any heavy equipment such as a nail gun

Size (ft)10 x 10
Weight (lbs)8 (kit only)
Storage Space (cu ft)750
Assembly time4 - 6 hours (1 - 2 people)
Price(see below)
CountryMade in the USA

10x10 storage shed e-z frames reviews

Allows you to customize your shedA little expensive for what it is
Easy to assembleDoor assembly needs attention
Material list providedBase not included

Take the guesswork out of framing your shed

Do you need a storage shed frame kit to put up a shed? No, you can just use shed plans. But the framing kit does give confidence to those who haven’t got much DIY experience.


The frame kit takes out the need for any fancy angle cuts, by providing brackets which do that job. The brackets also stop the need to use any heavy equipment such as a nail gun.

The brackets come with an instruction and material list, so YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO BUY AND AT WHAT SIZES. Some hardware stores (home depot) will cut your lumber for you, so you may not even have to cut the lumber yourself!

The brackets are designed to be used with 2×2 lumber, which is relatively inexpensive. This saving can help offset the cost of the framing kit.

The beauty is that WHAT THE SHED LOOKS LIKE IS COMPLETELY UP TO YOU. If you have some left over siding you’re your house and you want your shed to match your house, then go for it. You can cover it in vinyl, wood, man-made composite, metal, plexiglass… the list goes on.

Another benefit is unlike a shed kit, you could easily make some adjustments to the shed if you wanted. Like adding a window or raising or lowering the height of the shed, which would be no problem. The company (E-Z Frames) also comments that they will send kits out for custom sizes, if you need it.

The doors are framed with the brackets, however they do require panels, hinges and a locking mechanism which will take some forethought. But on the upside, the way the truss is built, the shed also COMES WITH A SMALL LOFT IF YOU WISH TO USE IT.

Our Verdict:

If you want a customized shed and aren't confident in building one yourself then this frame kit is a good buy.

Available from:

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Fast Framer Universal Storage Shed Framing Kit Review

The Fast Framer shed kit is an easy to construct… It will give you the confidence to build your next shed, without using the kit.

Size (ft)7 x 8, 8 x 14 or 10 x 22 (more than one kit may be required)
Construction time4 - 8 hours (2 people)
Price(See below)

Fast Framer Universal Storage Shed Framing Kit review

Brackets make building the frame easierBrackets are flimsy under load
Easy to modifyInstructions are a little ‘light’ – 2 pages
Creativity given in the look of your shed
Material list (sizes) included

If you have your heart set on a timber shed, but don’t have the money or experience to build it from scratch, you can bridge the gap with this kit.


It’s really like training wheels for people who are new to woodworking and want to build a shed. The plans guide you, and the brackets take the technical stuff out of building. The kit gives just about everyone the ability to go and build their own timber shed.

The brackets themselves are made from Galvanized steel, so they won't rust or corrode over time. However, they are a little flimsy when twisted or bent under pressure. They can be straightened and if they aren’t abused this will not affect the lifetime of the bracket.

The kits do allow some creativity, and allow modifications to be made easily. You can make your door as wide as you wish, or even raise the height of your roof for extra storage.


The Fast Framer shed kit is an easy to construct, no-brainer product for anyone that may not know, or cannot make angled cuts. It will give you the confidence to build your next shed, without using the kit.


“I have no idea about DIY, can I build this shed?”

The instructions are there to help, but you do need some construction and woodworking knowledge before attempting this, or borrow someone that does.

You will need to:

  1. Build the foundation/floor
  2. Go to the lumber yard and purchase what you need (material list provided)
  3. Cut lumber to size (ask lumber yard if they will do it for you or do it yourself and buy a compound saw)

“How much does the materials cost to build this shed?”

On average the shed material will cost anywhere from $500-$1000 depending on what finish you use, what size shed you build, and the foundation you put in. These are all DIY prices.

Sorry we cannot be more specific, although one reviewer did build his for approximately $700 including the cost of the kit a few years ago.

Available from: