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The 9 Most Common Roof Styles for Your Shed

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Decide and choose your shed roof style ...

One of the toughest parts of building your garden shed is deciding what type of roof it should have. You might think that the simple gable style roof is your only option, but in reality, there are several different shed roof styles for you to choose from, all of which can be used with equal success in most instances.

Just like house roofs, your shed roof must be able to withstand rain, snow, sun, heat, and cold while continuing to protect your shed and everything in it. The good news is that no matter which shed roof style you choose;most are relatively easy to build.

Top Roof Styles In Use Today

There are fifteen different roof styles in common use today, most of which can be used on your garden shed. However, if you look at the images below, you can see that several of them are not exactly practical for use on your backyard shed.

Image courtesy of

Top Rated Shed Roof Styles

So, let’s take a closer look at 9 of the most common shed roof styles in use today, along with their good points and bad points.

Gable Style Roof


The gable style roof is one of the most common styles of roof in use today in residential, commercial, shed, and garage construction. This shed roof style is also known as a peaked gable or pitched roof and is easy to recognize by its triangular shape.

While relatively easy to build, even for beginners, you will need to know how to calculate the correct pitch and snow load to ensure your new roof will provide you with years of service. This type of roof can be covered with a wood sheathing, felt paper, and shingles or made with sheets of metal.



Sheds rain, snow, ice easily

May not be best suited to areas where high winds and hurricanes occur

Offers more space for an attic

Poor construction or inadequate framing can lead to the roof collapsing

Simple and less expensive to build than many other shed roof styles

High winds can cause the shingles, felt, or sheet metal to peel away

Hip Style Roof

The hip style roof is one that includes slopes on each of the four sides of your shed. All four sides of the roof should be equal in length such that they come together at the top of the peak forming a ridge. This ridge is often used in houses, garages, and shed for a vent to help keep the inside cooler during the summer months and to help ventilate fumes.

The hip roof is slightly more difficult to build than a gable roof.



Excellent for areas of high wind and snow

More expensive than a gable roof to build

Offer space for an attic

Requires more building materials than a gable roof

More stable than a gable roof

Added seams may result in more leaks

Flat Style Roof

The flat roof is probably the most common form of commercial or industrial and as the name suggests, this shed roof style is perfectly flat. But worth noting is that even though this type of roof is perfectly flat, it does have a slight pitch designed to help with drainage and water run-off.

The good news is that they are one of the least expensive types of roof and can be used in areas with high or low rainfall with equal success.



If you build it strong enough can be used as a patio

Low pitch makes flat roofs susceptible to leakage

Good place to install solar panels

Not recommended for areas with high snow or rainfall

Easy to build requiring fewer materials

Higher overall maintenance costs

The Barn or Gambrel Style Roof


If you go out in the countryside and look at many of the older barns, especially for those of you who live in the northeastern part of the U.S. You will see many of them sport this double slope style of roof.

The lower slope tends to be almost, but not quite, vertical. The upper section of the roof has a much lower slope.

These roofs are seen on homes, barns, log cabins, and of course, garden sheds. They are considered to be very aesthetically pleasing.



This style of roof offers plenty of extra space for storage without added expense

Not recommended for areas of high wind or those with heavy snowfall

Simple construction with two roof beams and a series of gusset joints

If not constructed properly tend to be structurally weak

Fewer materials mean lowered construction costs

Need to be waterproofed at the ridges to prevent leaks regularly

The Pyramid Style Roof


Just the name says these roofs look a lot like the Great Pyramids in Egypt in which all four sides of the roof meet in a point at the top of the roof. Each of the four sides has a single slope.

With this particular style of roof there are no gables or vertical sides. They are a good choice for smaller sheds or any other type of auxiliary structure.

Most designs feature overhanging eaves that help to reduce energy costs. Bear in mind this type of roof can be challenging to build.



Good choice for use in areas with high winds

Requires more building experience

Extra space adds more storage

Higher costs due to complex design

High slopes are good for areas with heavy rain and snowfall

Top may be too high for certain building code restrictions

The Saltbox Style Roof

The salt box style roof offers a slightly different take on the pitched roof in that one slope typically has a steeper pitch than the other and is shorter. This roof design features gables at each end.

This roof style originates back in the early Colonial days and came from the need for people to add more room to their homes without having to invest significantly in more materials.

Although mainly used in homes, the saltbox roof can be an excellent choice for larger sheds and garages as it can turn a single-story building into one that is either one and a half or two stories high.



The dual slopes let water run off easily, perfect for areas with heavy rains

The design itself if rather tricky

More durable than the standard gable roof

If you build a loft It will have sloping walls

Can be built to handle moderate to heavy snow loads

May be expensive due to the number of trusses and supports needed

The Skillion Style Roof

The skillion style of roof is often referred to as a lean-to or shed style roof. This shed roof style offers a single slope roof with one end often attached to the wall of a taller building such as the side of your house or garage.

In many ways, it looks just like one-half of a pitched roof. In most cases, these shed roof styles are reserved for use in home additions, porches, and of course, sheds.

They are among the simplest and in many cases the least expensive roofs to build.  Most are covered with sheet metal, an EPDM sheet, or rubber membrane.

Depending on which way the slope of the roof points, a skillion roof can be the perfect place to install PV solar panels.



Very easy to build

The ceiling can end up being very low depending on the pitch of the roof

Steeper pitch lets snow and rain run off easily

May not be best suited for areas where high winds are common

Less expensive to build due to the need for fewer materials

May not be the most aesthetically pleasing roof

The Jerkinhead Style Roof

This style of roof looks very much like the standard gable roof in that it retains a central ridge with sloping sides. The big difference is that the ends of the roof have similar features to those found in hip style shed roofs. In other words, the roof looks just like a gable roof that has had both ends “hipped” or cut short and then folded down.  

This style of roof is also described as an English hip roof or a clipped gable roof. No matter how you describe it, the roof looks like a little like a milk carton that someone has pressed the ends down on.



These roofs are more stable that the standard gable roof

They are far more complex than a gable roof

These roofs are far more stable in high winds

Complex design makes the cost higher

Higher pitch adds more interior space

Requires a higher level of building skill

The Bonnet Style Roof

Bonnet style roofs are also referred to as a kick-eave roof are very similar in design to hip roofs, but add on an extended lower pitched eave that goes around the perimeter. This overhang can provide you with a place to relax out of the sun and help to keep rain and snow from getting in the doors.

While not one of the most commonly used shed roof styles, they do still have their advantages as well as being extremely aesthetically pleasing.



The upper slope can be used to create more storage space

Complex design requires more materials to build

Overhanging eaves offer shade and protect the walls from water damage

Expensive to construct due to need for more materials

Rain and snow run off the slopes easily

Water can pool in the valleys where the two slopes meet, extra waterproofing must be used

Topping It All Off

As you can see, there are many different shed roof styles for you to choose from. Those listed above are the most commonly used and for the most part among the easiest to build. While you are considering which one of these roofs is likely to be the best choice for your shed, keep in mind your construction skills.

There is no point in choosing a particular style of shed roof, falling in love with it, and then as you get started building it, finding out that you have to hire a contractor as your skills are simply not up finishing what you have started.

If you have enjoyed reading about the different shed roof styles listed here, please let me know.

If you have any information you would like to see here, please contact us here.

Let everyone know you enjoyed reading this on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Thank you for reading this.

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Creative Tool Shed Storage Ideas that are Surprisingly Simple to Execute in Your Own Shed

15 Creative Tool Shed Storage Ideas that are Surprisingly Simple to Execute in Your Own Shed

tool shed storage ideas - pinboard or shadowboard

The old pinboard/shadowboard is a great start, but these ideas take tool organisation one step further...

NOTE: Looking for ideas to store and organize your garden tools? We have a dedicated page for that here

IS FINDING EVEN THE SIMPLEST TOOL or screw in your shed turning into an all-afternoon event?

It took me a while, but I started putting together a few creative tool shed storage ideas that have really made a huge difference in my shed. While I still lose the odd tool from time to time, I get to spend more time on my various projects and less time scratching my head wondering where my Phillips screwdriver got to.

1. PVC Pipe Long-Handled Tool Racks

Simple, cheap, and effective long handle tool storage


Image courtesy of Pinterest

If you are like me and have a ton of long handle tools for use out in the garden, they tend to create quite a mess. You can easily fix this by cutting short lengths of PVC pipe and screwing them to the wall of your shed.

 You can screw them directly to the wall or lay a 2 x 4 across the studs. Don’t forget to label each of the holders so that you put the tools back in the right place each time. This also helps make sure you know what is missing.

2. PVC Pipe Extension Cord Holders

Great for cords, ropes, chains, and hoses


Image courtesy Pinterest

Most tool sheds have more than their fair share of extension cords, ropes, chains, and hoses lying around just waiting to trip you. Cut 12-inch lengths of 2-inch PVC pipe, drill holes for them in a length of 2 x 6, insert the pipes and mount the board to a convenient wall.

The whole task should take no more than an hour. Not only does this give a great place to store cords but it helps keep them from becoming tangled.

3. PVC Pipe Tool Hangers

Continuing on with the PVC pipe movement

PVC Pipe Tool Hanger

Image courtesy of DIY & Crafts

PVC pipe has far more uses than to simply carry water into your home. If you are like me and have several different cordless/electric/air tools, you need a safe place to store them conveniently out of the way.

Putting them in a drawer is really not an option, but that space under a cabinet or shelf offers a great storage opportunity. Using 4-inch or larger PVC pipe, notch it out as shown and cut into lengths that are long enough to hold the tools securely. Mount the pipes under the cabinet and viola, instant storage

4. Overhead Storage Bins

Make use of the wasted space right under the ceiling of your shed


Image courtesy of Hative

Plastic storage totes like these are cheap, sturdy, and readily available. The runners are made using 2x4s, 1x6s, and 1x4s. Start by attaching the 2x4 to the 1x6 using wood screws and glue. Then attach the 1x4 on the opposite side of the 2x4 using the same method.

The only thing left is to mount the rails on the ceiling of your shed spaced far enough apart for the bins to slide into easily, but close enough to ensure they can't fall out.

5. From Shoes to Glove and Small Tools

Take a simple hanging shoe holder and get creative


Whether you have an old shoe rack like this laying around or have to run out to your local discount department store and spend a few bucks, it will come in very handy.

You can hang it behind the door or anywhere there is enough open wall space. Use it to store gloves, secateurs, shears, and just about any other form of small hand tool.

6. Pie Pan Saw Blade Holders

Take a slice out of the pie pans for your blades


Image courtesy of Pinterest

When you have several different types of circular saw blade laying around your shed, you can count on at least one or two of them becoming lost or damaged.

Why not take a couple of your wife's old (do NOT take the new ones) pie pans, cut them in half and mount them to a flat spot on the wall? Each pie pan yields two convenient holders that can hold several blades at a time.

7. Give Those Old Jars a New Lease on Life

An old standby that is just as good today as it was 50 years ago


Choose a selection of glass jars such as baby food, pickle, jelly, and jam. Wash them thoroughly and let them dry. Screw the lids to the bottom of a shelf or cabinet.

You can use the jars for nails, screws, nuts and bolts, and many other small items. The nice thing is you can see exactly what is in each jar and take them with you when working in the shed or anywhere else.

8. Magnetic Tool Holders

Stick your tools to any convenient spot in the shed


Image courtesy of Makezine.Com

You can buy magnetic tool holders that can be bolted to any convenient spot on the wall, under a cabinet, on the edge of a bench, even the ceiling. Once hung, you can hang screwdrivers, small pairs of pliers, and pretty much any small hand tool on them.

Use them to keep all your small tools in one location. As an extra benefit, over time your tools will become magnetized making it easier to hang onto small screws.

9. Easy Up Hammer Rack

It's Hammer Time, with this simple to build hammer rack


Image courtesy of Pinterest

Take one wood bookshelf and two metal tubes and create a great way to store your collection of hammers. All you have to do is cut a pair of round notches in the shelf supports for the tubes to rest in.

Be sure to leave enough space between them for your widest hammer handle. Then bolt the shelf to the wall and you are done. The whole project can be completed in less than thirty minutes.

10. Milk Jug Storage Bins

Milk (or milk jugs) does a shed good


Image courtesy of Makezine.Com

While baby food jars are perfect for small items like nuts and bolts when you need something a little bigger, why not make use of all those plastic one-gallon milk jugs you have been recycling.

Start by cutting the top off at an angle. Then wash and dry the jugs thoroughly to eliminate any risk of sour milk smell. Grab a convenient bookshelf and boom, you have versatile storage units that can go with you anywhere.

11. Pegboard for Literally Anything

Large or small, pegboard can be used to store it all


Image courtesy of Makezine.Com

Why waste an entire wall for one piece of pegboard? This design looks like the poster racks found in most department stores, except instead of posters you have pegboard.

As long as you mount the rack holder securely in place, you can store an amazing array of your favorite tools (you know the ones that tend to get lost the most) all in one convenient location.

12. Tie Rack Wrench Holder

Simplified wrench storage at its best


Image courtesy by IDI Design 

You can pick up one of these closet tie racks for just a few bucks. But instead of hanging your finest ties on it, why not use it to save your collection of wrenches from the tubs, buckets, drawers, benches, and who knows where else you currently store them?

The double rack lets you use one set of pegs for standard wrenches and the other for metric. And of course, you can spot a missing wrench in seconds prompting you to put it away before it gets lost.

13. Back to the PVC Pipe One More Time

A place for everything and everything in its place


Image courtesy of The Family Handy MAn

PVC pipe has to be one of the most versatile materials for storage you are likely to ever find. Here we see a variety of pipes being screwed to a board at an angle.

These tubes can be used for pencils, wire ties, small hand tools, paint brushes, and more. The angle helps to keep everything from falling out and let you keep all those small things you usually lose safely in one place.

14. Simple Plier Storage

Turn that old towel rack into the perfect place for the many pairs of pliers you have


Image courtesy of Pinterest

This is nothing more than a wood towel rack that has been repurposed. Instead of the towel bar, a piece of molding is used. The entire assembly is bolted to a convenient spot on the wall.

The taper of the molding fits nicely into the space between the handles at the joint. From pliers to wire cutter and tin snips, this is a good way to keep your tools neatly organized and out of the way.

15. Use Every Inch of Space Effectively

The space between the wall studs should never be wasted


Image courtesy of Pinterest

When it comes to creative tool shed storage ideas, you should never waste as much as a single inch of available space, including the areas between each wall stud. All you need to do is install shelves between the studs.

You can screw the shelves in place or buy plastic shelf spacers like those in the picture for the ultimate in shed storage for an incredibly wide range of supplies.

Down to the Last Nut and Bolt

I hope you have enjoyed reading about these creative tool shed storage ideas I have found for you. To me, there is nothing worse than a disorganized shed. I hate wasting more time trying to find tools or parts than it takes to make the repairs or finish the project.

There are so many different ways to improve on and increase the amount of usable storage space you have in your shed, these are just a few of my favorites.

  • If you have any information you would like to see here, please contact us here.

  • Let everyone know you enjoyed reading this on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  • Thank you for reading this.

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44 FREE DIY Shed Plans To Help You Build Your Shed


Quick Navigation

TRYING TO BUILD a shed without a set of comprehensive plans is like trying to drive from L.A. to New York without a map.

However, trying to find the perfect shed plan can be very challenging, believe me. I spent countless hours searching for the shed plans for the one I now have in my backyard.

So, to make your search much easier than mine, I have created this amazing list of 44 FREE, yes that’s right FREE comprehensive DIY shed plans.

NOTE: Anything and everything you need to know about how to build your shed is here.

#​1 Simple 6 x 4 Storage Shed


If you are looking for an easy to build 6 x 4 storage shed with one door and a small window, this may be just what you need.

Single door/window design mounted on a skid type foundation makes this a great shed for anyone. The plans are highly detailed and will walk you through construction.

You can download your own free set right here.

#2 Build Your Own 8 x 10 Storage Shed


The plans for this shed are written with both standard and metric dimensions and include a single entry door and one window.

Plans include a materials list, how to build the door, detailed instructions, and more. Like many smaller sheds this one is also built on a skid type foundation so that you can move it around.

These handy plans are available by visiting here.

#​3 The Perfect Tiny Shed

diy garden plans

This 4 x 4 shed is ideal for anyone looking to build a tiny shed for storing things like pool equipment or garden tools.

Built out of 2 x 4s and plywood exterior grade siding, you can have the entire shed built and ready to use in one day.

This shed has a pitched roof and a single entry door. Read more about it here.

#​4 10 x 8 Solid Shed with Sloping Roof

If you are looking for a 10 x 8 storage shed that is perfect for areas with high snow loads, this might be it.

These highly detailed plans and instructions will walk you through the entire construction process of building this shed complete with a single entry door and one window in the front wall.

You can download your own free copy of the plans here.

#​5 Versatile Low Maintenance 8 x 5 Shed


This fun to build design with multiple windows and a single entry door is the perfect project for someone who has good carpentry skills.

It may not be suited to the beginner, but can be completed over the course of 3 to 4 weekends. Learn more about this shed, complete with free plans here.

#​6 Solid Secure 8 x 12 Value Shed


This is a project that starts out as an 8 x 12 shed but thanks to the way the plans have been designed, you can easily expand the size to meet your needs.

The plans cover every aspect of building a strong secure shed with double doors for easy access. Check out the plans here and download them for free.

#​7 Moveable 8 x 6 Storage Shed


If you need an easy to build storage shed that can be moved around your property, then this shed is the perfect match.

The simple design features a skid foundation, one door, and a window in the side for more natural light. The easy to follow plans are available for free here.

#​8 10 x 12 Backyard Shed


These plans offer plenty of options, you can build your shed with either 7'7" or 8'1" inch walls depending on your needs.

You can also build your own door using the included information or add a factory-built pre-hung door. Along with this you can put the door wherever you want, on the side, front, or even the back.

Read more about this shed here.

#​9 12 x 12 Cool Cape Cod Style Shed


Traditional Cape Cod design features a pitched roof with both a single side entry door and a double door on one end.

The 10/12 pitch roof is great for areas where it snows a lot. Plans include instructions for five different types of foundation.

The plans are simple enough for beginners to follow and can be easily downloaded from here.

#1​0 Step-by-Step 4 x 8 Shed Plans


These easy to follow plans walk you through every step from building the skid style foundation to installing the pitched roof.

This simple shed features a home-built door on one end and can be completed in a weekend. You can view the plans or download them in pdf format here.

#1​1 Easy to Build Gabled Shed


This is a portable shed built on a skid foundation that measures 8 x 8 feet.

The simple design features home built double doors on one end and a pitched gable style roof, making it an excellent choice in areas with lots of rain or snow.

You can see the simple to follow plans here.

#1​2 Tudor Style 8 x 7 Shed


This is the perfect garden shed for someone who wants a stylish shed that looks a little different than the norm. The plans include measurements in both standard and metric for ease of construction.

Unlike most wooden sheds where the cladding is on the outside, with this one it is attached to the inside for that "Tudor" look.

You can download a free set of these plans here.

#1​3 7 x 8 Board and Batten Shed


This is a simple to build shed with a framed in floor for added strength. It features a pair of DIY swinging doors up front and a nicely sloped roof.

You can view a free copy of the plans here or if you prefer to have a print friendly version, you can also buy a set.

The well thought out design and high roofline offer you plenty of storage or workspace.

#​14 10 x 10 Tudor Style Shed


No one says your shed can't be stylish. This 10 x 10 Tudor style shed puts the frame on the outside giving it that "Tudor" look that is sure to fit in with your home and yard.

Maximum inside height is 8'8", inside floor space measurements are 8' wide by 10' long providing plenty of space for just about anything.

Visit here to see the full plans and comprehensive construction instructions.

#​15 6 x 6 Playhouse


These plans can be used to build a nice sturdy playhouse that looks a lot like a real house.

Not only can your kids use it to play in when they are young, but when they have outgrown it, you can easily turn it into a convenient storage shed with a single door and four windows for maximum ventilation.

Learn more about this playhouse and get your free plans here.

#​16 Excellent Narrow Backyard Shed


This 4-foot-deep shed is 7 feet wide and perfect for those with limited space.

The design features a pitched roof and double doors, making it a great choice for a number of storage purposes such as garden tools or bicycles.

You can see the plans and detailed construction information here.

#​17 Simple Versatile 6 x 6 Shed


From garden tools, to a place for your bikes, this simple shed design has a 7/12 pitch roof and a single DIY door.

The roof is designed to extend over the door to help keep rain and snow out. You can see the plans here or download them as a pdf if you prefer to print them.

#​18 DIY Lean to Shed


When you have limited space to work with, this handy freestanding lean-to style shed is the perfect option.

The sloped roof keeps the rain and snow at bay, while the large double doors make it easy to get in and out of. See the simple and easy to follow plans here.

#​19 8 x 6 DIY Garden Shed


Everyone needs somewhere to get away from it all, this 8 x 6 DIY garden shed can give you all of that and more.

Coming from Mother Earth News, these plans have been created just for those with nothing more than basic carpentry skills.

You can follow the detailed construction instructions and plans here.

#2​0 The Traditional 12 x 16 Shed


This set of shed plans lets you decide how many doors and windows you want and what style. You could have double doors on one end and a single door on the side or any one of several other options.

The plans are available here and include 6 different foundation options to choose from.

#2​1 Colonial Style 8 x 12 Shed with Porch


Sheds are not just for storage, this 8 x 12 shed features a covered front porch making it the perfect style to turn into an art studio or workshop.

The plans include comprehensive instructions that will walk you through building this shed on a tight budget. View detailed instructions and see the plans here.

#2​2 Cute 8 x 10 Cape Cod Shed


Add real New England Charm to your backyard with this 8 x 10 Cape Cod style shed. It features board and batten construction, a divided window, and a single door.

You can build your own door or thanks to the generous 7'8" wall height, use a factory built pre-hung door. The 10/12 pitch roof keeps snow at bay.

Learn more about this shed right here.

#2​3 Handy 8 x 8 Cape Cod Shed


A smaller version of the above shed with a steep roof and a porch. The same Cape Cod board and batten style is sure to make this the perfect shed to store your garden tools and supplies, your bikes, or just about anything.

Plans also include instructions to add a side door for easier access. Take a look at the plans here.

#​24 2-Door 8 x 12 Cape Cod Shed


When you need a little more room but still want Cape Cod styling this 8 x 12 shed is just what you need. It features two doors, one on the end and one on the side.

The 6'7" side height lets you use pre-hung doors or build your own. The 10/12 pitch roof is ideal for snowy regions.

Read more about this shed and order your plans here.

#​25 8 x 12 Value Shed with Double Doors


If you are comfortable around woodworking tools, this 8 x 12 value shed may be just what you are looking for.

It features a fully framed floor for added strength and can be set on a concrete slab foundation or multiple 4 x 4s. Plans include instructions for building double doors.

The plans are available here.

#​26 DIY 12 x 12 Gambrel Shed


If your idea of a beautiful shed is one that looks like a small red barn, this Gambrel style shed is just what you need.

The easy to follow plans will walk you right through building it from the ground up including the skid style foundation for ease of movement. Download free plans and materials lists here.

#​27 DIY 12 x 10 Gambrel Shed


The double slope of this barn style shed is perfect for areas where it tends to snow a lot. You can use the added height to build in a loft for added storage.

The shed features do-it- yourself double doors giving you plenty of room to drive your riding lawnmower in and out. Free plans can be downloaded here.

#​28 DIY 10 x 12 Gambrel Shed


Double door goodness for those who want plenty of storage space in their backyard. The fully framed floor is covered with plywood for added structural strength and to ensure you can store virtually anything inside.

Plans include everything you need to build this great shed. You can download your free plans here.

#​29 DIY 10 x 12 Gambrel Shed


The 6'5" door height gives you plenty of room to put just about anything in your shed and ensures that even taller people won't smack their head going in and out.

This shed measures a full 10 x 12 without the siding, giving you plenty of room for garden tools, bikes, and just about anything else you need to store out of the way.

Free plans are available here along with complete materials lists.

#​30 DIY Salt Box Shed


This unusual shed features a dual slope roof and double doors set in the front wall. Interior measurements are 10 x 8 without the siding.

Frame is all 2 x 4 for superior strength and the plans include instructions for building the double barn style doors. Skid mounted for ease of movement.

Free plans and materials lists are available here.

#3​1 8 x 8 Gable Shed


The steep pitch of this roof makes the 8 x 8 Gable shed an ideal addition to any yard where heavy snow and rains are common. The skid foundation makes moving your shed into place simple.

These easy to follow plans include a list of all materials needed and include plans for the double barn style doors. Seethe free plans here.

#3​2 8 x 8 Gambrel Shed


Great set of easy to follow plans for building an 8 x 8 Gambrel style shed complete with double pitch roof. This shed features a fully framed floor mounted on skids making it easily portable.

74" home built double doors offer plenty of room to get in and out while the lofted roof gives you added storage space.Your free plans are available here.

#3​3 7 x 12 Gable Roof Shed or Playhouse


If you are looking for a shed that can double as a playhouse or workroom, this might be the one.

Features include a single door and two windows in the 12' front wall, but you can modify the plans to add even more windows if you need more light.

If the size is too big, instructions in the free plans available here show you how to make the shed smaller.

#​34 Simple Lean-To Shed


When your space to build a shed is limited yet you need storage space for garden tools or bikes, this lean-to shed is perfect for you.

While it is designed to be placed against a wall, you can put this sturdy shed anywhere in your yard.

The only difference is you will need to build a stud rear wall instead of simply covering this area in sheathing. Read more about this nifty shed here.

#​35 Long Lasting 8 x 8 Shed


If you are gifted with a high level of carpentry skills, you are ready tackle this 8 x 8 shed.

It features a split level roof design, a single entry door and two windows on the front wall.

The free plans available here are not for beginners, but those who are skilled can complete construction in about seven days.

#​36 Build an Affordable Shed


Pre-built shed can cost a fortune, the free plans available here can help you save up to $3000 on your garden shed simply by showing you how to build one yourself.

These plans are for a gable roof style shed with a single door and two windows in the front wall. Detailed build instructions are included with the plans here.

#​37 Free Gambrel Shed Plans


While building a gambrel style shed is a little more complex than a gable style one, these easy to follow plans will take some of the confusion out of the job.

The gambrel style gives you room to add a storage loft for smaller items. Free plans cover building a 12 x 8 shed are available here.

#​38 8 x 8 Gambrel Shed Plans


From building the foundation to installing the shingles on the gambrel style roof and adding the final coat of paint, these detailed and easy to read plans walk you through building an 8 x 8 shed that is perfect for any backyard storage project.

Your free shed plans are available here.

#​39 8 x 8 Lean-To Shed


No one ever said a lean-to shed has to be small in size. This wood and metal 8 x 8 lean-to style shed gives you plenty of storage space on the inside, yet takes up very little room on the outside by virtue of its lean-to styling.

You can get your free plans right here.

#4​0 Cute Rustic Yard Shed


Not only does this cute rustic shed offer plenty of storage space, a double size sliding side door and plenty of windows, the pitched roof is designed to create a shady place to relax or get your work done.

While not for beginners, those who have some experience in construction should have no problem building this great shed. Read more about it and see the complete plans here.

#4​1 The Ultimate Garden Shed


If you are ready to take on a serious shed project, this is the one for you. This is more than a shed, with several windows and vents in the gables, this shed makes a great workshop or art studio.

The design is for an 8 x 9 1/2 storage area and a smaller 8 x 5 1/2 room with plenty of windows. The concrete paver floor, cedar siding, and metal roof help you create a shed that will last forever. Read all about this shed here.

#4​2 7 1/2 x 13 1/2 Multi-Window Shed


While definitely not for beginners, this multi-windowed shed offers plenty of light and would be great for anyone who wants a workroom.

The steeply pitched roof is perfect for snowy regions and the double entry doors are perfect for riding lawn mowers or motorcycles. You can get your free plans right here.

#4​3 A Shed with a Front Porch


If you are looking for a shed that is more than just a place to store your garden tools and junk, this might be the one for you.

The shed itself measures 8 x 16 with a 3 1/2-foot front door. But the best part of the design is the 8 x 16 foot fully covered front porch.

You can use this area as a shady work space or somewhere to relax in your backyard out of the sun. Complete plans are available here.

#​44 6 x 6 Garden Shed Plans and Building Guide


If you are looking for a super easy to build 6 x 6 garden shed, then these plans might be just what you need.

The all-wood construction features a framed in floor sitting on skids for ease of movement. Can be set on cement piers, blocks, or level ground.

Detailed plans include information for building your own door. ​Get your free plans here.

In Summary...

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the different free shed plans I have found for you and more importantly I have helped you find the perfect garden shed. I created this list from the many hours of searching for the right shed to fit my needs.

If you liked what I have put together for you here, please let me know.

Let everyone know you enjoyed reading this on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Thank you for reading this.

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23 Inspiring Yet Practical Shed Design Ideas You Can Use For Your New Shed


Looking for some inspiration for your new shed? You're at the right place

CHOOSE THE RIGHT shed for your backyard can be a lot of fun, if you let it be.

You could of course just order the first one you see, but what fun would that really be.

With so many great shed design ideas out there, it took me forever to find the perfect one for my garden.

So to help make finding the right shed for you just a little easier, I have pulled together these 24 great shed design ideas that should inspire you to think outside of the box.

#1 Wood Shed Designs

Got Wood? Then You Can Build Your Own Shed


See more wood shed designs here

Wood is one of the oldest and most practical forms of material you can use to build your shed. From simple small sheds to log cabin style sheds, there are dozens of different fun and attractive ways to create a unique shed.

Wood allows you to fully customize the look and feel of your shed making it suit your needs now and in the future. Most of these wood sheds can be built from scratch or from readily available plans using nothing more than materials you can buy locally and your building skills.

#2 Firewood Shed Ideas

Keeping Your Firewood Warm and Dry


See more firewood shed ideas here

You stockpile firewood all summer long to help keep your home warm and dry all winter. But if you don't have a dry place to store your firewood, it will do you very little good. Here you will find dozens of firewood shed ideas to help you find the perfect one for your backyard.

One of the most important things to remember about a firewood shed is that it doesn't have to be fully enclosed, in fact most are specifically designed to allow for plenty of fresh air circulation to help your wood season properly instead of remaining in the dark where it might mold and become useless.

#3 Shed Storage Ideas and Designs

When You Need a Place to Store Your Gear


See more shed storage designs and ideas here

A shed by itself is little more than a box with a roof and at least one door. Sure you can simply toss your junk on the floor, maybe stick a few freestanding shelves inside, but this is not exactly making the most out of all the storage space your shed has to offer.

Here we take a look at a huge variety of shed storage ideas intended to help you make the most out of every possible inch of your shed, including shelves designed to hang from the ceiling and walls.

#4 Shed Door Ideas

Going in Through the Out Door


See more shed door ideas here

If you are going to buy or build a garden shed, you need a way to get in and out of it, in other words, you need at least one door. But there is far more to a garden shed door than a simple slab of wood with hinges and a handle.

Shed doors come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. You can choose a practical look or a whimsical look based on your needs and tastes.

Wood makes a good solid door, but you can also use metal or plastic, just be sure the design you choose can be properly secured to keep thieves and others out and your goodies locked securely inside.

#5 Shed Roof Designs

Keeping the Lid on Your Shed


See more shed roof designs here

Of all the various parts of your shed, the roof you choose to put on it is perhaps the most important of them all. If you don't choose a roof that is strong enough and built for the weather conditions in your area.

Roofs come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. Those with a higher pitch are more suited to areas where it snows a lot in the winter, those made from sheet metal will last for decades, there are even roofs that are covered with soil that can be planted with grass or flowers.

No matter what style of roof you choose, be sure it has plenty of support in the form of joists or beams.

#6 Cool Shed Ideas

Have Fun with Something a Little Different


See more cool shed ideas here

Just because all your neighbors have standard boring sheds doesn’t mean you have to. In this list of cool shed ideas, we take a look at sheds made from different materials, styles and sizes.

In reality you can build your next garden from just about anything you can find from old logs and lumber to an upside down boat hull. Be bold, be different and put a shed in your backyard that is sure to get everyone's attention.

#7 Plastic Shed Designs

Lightweight, Watertight, and Very Practical


Plastic may not seem like the ideal material for a garden shed, yet it might prove to be more useful than you think.

Here we take a good look at a wide selection of plastic sheds ranging from those just big enough for a few tools to some that are big enough to turn into a workshop.

Be careful to buy a shed that features double layer walls, doors that can be properly secured, and a roof that has some form of metal bracing to help support it in case of heavy snows.

Some sheds can be snapped together, others will need to be bolted together, and most are more than up to the job.

#8 Metal Shed Designs

Solid, Strong, and Made to Last

Arrow Hamlet

Metal sheds aren’t pretty, but for the square footage they are hard to beat on price.

Metal tends to rust over time and requires constant painting in order to keep it looking good. However, bear in mind that metal is also one of the strongest and most secure materials you can use to build your shed.

Because metal is flexible and durable, it can be used to build sheds in almost any imaginable shape and size and in virtually any climate.

#9 Fabric/Canvas Shed Designs

Not Just a Tent for Your Yunk

shed door designs - inside

It is far too easy to think of a fabric or canvas shed as nothing more than a tent that can be put up in the backyard to temporarily store things.

Fabric/canvas sheds are made from much stronger materials and typically have solid metal frames. Some have metal roofs and fabric or canvas walls.

The one problem most of these sheds have is the inability to store anything valuable in them as they cannot be adequately secured. However, they do have the advantage of being fully portable as they can be taken down and put back up in a very short period of time.

#10 She Sheds Ideas

And now one for the ladies


If you look at most of the shed designs on the market, it might seem as though they are made just for the guys, but what about the ladies?

A garden shed can be turned into an art studio, a potting shed, or nothing more than a comfortable place to sit, relax with a good book, and to get away from it all.

From choosing the right colors for the outside to adding carpeting and a nice pot-bellied wood stove, there is nothing quite like having a great place all of your own out in the backyard to enjoy.

#11 Shed Ramp Ideas

Easy In, Easy Out

shed ramps in action

See shed ramp ideas and designs here

Getting things in and out of a shed that is not flat on the ground can present its own unique set of problems. The best way to get around these problems is with the right type of shed ramp.

From poured concrete to ramps made from wood or even the metal kind you can buy locally, it doesn't take much to make getting things in and out of your shed much easier.

Be sure that the shed ramps you choose are strong enough and wide enough for their purpose. If you build wooden ramps, they will need to be carefully maintained in order to ensure your safety when using them.

#12 Shed Window Ideas

Looking Out on Creation


See more shed window ideas here

Windows come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Some are fixed (meaning they can't be opened) while others are movable (allowing you to open them).

The choice is yours, be aware any windows you add to your shed should be placed such that they provide plenty of light in all the right places.

Not only can well-placed windows give you plenty of light, you can use windows as a quick way to ventilate your shed and keep it cooler in the summer. Just be sure if you install movable windows that they can be properly secured.

#13 Unique Shed Designs

Why Follow the Crowd?


Instead of going for that out of the box look like your neighbors, why not try something different?

Why not use an old phone booth for simple tool storage or perhaps pick up an old military Quonset hut and repurpose it?

You might be surprised at how many different items can be easily turned into a convenient storage shed for use in your backyard.

#14 Simple Shed Designs

Simple is Often the Better Choice


Not everything you build, including your garden shed has to be complicated.

Unless you are a skilled builder or have at least a fair amount of experience in construction, you may not want to attempt building a complicated shed from a kit or set of plans.

There are a number of simple shed designs that even a beginner can build for themselves with a minimum of skills and tools.

Even a simple shed can be used to store garden tools, store your lawn mower, ATV, bicycles, or even a motorcycle as long as you make it secure.

#15 Potting Shed Designs

Plant a Shed in Your Backyard

Creating a potting shed in your backyard is a great way to get a jump start on your spring planting. However, you can't just take any garden shed and call it a potting shed.

A good potting shed needs to have plenty of windows to provide the natural lighting your seeds and plants need to get off to a good start. You may also want to consider adding some form of heat and full spectrum lighting, especially if you live in an area where spring tends to be cold.

A wood shed might be your best choice here as you can always add more windows to the basic design and use the studs to mount shelves for your plants and seed starters.

#16 Designer Sheds Ideas

Louis Vuitton Has Nothing on These Sheds

Bristol Solid Build Wood Shed

No one says your garden shed has to be plain and ordinary. Why not create your very own designer shed?

These sheds are mostly modern styles, along with straight lines and sharp corners… with all the modern conveniences. So why not have it your way, make your shed something completely unique.

#17 Pool Shed Ideas

Keeping Things Cool and Dry


There is nothing better than having your own swimming pool in your backyard. And if you’re looking for somewhere that is cool and dry to store your pool cleaning supplies and chemicals, then here are some great pool shed ideas.

Your pool shed doesn't have to be very big, but if you have space, why not look for pool shed design ideas that include enough space for a changing room?

#18 Tool Storage Shed Ideas

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

everton shed with above door slimline shed window

See more tool shed ideas and designs here

Whether you have a few garden tools you need a safe place for or a ton of hobby tools, why not build a shed just for them.

Tool storage sheds don’t need to be fancy, but they do need to be secure. No matter what type of shed you choose for your tools, be sure it can be locked securely, including any windows or skylights it has.

Add in a workbench or two, some good electric lighting and your tool storage shed suddenly becomes your “man or woman cave” where you can work on your favorite projects and get away from it all for a while.

#19 Small Shed Ideas

Whoever Said Bigger is Better?


Just because your backyard is small and has limited open space to work with, doesn’t mean you can’t have a shed.

There are many different small shed ideas for you to choose from. Some are freestanding while others are more of a lean-to style that can be placed against the wall of your house or garage.

Even a small shed can give you enough room to store a couple of bikes, a few garden tools, or the kids’ outdoor toys while not taking up vast amounts of space in your yard.

#20 Shed Color Ideas

Taste the Rainbow


While natural wood might look great when its new and some love the way it ages, it can also be pretty plain and boring.

If you really want to spruce up your backyard, head out to your local paint supply store and take a good look at the rainbow of colors available to paint your shed.

Bold and bright colors are a great way to make your shed look amazing and cheerful. You can even paint a mural on the outside if you really want to get carried away, let your shed be your canvas and see what happens.

#21 Shed Floor Ideas

Nothing Beats a Firm Foundation


When you build your shed, you should pay a lot of attention to what is going to be under your feet.

The easy way out is to go with a dirt or gravel floor, but this is far from the most practical. Alternatives to this include pouring a concrete slab, laying cement pavers, building a wood floor, or if you are buying a plastic shed, you will find most of them come with a plastic floor.

No matter what type of floor you decide to go with, just be sure it is strong enough to support any weight you might be placing on it. You should also be sure to seal it against water and any other chemicals that might get spilled on it.

#22 Shed Ideas Inside

It’s Bigger on the Inside


Building a shed in your backyard is only the beginning. Once it is finished you have four walls and a roof, now it’s time to turn all of this space into something useful.

Why not build a workbench or two so that you can work on projects? If you are planning to store ATVs or a motorcycle, you may want to add an anchor point to the floor that lets you lock your bike in place.

Plenty of pegboard, hooks, racks, and bins will give you lots of room for storing tools. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that no matter what you plan to use your new shed for, you need to keep the clutter under control.

#23 Garden Shed Office Ideas

On Office with a View

how to build a shed - a dream shed

If you count yourself among the lucky few who work from home, why not create the perfect office getaway.

For years people have been taking over the spare bedroom, the garage, the attic, the basement, or just a convenient corner of the house and turning it into office space.

Why not build a nice garden shed office instead? You can go all out, insulate the walls, add a nice big picture window, heat, air conditioning, all of the creature comforts needed to make your shed into the perfect office.

The best part is that since your office will now be out in the backyard, the rest of your family is less likely to bug you while you’re working.

It’s Your Shed, Have It Your Way

The most important thing I have learned in my search through all of the various shed design ideas is that there is no one singular shed design that is perfect for everyone or every need. I hope that these ideas and suggestions will help guide you towards buying or better yet building the perfect shed to fit in with your needs and your backyard.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these suggestions for great shed ideas as much as I have enjoyed putting them together for you!

If you enjoyed this article please tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

If you like what you have read or have any suggestions, please let me know here.

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22 Wood Shed Designs & Ideas You Can Build Yourself


Thinking of a wood shed style? These wood ideas and designs will help you decide...

WE HAVE BEEN building structures from wood since time in memorial.

If you are looking for an affordable way to build your own shed, wood makes the perfect material to use.

Do you need somewhere to store your firewood? How about a secure place for your motorcycle, family bikes, garden tools, or maybe an art studio or she shed?

Here are some great quality, solid shed designs and ideas to help you sort out the one that is a perfect fit for your needs and your backyard. I hope you enjoy the images and get some really cool ideas from them.

1. The Farm Storage Shed

A Miniature Log House in Your Yard


From storing garden tools to a cool place to hang out in the heat of summer, nothing beats a good old fashioned log-built shed.

As long as you use mud to chink the gaps between the logs and put a roof with a steep pitch on top, you have a shed that is cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Easy to build and made to last forever.

2. The Mini House Storage

Looks Just like Your House Only Smaller


Why not create a miniature version of your house for your backyard? The design of your house must have appealed to you when you purchased it so take that and shrink it to fit.

You can use this wood shed design for storage, as a garden shed, a studio, or just about anything that comes to mind. Better yet, your neighbors are sure to love it.

3. Clean and Simple

A No Stress Approach to Shed Building


Sometimes it is the simple things in life that please us the most. This simple open style shed has no glass in the windows and no door to lock the world out.

It makes a great place for you or the kids to hide away from the world and read your favorite books. It also doubles as a convenient place for your lawn mower or garden tools.

4. The Artwork Shed

An All-New Approach to Showcasing Your Artwork


Rather than creating art on a canvas that only a few people are ever likely to see, why not add a mural or large painting to one end of your shed.

What a great way to personalize your wood shed and give the neighbors something to look at. If you get tired of your artwork, all you have to do is paint over it and start with a blank canvas.

5. The Big Wooden Shed

Super-Size Our Wooden Shed


There are times when the typical small garden shed simply won't do. This monstrous big wooden shed is big enough to provide storage for everything you own and still leave enough room to create a workshop.

You can add shuttered windows, roof ventilation, and a garage size door to make the shed a multipurpose place for everything your family needs and more.

6. The Community Wooden Shed

Give Your Backyard an Old-World Look


If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a rich history dating back a couple of hundred years, you have probably already seen wooden sheds like this in your community.

They are built from materials that are readily available and made to stand the test of time. Thatching the roof to make it watertight may take some time, but the results are well-worth the effort.

7. The Cute Old Shed

Simple Old World Charm


When you live in an older home, why would you want a modern style shed that stands out like a sore thumb? 

Wood shed designs like this one with cedar shakes on the roof and on the walls offer plenty of weatherproofing and long life. But most importantly of all, this style of shed will look great in just about any backyard.

8. The Forest Log House

Add an Alpine Look to Your Backyard


If you are lucky enough to live on property with lots of trees, you might consider building your shed to look like an old forest log house.

This one uses logs for the walls, split logs for the porch and doors, and cedar shakes for the roof to create a warm dry place to work or for storage. What a great way to build a garden shed that blends into your surroundings.

9. Mini House Shed

Seems Like Mini Houses are All the Rage


No matter where you live or what you plan to use your shed for, nothing looks cuter than a shed built to look like a miniature house.

Wood siding and cedar shakes on the roof can give your shed a rustic charm that is hard to beat. More importantly, this type of shed is perfect for use as a workshop or art studio complete with a porch to relax on in the evening or heat of the day.

10. Relaxing Garden Shed

When You Need Somewhere to Get Away From It All


While many people use their garden shed as nothing more than a place to store garden and lawn tools, the right shed design can be used to create a place to get away from it all and relax.

Providing you have plenty of room in your backyard, choose a shed design that incorporates room to store everything, and then has extra space to create a workshop, studio, or even a place to sit back and relax with your favorite book.

11. The Log Cabin

Rustic Charm and Solid Construction


Once again making use of all that Mother Nature has to offer, starting with log walls.

In this particular shed design, the builder used split logs for the wall instead of whole logs such as are used in traditional log cabin construction.

You can cover the roof with tin, steel, or shingles to seal the weather out and count on the logs to provide plenty of insulation and protection from the elements.

12. Out in the Cold

Keep the Cold Outside Where it Belongs


Your garden shed does not need to be fancy, it just has to be capable of keeping the cold, rain, and snow at bay. This simple wooden shed with a tin or shingle roof is more than capable of doing just that.

If you are going to do more than store a few garden tools inside, you might want to insulate the walls and build stronger doors.

13. Old Log Shed

Sometimes the Old Ways are the Best Ways


Logs are always a great way to build a shed and are a tried and trusted construction method that has been in use for centuries.

This shed uses upright logs instead of horizontal logs for the walls, but the result is the same. Not only do you end up with a completely weatherproof shed, but one that looks really cool and will only improve with time.

14. The Old Wooden Shed

Once Again Old and Eclectic Win the Race


Wood is the perfect material to build your next garden shed from. Not only is wood easy to work with, but it ages beautifully.

If you really want your shed to stand out from the crowd yet blend into your garden landscape use a wide range of different types of wood, sheet, boards, logs, branches, and anything else you can lay your hands on. Just be sure the finished product is weatherproof and will protect anything you put inside of your shed.

15. The Rice Field Shed

Not Just for Rice Paddies


While this simple wooden shed is more likely to be found amongst the rice paddies in Asia, you can build it almost anywhere. Simple wood construction with shakes on the roof make this a quick build.

The overhanging roof was meant to give workers a place to bag the rice out of the rain, but will give you a place to sit out of the sun when you need a rest from working in your garden.

16. The Slanted Roof Shed

Why Build Two Roofs When One Will Do?


Just because it might seem like most shed designs feature a peaked roof with two slopes doesn't make this the only design. As you can see here, it is quite possible to build your shed with a single slope roof.

If you put the peak of the roof high enough, it should give you more than enough space to add in a very usable loft for extra storage.

17. The Painted Shed

Clapboard Siding and Plenty of Your Favorite Color Paints


Not everyone builds a shed in their backyard as nothing more than a place to store garden tools, lawn mowers, and bicycles. Some build a shed as an art studio or workshop space away from the main house.

If you are building your shed for this type of use, consider crafting a shed like this one with durable clapboard siding that can be painted to match or complement your house.

Your neighbors are sure to appreciate the great looking shed that adds to the value of their homes as well as yours.

18. The Nature Log Cabin

Straight Out of the Woods


Here again, we see a shed that has been built with readily available materials that can be brought straight out of the woods.

The solid log construction will help this shed stay standing for generations to come. They also add a ton on natural insulation and in time your shed will simply biodegrade and return to the land from whence it came. In the meantime, enjoy a shed built from the bounty of Mother Nature.

19. Rock and Wood Combi

Rocks and Twigs Can a Shed Build


Mother nature has much to offer when it comes to shed designs such as this one.

Build the lower half of the walls from rocks, you can interlock them or cement them in place. Then add log upper walls and a tin or shingle slanted roof for maximum protection from the elements.

A good shed like this will last for decades with minimal maintenance and keep everything dry inside.

20. Small Wooden Shed

Great Things Come in Small Packages


Your next garden shed doesn't have to be big to be useful. In reality, any shed design you choose simply needs to be big enough to get the job done.

This simple wood shed is big enough to store garden tools or create a nice little potting shed for starting your spring plants in.

The simple wood and tin roof structure is inexpensive to build yet highly functional.

21. Closed in Veranda

Extra protection from the elements


Want some protection from the elements while still being able to enjoy the outdoors. While this shed has seen better days, the window openings in the closed in veranda give you a good idea of what this shed looked like in its hey day.

This is a good option for those who work in their sheds, to give a little more protection from the elements. You could also paint it yellow... just in case you need it to stand out at night.

22. Dug Out Shed

Caveman Style Sheds Are All the Rage


If your property has any kind of small hill on it, you have the perfect place for a dug out shed. Simply dig out a section of the hill to match the size of shed you are looking to build, then add in the walls, roof, and door.

The hill will provide shelter from the wind and weather, it will also help to maintain a more constant temperature in your shed.

Just a Few Really Cool Shed Designs

These are just a few of the dozens of really cool shed designs I came across in my search for the perfect garden shed. Each has its uses and many of them are made from nothing more than readily available materials courtesy of Mother Nature. All will provide you with a dry place to store just about anything, some are big enough to create a studio or workshop in.

I hope you have enjoyed these cool shed designs I found for you as much as I have enjoyed collecting them and that they have inspired you to go out and create your own amazing and unique shed.

If you liked what I have put together for you here, please let me know.

Let everyone know you enjoyed reading this on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Thank you for reading this.

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31 Cool Shed Ideas to Stimulate Your Senses

Table of Contents

HAVE YOU BEEN thinking about building a shed in your backyard but are a little stuck on design ideas?

I know just how hard it can be to come up with the perfect shed for your next backyard project.

There are so many different plans available, it can be a bit confusing.

To help you make the right choice, I have pulled together 31 photos of some very cool shed ideas to help you make the right choice whether you are looking for a workshop, a place to keep your firewood dry, or simply a clean dry storage space for your junk.

1. The Public Bike Locker

Great Open Air Storage for More Than Bikes

While this simple open air shed was originally built to provide secure out of the rain bike storage, there is no reason you can't adapt it to store firewood, hay, or anything else you need to keep relatively dry.

The flat roof and multi-post design can handle heavy snow loads, while the open-air design offers plenty of ventilation.

2. The 100% Organic Shed

Just Like Mother Nature Intended

shed door designs - inside

This one looks a lot like the grass huts used in Africa or in medieval times. The sloping thatched roof is completely waterproof and the open air sides make it an ideal place to store firewood while it seasons.

You can source all of your materials locally, making the 100% organic design very affordable. These sheds are actually very easy to build.

3. Sheds That Blend In

No One Ever Said Your Shed had to be Visible


If you are looking for a "stealth" shed, one that tends to blend into your backyard design rather than stand out like a sore thumb, it's not that hard to fit your shed into its surroundings.

If you are lucky enough to have a small hill in your backyard, you can butt the shed up against it and then cover it in vines such as honeysuckle and then surround it with shrubs. In a year or two, no one will hardly be able to tell it exists.

4. Thatched Roof Shed

Once Again Proving Mother Nature Provides

shed door designs - inside

Thatch has been in use as a waterproof roofing material for centuries.

If you want a shed that will keep everything dry but is fully biodegradable and eco-friendly, consider building an all-wood shed like this little beauty and then adding a thatch roof to it.

You might be surprised not only at how affordable this type of shed is but also at how great it will look in your backyard.

5. A 360 Degrees Around Shed

No One Said Your Shed had to be Square or Rectangular 

shed door designs - inside

Sheds seem to come in all shapes and sizes, yet the vast majority seem to be either square or rectangular in shape. Why not go for something completely different and build a round shed.

You can store just about anything in a round shed, in fact, you may find somethings are easier to store in one. On top of which your neighbors will get a good chuckle out of your choice.

6. The Rustic Style Shed

Old School Looks New School Security


If you are lucky enough to have trees on your property that need to be cleared, you have the perfect material for this type of shed.

You can use whole or split logs for the walls and then wooden shingles for the roof, giving your shed a completely rustic look while saving money making use of materials that might otherwise have gone either into the woodstove or the scrap pile.

7. The Upside Down Boat

Ahoy There Matey!

cool shed ideas - upside down boat

Have you ever seen how many boats end up in the scrapyard when they are no longer functional? This particular shed takes a boat hull and turns it upside down.

Talk about a well-sealed watertight roof. All you have to do is add a door to the transom (rear end of the hull) and any windows you might need. What a great way to repurpose a scrapped out boat.

8. The Drive-In

Cruise On In

shed door designs - inside

More like a standalone garage than a shed, when you add a garage style door and ramp to your garden shed you can create the perfect drive in shed.

This one has more than enough room for your riding lawn mower, bicycles, motorcycle and more. The solid design features plenty of windows on one wall for when you need to work in your shed and a standard roll-up garage door for added security.

9. The Modern Shed

Easy to Build Design 

Cool Shed Ideas - Modern and contemporary shed style

In all reality, a shed doesn't need to be fancy. This modern design features a single slope roof that slopes away from the front door and solid timber siding for added security.

You can add a sliding door with a padlock for added security or a man-door if all you are doing is storing your garden tools inside. This type of shed can be placed anywhere and completed in a weekend.

10. The Straw Shed

More Than the Cowardly Lion, it Makes a Great Shed Wall

cool shed ideas - upside down boat

While you may not have seen many buildings or sheds made with straw walls here in the U.S., you might be surprised at how many other countries find straw to be the perfect building material.

Formed into bales or blocks, straw is not only weatherproof, it is capable of providing a lot of insulation. With a tin or thatch roof, your straw shed can be used for firewood, garden tool storage, and many other things while costing you very little.

11. The Large Thatch Roof

Once Again Natural Materials are Used for the Win

shed door designs - inside

If you haven't noticed a trend yet, then let me explain. Thatch is a natural material and can be used in the construction of just about any kind of shed.

This particular design incorporates a large roof and very short walls. It might look a little like it belongs on Gilligan's Island, but offers a great place to store firewood, hay, and many other items. The massive roof is sure to draw the admiration of anyone who sees it.

12. The Smurf Shed

This Shed is Small but Mighty

shed door designs - inside

Add a quaint touch to your backyard by creating a small shed made from a variety of materials. Consider using whatever you happen to have at hand for the walls, wood, bricks, logs, and then add a thatch roof.

Add a panel door and a window or two and you have the perfect place to get away from it all or store your favorite garden tools.

13. The Phone Booth

When Was The Last Time You Saw One of These?


Most of us can barely remember what a phone booth looks like, but if you look around long enough, you can still find them in junkyards across the country.

Not only were these a nice dry place to get out of the rain when you needed to make a call, they are also a great place to keep a small supply of firewood dry or your most commonly used garden tools out of the weather.

What a brilliant way to repurpose an old item into something very useful.

14. Tall Buildings

Multi-floor Storage Lets You Hang Onto More Stuff

Cool Shed Ideas - Modern and contemporary shed style

If a single story shed simply isn't going to give you enough room to store all of your junk, consider a multi-story unit.

In this picture is an old farm building with three levels, each of which has a loading door that was once serviced by a rope hoist. You could store your ATV, motorcycle, lawn mower or bikes on the ground floor, turn the second floor into a workshop, and the third floor into storage.

15. Choo-Choo Train Rolling Storage

Storage Shed to Go, This One is On Wheels

shed door designs - inside

Railroads have been using rolling sheds virtually forever. These sheds have wheels that let the railroad move them to where they are needed.

While your shed doesn't need to be quite this big, if you are not sure where you want to locate it or perhaps need it in different spots of your yard throughout the year, consider building it on wheels.

16. The Crayon Shed Pack

Like a Pack of Crayons,This Row of Sheds is Very Colorful

shed door designs - inside

So who ever said you had to stop at one shed? Why not build yourself and your family a row of small colorful sheds instead. This way everyone can have a shed of their own or you can have a shed of a different color for each type of storage you need.

Blue for the bike, green for garden tools, red for family bicycles, etc. They are sure to brighten up your backyard and neighborhood.

17. Create Your Own Room for Wine

Create Your Very Own Outdoor Wine Cellar

shed door designs - inside

While most wine cellars are located underground as this makes it much easier to maintain a steady temperature, no one says this is the only place to build one.

You can build a neat little wooden shed like this one that can do the same job. Remember to insulate the walls and roof well to stabilize the temperature.

Wine stores best in the dark so no windows are needed, instead, concentrate on finding a shady place for your shed and add in heat/air conditioning.

18. Inside Out

Bring the Outside World Inside

shed door designs - inside

When you have large pieces of equipment to store and work on, this open air plan may be just what you need.

By adding huge doors on both ends, you make it easy to get in and out of your shed with larger vehicles or equipment when they need to be worked on.

You can also build this shed without doors if you prefer for ease of access.

19. Mustard Yellow

Pitched Roof and Wild Colors Make a Great Garden Shed

shed door designs - inside

Your garden shed does not have to be boring, in fact, most cool sheds are bright and colorful. While this one is mustard yellow in color, you can choose a different cool color to make your shed a focal point in your garden.

Add in a window or two and a single door with window to create a garden workshop for your favorite projects or to create a pool house.

20. Best Friends

Why Have One Shed When Two is a Better Deal


So you started out with a single shed thinking it would give you all the storage space you need and soon found out it wasn't enough. Instead of going out and building one much bigger shed, why not build a second similar size shed?

You can build them beside each other or across from each other. You could even create a covered porch or walkway to join them together. The possibilities are as endless as the pile of junk you need to store.

21. Toys

You Can Never Have Enough Sheds

shed door designs - inside

If your family is like mine, you can never have enough outdoor storage space. Providing your local codes allow for it and your neighbors aren't likely to complain, you could potentially build a shed for each member of your family.

You could also build a number of these little sheds to accommodate different needs such as storage, art studios, and workshops.

22. The Forest Chapel

Bringing the Spirit of Life to Your Backyard


Made to look like a miniature forest chapel, complete with mini-bell tower, this amazing looking shed will look good in any backyard under the trees.

It offers more than just good looks, the steeply pitched roof and all wood construction offer you a shed that can stand up to heavy winter snows and keep everything safe and sound. You could even add a weathervane to the bell tower for fun and authenticity.

23. The Piece of Cake

Looks Like a Frosted Piece of Cake But is Super Strong


If you are like me, you want your shed to be a little different from the run of the mill shed everyone else in your neighborhood already has in their back yard.

This little beauty has strong brick walls and a flat roof. You can build it from adobe bricks or cinder blocks depending on where you live.

Not only is this design perfect for storing your valuables, but hiding under the cake-like paint is the perfect storm shelter for you and your family.

24. Picture Frame

Why Not Create a Personalized Shed


Just because your shed has four walls doesn't mean they should be blank. If you look at some of the cool sheds in these pictures, you will find the coolest ones are hand decorated.

No matter what size or shape your shed happens to be, at least 2 or 3 of the walls offer you a great canvas to work on personalizing your shed. Add a single mural or a series of paintings to completely personalize your shed.

25. The White Christmas

Strong Enough for a Sleigh to Land On


If you live in an area where it tends to snow a lot, you need a garden shed that can stand up to the snow load. This means having a steeply pitched roof designed to help the snow slide off and plenty of roof trusses to support the weight.

If you are not sure about how to adjust for snow load, you may want to talk to a local contractor or two as they can help you determine how strong your shed roof needs to be.

26. One Man's Trash

Is Another Man's Treasure


If you are like most guys, and I am, you probably have a ton of "junk" your wife doesn't want in the house or garage. Why not throw up a small, secure shed like this one just for you.

Create your own storage unit, workshop, man cave, or better yet a combination of all three. Park it next to or behind the garage and cover it with "antique" signage for effect. Just be sure to add a good lock on both sides of the door.

27. The Guest Shed

Perfect for Your Mother-In-Law


The last time you had family come to visit, they turned the living room into a bedroom and interrupted your entire world. Why not build a tiny house out in the backyard just for them?

This cute little shed offers room for a bed, a table and chairs, and a few other amenities and makes the perfect place for your mother-in-law or any other guest to stay for a few days at a time. It even features a porch to sit out on in the evenings where your guests won't be underfoot all the time.

28. The Combination Shed

Sticks and Stones Do More than Break Bones


One of the least expensive ways to build cool sheds is to make use of the many materials you probably already have on your property.

Instead of creating an annoying rock pile while clearing your property or digging in those gardens, use the rocks, some cement, and logs to create a garden shed that is not only cool to look at, but will provide you with years of secure storage.

29. The Picnic Shed

The Perfect Hideaway in Your Back Yard


Add a deck to your shed and create the perfect place for your next family staycation. You can store all of your outdoor furniture, your grill, and many other items inside this roomy shed and then bring them out when needed.

Add in a few amenities and you have the perfect place to hang out when you need to get away from it all and can't afford to leave home.

30. The Family House

It's Bigger on the Inside


Be sure to check your local codes first but then you can build a shed that doubles as a tiny house complete with most, if not all, of the amenities and gives your family a comfortable place to stay when they visit.

Just be sure to put a time limit on their stay or you might never get rid of them. Tiny houses are all the rage and make a great place to stay while you build your house or as the perfect getaway when you need a break. See this shed builders website here

31. Playhouse

Not Just for the Kids


Most kids love to play house, especially when they are young. This little shed looks just like a house and may spend the first few years of its life keeping your kids entertained.

Once the kids have outgrown it, you can turn the playhouse into one of the coolest sheds in your neighborhood by adding a lock to the door. What a unique to repurpose the playhouse and save yourself from having to build another shed.

Just a Sample of the Cool Sheds I Have Seen

This is just a sampling of the dozens of totally cool sheds I have come across in my search for the perfect shed for my backyard.

There are many others, all you have to do is drive around your neighborhood, visit another town or state, and keep your eyes open. You never know when you might see a shed that looks great and is just what you need.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the pictures of these very cool sheds as much as I have enjoyed collecting them and that they have inspired you to go the extra mile in creating the perfect shed for your backyard.

Other Thought Provoking Shed Ideas

Have you ever thought of:

  • Using an old shipping container as your shed?
  • Building your shed with brick and stone instead of wood?
  • Roofing your shed with clear perspex to let more light in?
  • Building your shed in an hexagon or round shape instead of a square?
  • Painting your shed with bright mix colors?
  • Building your shed like a dollhouse?
  • Building your shed with wheels?
  • Building your shed like a Lego house?

In Summary...

If you liked what I have put together for you here, please let me know.

Let everyone know you enjoyed reading this on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Thank you for reading this.

34 Clever Firewood Shed Designs & Ideas


These 34 ideas will keep your firewood dry and organized...

WET FIREWOOD IS virtually impossible to burn and if you are like me, you have very limited space in the house to let your firewood dry.

Do you have somewhere outside to keep your firewood dry enough to burn?

Is your firewood stack more of a messy pile out in the backyard?

If so these great firewood shed designs can help you create a handy dry place to store your firewood. Not only will the wood burn better, but your yard will look much nicer.

#1 Create a Size Based Storage Shed


When creating your firewood shed, consider a design that lets you sort your firewood according to size and shape.

One side can be for smaller pieces of kindling and Firestarter wood, while the other is for the bigger stuff that burns for hours.

Make sure there is plenty of room for both to stay out of the rain and snow.

#2 Use Your Vacant Space


By extending the roof of a roadside shed or barn, you can create a covered area that is perfect for storing firewood.

The covered design will keep the rains at bay, while the overall open plan helps the wood to season in time for winter.

Being next to the road makes getting to your firewood nice and easy.

#3 Build an Airy Backyard Firewood Shed


Since you probably split your firewood in your backyard, why not build a simple backyard firewood shed from scrap materials such as pallets and old lumber.

This open-air design lets fresh air flow through your firewood while the roof keeps it dry. The best part is using scrap materials helps keep your costs down.

#4 Store Your Firewood Right Outside the Door

No one wants to hike across the yard in the snow or rain for firewood. Why not consider building a lean-to style firewood shed right outside the back door to store several days' worth of firewood where it is easy to get to.

You can store a range of sizes from kindling to logs while keeping it dry and ready to burn.

#5 The Big House Firewood Shed


When you live in an area where it stays cold and snowy for months, you need somewhere to store a lot of firewood.

What you need is a Big House Firewood shed, this one looks more like an open air barn and has room for tons of firewood to help see you through the worst of winters.

#6 The Big Hut Firewood Shed


Similar to the Big House, the Big Hut features open air walls and a thatched roof, making it very affordable.

Despite the open design and thatched roof, this shed can be made big enough to store several cords of wood and keep it all perfectly dry.

#7 Keep It Classy


No one ever said you shouldn’t keep your firewood stacked neat and tidy. No matter what type of firewood shed you build, the best way to let your firewood season and be ready to access at any time is to keep it cut in even sized pieces that can be neatly stacked out of the weather.

#8 Open Air Sides Make for Great Drying


With this classic firewood shed, you get plenty of open air storage space.

The tin roof will help keep the rain and snow at bay, while the slatted side design makes it easy for fresh air to circulate throughout the firewood you have stored.

Not only will this help keep it dry, but it will also help speed up the seasoning process.

#9 Making the Most Out of Open Spaces


If you have a house, shed, or barn with an open space under it, you already have the perfect place to store your firewood.

Keeping a nice stockpile of seasoned and split firewood right where you need it eliminates the need to go out to the main firewood shed at night or when the weather is not so nice.

#10 Loft Houses Offer Extra Storage


When your house sits on stilts above the ground, you don't have to go looking for a place to store your firewood. Simply use the massive amount of space hiding in plain sight under your home.

Depending on the size of your home, you should be able to stack several cords safely out of the weather and ready to use.

#11 When You Don’t Have a Firewood Shed Ready


Just because you don't currently have a firewood shed or the one you do have is already full, doesn't mean your firewood can't be protected.

Once you have all of the cords neatly stacked, cover the top of the stack with tin roofing, a tarp, or sheets of wood, and then use a few logs to hold it all in place. This will help keep the bulk of your firewood dry and ready to move to the shed or to use.

#12 The Fabulous Forest Style Shed


If you have ever wandered the Black Forest in Austria, you have probably seen a forest style firewood shed. This type of shed is more like a pole barn with a peaked roof.

The walls are then created using split firewood, creating a dry space inside that can be used to split and store even more firewood. The outer walls will keep everything inside dry.

#13 The Pole Barn Style Firewood Shed


A pole barn with at least three covered walls and a good solid roof makes a great place to store your firewood.

When stacking your firewood, be sure to put the greenest wood at the back and stack moving forward to the oldest wood to ensure you get the most seasoned wood first.

This type of shed may also give you a nice dry place to split your firewood.

#14 Keep Your Firewood Chilled Out


When the snow flies, having plenty of split firewood that is ready to burn on hand is vital. It might surprise you to know that freezing your firewood will help speed the seasoning process.

A good firewood shed with a tin roof to keep out the snow and open sides is perfect for those who live where winter temps routinely go below zero and there is plenty of snow.

#15 Use a Log House to House Your Logs


Whether you have an old log house on your property or throw one together with a tin roof, it can be the perfect place to store your firewood out of the weather.

Not only will the tin roof keep the rain and snow out, but the log walls should be relatively weatherproof as well.

#16 Metal Sheds to Protect Your Firewood


When you have an old metal shed or garage on your property, you have the perfect place to store firewood. Even an open faced metal shed will keep the majority of rain and snow at bay.

Try to keep your firewood stacked back from the opening as much as possible and use tarps to cover the openings when the weather gets really bad.

#17 When You Simply Need Firewood Storage


When you need somewhere to store firewood and keep it dry, there is nothing wrong with improvising some form of storage shed.

The only thing you need to worry about is whether or not the structure you plan to use will keep your wood dry and if it has enough for all of the firewood you plan to buy or cut.

#18 Use that Old Barn or Garage


When you have a huge pile of firewood to store and an old barn or garage sitting empty, you have a match made in firewood heaven.

You might be surprised at just how much firewood you can stockpile in an old barn or garage, even it has one or more open walls. These openings simply improve airflow and help your firewood to dry faster.

#19 Nothing Is Permanent


One thing to consider is that your firewood shed does not have to be a permanent structure. You can throw together a temporary firewood shed using four corner posts and a tin roof.

This structure can help keep your firewood dry and then be easily moved or removed in the spring when you no longer need it.

#20 Let's Get Creative


No one ever said you can't be creative when looking for your next firewood shed. You can use just about any structure that has room to store firewood in it.

In this particular image, we see an old phone booth being put to use, but you could use a large packing crate, a stall in your horse barn, or even a greenhouse that only gets used in spring and summer.

#21 Plenty of Airflow


It simply can't be said enough, you need plenty of fresh air flowing through and around your woodpile if you want your firewood to season quickly and properly.

A simple pole barn with a sloped tin roof is the perfect place to store your winter heat supply. Stack the firewood neatly and with plenty of space to allow good airflow and you will be delighted with the results.

#22 Keep Your Firewood Out of the Snow


When you live in an area where it snows hard and often, you can always add a lean-to structure onto the end of your barn or home that offers room for a couple of cords of wood or more.

These structures are easy and cheap to build, but can keep your firewood safe and dry, even in the harshest winter conditions.

#23 Small Sheds Make Big Firewood Storage Areas


You know that old shed hanging out in your backyard that hasn't seen any use since who knows when?

No matter how big or small your shed is, it can be repurposed into becoming your next firewood shed. Remember

the more evenly split your firewood happens to be, the more you will be able to fit in your shed.

#24 Firewood Comes in All Sizes


One thing you should have already noticed is that firewood comes in all sizes and shapes. With this in mind, your firewood storage shed or sheds need to be such that they can accommodate large quantities of the different sizes.

You may want more than one shed so that you can split your firewood into different sheds based on size.

#25 Traditional Firewood Storage


You can, of course, store your firewood out in the open in stacks designed to allow for good airflow. Lean the stacks against the outside wall of your home in corners to help keep it from moving.

You can use the eaves to help keep the wood dry or cover it with tarps to help. This way your firewood will always be conveniently close at hand.

#26 Does Your Barn Have Eaves?


If your barn is like most and has at least one side with an oversized eave, you already have a great place to store firewood.

In fact, chances are good that your parents, grandparents, or at least great grandparents stored many winters worth of firewood out beside the old barn under the eaves out of the weather.

#27 Build a Custom Firewood Shed


If all else fails, you can always build your own firewood shed using one of the many available free firewood shed plans. This way you can build a shed that is just the right size to store enough firewood for an entire winter, keeping it dry and ready to burn when you need it.

#28 Solar Energy is the Way to Go


While you may be heating your home with wood this winter, this doesn't mean you can't make the most out of your firewood storage shed.

Why not add as many solar panels to the roof as you can fit. Not only does this give you plenty of room for firewood, but the power generated can significantly reduce your monthly utility bill.

#29 One Size Fits All


No matter what size or style of firewood shed you decide to build, keep in mind that your firewood needs to be cut into different sizes.

Smaller stuff for kindling and getting the fire going, bigger stuff to burn once there is a good bed of coals going. You might even consider multiple sheds, one for each size of wood.

#30 Old Outbuildings


Old disused outbuildings that typically sit cold and empty all-year-round are the perfect place to keep your firewood.

Why let a perfectly good structure sit and go to waste when you can fill it with freshly split firewood you are going to need when the snow flies?

#31 When You Have Tons of Firewood


If you have lots of firewood to store, you may need to invest in an extra-large firewood storage shed or use a large section of your barn for storage space.

Just remember it is better to keep your cords stacked relatively low and spread out as this is not only safer for you, but also allows for better airflow and ventilation.

#32 Extended Firewood Storage


That old shop in your back yard with the extended roof you have been using to store the lawn tractor under can be used as the perfect place to stack your firewood.

Why not build a nice new garden shed for the mower, and make good use of the space under the extended shed roof instead? You might be surprised at how much firewood you can store here.

#33 A Room with A View


When the eaves of your house stick out a couple of feet from the wall, you have an ideal spot to stack a few days' worth of firewood.

If you are lucky enough to have lintel posts, you can use them like bookends to stack your firewood between, helping to keep it from rolling away.

The eave will help keep the weather at bay.

#34 More Firewood Than You Can Burn


If you are stockpiling firewood and have nowhere to stack it out of the weather, why not use more logs to protect the bulk of your firewood.

Stack your firewood in such a way as to create a slope from front to back and then use long logs to form a quasi-roof that will help keep the rain and snow off of it. As you burn the wood, you can cut the logs and split them for future use.

A Few Random Ideas for You

These are just a few random ideas of better ways to store your firewood and keep it out of the weather until you need it. The drier you can keep your firewood all year long the faster it will season and of course the better it will burn. We all know you can't burn wet firewood and once it is soaked through, firewood can take weeks to dry out enough to burn.

If you liked what I have put together for you here, please let me know.

Let everyone know you enjoyed reading this on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Thank you for reading this.

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42 Handpicked Shed Door Ideas For Your Next Project


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NOW THAT YOU have decided on the perfect shed design,

Figured out what materials you are going to use,

There is one very important step left.

You can't have a shed without at least one door that can be used to keep everything you own inside and at the same time keep the weather and would-be thieves on the outside.

You can buy pre-hung shed doors or build your own from scratch. Here are a few great shed ideas I came across when building my shed.

Looking for Shed Door Plans? They are located here

1. His and Hers

Bet You Never Thought of This


If you and your significant other plan to use the same shed, why not install a matching pair of his and hers shed doors.

Great shed door ideas like this come from the strangest places, but may be just what you are looking for!

2. Red and White

Bold, Bright and Beautiful


You can actually use any color you want on this barn style split door design. Imagine the amount of fresh air you will get from having the top half open while keeping out the critters and kids with the bottom half securely closed.

3. Elegant House Door

Add a Touch of Class to Your Shed


Now that you have gone to the effort of building a truly elegant shed that looks very much like an extension of your house, why not add a pre-hung shed door that is just as elegant as your house.

Not only will this type of door add a nice finishing touch, it is a great way to keep your shed securely locked when you are not in it.

4. Dwarf Like Door

Short but Very Strong


If you go to the effort of building your shed from a range of natural materials to help it blend into your garden, why not go all the way.

This unique style of door can be built in panels, made from scrap lumber, tree branches, or anything else that helps it blend into the scenery.

5. Light Blue Garden Shed Door

Simple Do-It-Yourself Door Complete with a Window


Simple, cute, and functional, this shed door can be painted to match or complement the color of your shed.

The built in window adds extra light that can be very useful for when you are working on your next big project and let you see who’s knocking before you let them in.

6. White Customized

Old Fashioned but Still Very Functional


This is one of the simplest do-it-yourself door designs in the world. The who door can be put together in less than an hour.

You can install a hasp for a padlock or a deadbolt if you need the extra security, and best of all this type of door will last practically forever.

7. Vinyl Door

Matches that Expensive Siding You Decided to Use


So you went to the trouble and expense of adding vinyl siding to your shed. This is a great way to match your shed to your home and protect it from the weather.

The only thing left is to install long lasting vinyl doors that match your siding to complete the truly professional look and ensure your shed stays secure for many years.

8. Artwork Design

Far From the Ordinary


No one ever said your shed door had to be plain and boring. Why not take a little extra time and get creative?

All it takes is a little bit of artistic license, a few paints, a brush, and a voila you have a unique shed door that is sure to impress as well as look fantastic in your backyard.

9. Warp Wooden

Large, Effective and Very Secure


These large warp wooden doors are perfect for your large garden equipment shed. If you build them out of 2 x 6-inch lumber and use strong metal hinges, no one will ever be able to break in and run off with your tractor.

10. Different Design and Style

When You Have More Than One Shed


If you are going to build more than one shed for your backyard, it only stands to reason that you need more than one shed door idea.

Variety, after all, is the spice of life, you can even choose different shed door ideas to suit individual needs for each of your sheds.

11. Two Way Entry Vinyl

Why Settle for One Door When You Can Have Two?


No one ever said you were limited to a single door on your shed. Why not install two vinyl doors instead of one.

This way you have plenty of room to get in and out of your shed. Choosing vinyl doors ensures they will provide outstanding weather protection and last for many years to come.

12. Wooden Door

When You Are Set on a Complete Do-It-Yourself Shed


Since you have gone to the trouble of building your wooden garden shed from scratch, why not go all the way.

Most wooden shed plans include instructions for building your own doors as well. Not only will this save you money, but hand-built wooden doors look awesome.

13. Black Door

I See a Red Door and I Want to Paint it Black


If you are going paint your shed or cover it in siding, why not have a shed door that is painted a complementary color.

Not only does black go with just about any color, it also hides a lot of the scuffs and marks that tend to show up on shed doors as you move things in and out.

14. Two Way Big Shed Door

Double the Pleasure


When you plan to use your shed to store large items such as a small garden tractor or motorcycle, you need shed doors that are big enough to let you drive in and out without having to worry about hitting them.

If you add a second set of doors on an end or side, you can turn your shed into a drive through that makes things even easier.

15. Wood and Glass

Let the Sun Shine In


If you are building a shed that is more a quiet place to relax and get away from it all, you need plenty of light and ventilation.

These wood and glass doors will let the light in on any day and can be opened for plenty of fresh air on a warm summer day.

16. Tall

Perfect for Your Pet Giraffe


Ok, so no one really keeps a pet giraffe at home, but these super tall doors are perfect for anyone who used their shed to store really tall stuff safely out of the weather. The split design lets you open the top half for fresh air and light.

17. Sliding Wooden Shed Door

Slip Sliding Away


What do you do when you have the perfect spot for your garden shed but don't have room for a standard swinging door? The answer is much simpler than you might think.

Instead of hinged doors, why not add a sliding door? Not only does this type of door not require any extra space, it lets you maximize what space you do have to work with.

18. Classic Two Way Entry

Perfect for Use with Wooden Sheds


Double doors mean double the entry space. These classic style two-way entry doors can be hung to open in or out or if you want the most from them, you can use double hung hinges that let the doors swing both ways.

Add in a couple of windows and you can't go wrong.

19. Rock Shed Wooden Door

You Can't Have Rock Doors


While you can't go wrong with a good solid rock walled shed, there is no way to build a shed door from the same rocks you used on the walls.

Adding a simple easy to build wooden door is the perfect way to add a classic finishing touch to your shed.

20. Red Door

Classic Good Looks with Plenty of Color


Red is a classic color when it comes to barns and of course sheds.

This shed door is a standard design complete with window that can be purchased at virtually any discount lumber warehouse store for a very affordable price.

It will add great looks to your shed and let the sun shine in to light up your workspace.

21. Traditional Metal Shed

Small, Strong and Secure


Most metal shed kits come with a metal door that is ready to hang. You can also build your own metal door if you are putting your shed together from a set of plans.

Metal doors offer extra security and can help keep out bad weather and any number of pests and rodents.

22. Old Metal

Scrap Metal Doors that Will Last a Lifetime


You might be surprised if you look around at your local metal scrappers at how many old metal doors happen to be available.

Why not repurpose one and use it to secure your shed. You can use a metal door like this on just about any kind of shed and expect it to last virtually forever.

23. Metal and Wood

Why Not Have the Best of Both Worlds


Depending on the shed you have in mind, you may find a shed door built from a combination of wood and metal looks the best.

Not only this, but the right design can leave you with a door that is virtually burglar-proof, weatherproof, and pest proof. On top of this, you have a shed door that looks absolutely amazing.

24. Screen Door

Keeping the Pests Away


When you live in an area where it literally never rains, you really don’t need a big heavy door on your shed.

This simple screen door will help to keep the bugs and rodents at bay while allowing plenty of fresh air in. This type of door is the perfect solution for a shed you plan to store wood, hay, or garden implements in.

25. Improvised Metal

Scrap Metal Doors are Cost effective


No one ever said you have to use new materials to build the door for your shed. In fact, if you have any scrap metal laying around, you can always use it to throw together a makeshift door that will keep your shed secure for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

26. Home Wooden Shed Door

Do-It-Yourself Creativity at its Best


If you are going to go to the trouble of building your garden shed from scratch, why not go the extra mile and build a nice wooden door to go with it.

Shed door designs like this one take no more than a few pieces of lumber and a handful of nails or screws to build and the best part is you can customize the size to meet your needs.

27. Gray and White

Simple Yet Effective Shed Door Design


Here again we see a simple wooden door with a window that you can throw together while you are building your shed.

Your shed door doesn't need to be fancy, it just needs to be functional and have the ability to be locked when you are not in and out of your shed.

28. Fabric

Fabric is an Ideal Choice for a Greenhouse


While a greenhouse is not strictly a shed, you build one using the same principles.

By adding a fabric door either in a frame of its own or by attaching it using Velcro, your door will allow plenty of fresh air for your plants while keeping bugs and other pests out.

29. Forest Wooden Red

Use Your Favorite Color


If you are planning to build a rustic looking shed, you get to customize it from top to bottom to meet your needs and tastes.

Why not go ahead and add a solid wooden door and then paint it red or any other color to suit the location and your personal desires?

30. Downhill Wooden Door

Build It Your Way


If you plan to use a wide range of materials to build your shed, it leaves your choice of doors wide open. However, no matter what materials you plan to use when building your shed, wooden doors will always fit in and work well.

31 Double Entry Vinyl

Double Up on Your Available Door Space


Try building room for a pair of vinyl doors into your shed. Not only will these pre-hung doors last a lifetime, but the extra width of the opening is sure to make it easier for you to get just about anything in or out of your shed.

32. Big Express

Design these Doors Your Way


With this type of door, they look similar to those seen at old railway stations, the sky's the limit with regard to design.

You can make them hinged or sliding and as big or small as you need. Since they are made from wood, they are easy to build and fully customizable.

33. Artistic

Let Your Artistic Soul Speak

shed door designs - inside

Instead of sticking to the tried and true methods, let your artistic soul speak to you. Choose from a wide range of materials, use only one or mix and match several together.

You might be surprised at what you can come up with and your garden shed doors are sure to be unique.

34. Beach Shed

Wood is the Answer to Most Shed Door Needs


This simple beach style shed with its palm-leaf roof is made completely from wood. Here is yet another perfect example of the perfect place to build a wooden door to meet your needs.

You can add a deadbolt, locking handset, or hasp and padlock to keep everything secure.

35. Colorful Doors

Color Makes the World Smile


Your shed should never be something anyone would consider an eyesore. The more color you use, the more fun your shed will be to look at.

Even if the walls are plain there is no reason why you can't paint the doors in virtually any color that puts a smile on your face.

36. Church Like Door

This Chapel Inspired Door is Sure to Turn a Few Heads


This chapel style door was inspired by countless thousands of chapel doors around the world. The curved peaked top of the door has a certain rustic charm and at the same time gives you room to move taller things into your shed.

37. Classic Wooden Gray

Plain and Simple, One of the Basic Shed Door Designs


When all you plan to use your garden shed for is storing a few garden tools and possibly starting your spring crops, all you need is a plain simple door.

This one features a large window in the door as well as one on each side of it to provide plenty of light inside.

38. Big Warp Wooden

Large Wooden Doors Have a Lot to Offer


Building a large wooden door like this one should only add an hour or two to the total construction time of your shed, but they have a lot to offer in terms of accessibility.

Made from inexpensive lumber, a few screws and a pair of hinges, all you have to do is add the locking mechanism of your choice and you are all set.

39. Big Yellow

Yes, Size Does Make a Difference


When you paint the walls of your shed a bright expressive color, shouldn't your shed door have the same eye-catching appeal? For example, if you decide to paint your shed bright red, a brilliant yellow door like this one would be the perfect complement.

40. Customized

Build Your Own Door to Suit


In this image we are looking at a Tudor style shed. A shed like this one needs a good custom Tudor style door to go with it.

As you look at the different shed door designs think seriously about which of them are not only going to be functional, but also which of them are going to best complement your shed design.

41. Colored Two Way

Shed Doors with a Split Personality


Try using a variety of colors in your shed door or doors. These two-way doors are the perfect design for playing with color.

You can paint the frames one color and the panels something completely different. Try playing around with different colors until you find the perfect combination.

42. Blue Door

No One Knows What Goes On Behind the Blue Door


That is, except for you. This solid wood plank door painted all in blue is the perfect complement to any rustic wood shed.

Since it doesn't have a window that someone can peek through, it makes the perfect choice if your shed is supposed to be your quiet get away from it all place to hide out from the rest of the world.

Before I Close the Door

Before I close the virtual door, I hope that you have enjoyed these pictures of various garden shed door ideas and that they have helped you find the perfect design for your shed.

I have to admit I pored over hundreds of images before finding the right one for my last shed project. Most of these are simple to build yourself or are readily available in your local discount hardware superstore.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the pictures of these very cool shed door ideas as much as I have enjoyed collecting them and that they have inspired you to go the extra mile in choosing the perfect shed door.

If you liked what I have put together for you here, please let me know.

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Thank you for reading this.

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