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Who Else Wants to SAVE MONEY, Build Their Own Quality Chicken Coop and Look After Their Own Flock?

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KEEPING HENS IN YOUR garden is a wonderful experience for the whole family. The thrill of opening the nest box and finding your first egg can't be beaten... 

But is there something holding you back from keeping your own flock?

​- Maybe it's money - you don't yet have enough to purchase everything you need, like an expensive coop

- Or maybe you don't know what to do next​ in order to get your flock

If this sounds like you then i'd like to introduce you to a solution that can solve your chicken husbandry problems

There’s a much cheaper way to keep your chickens healthy, comfortable and safe: Simply build your own backyard coop!

And it’s easier than you think -- especially when you have the right step-by-step plans! Think about it…

Just look at the benefits:

  • You get the pride and satisfaction of building something with your own two hands.
  • Your chickens get a safe, comfortable and clean place to live that protects them from predators, disease and bad weather.
  • And your bank account enjoys some much-needed relief since you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the cost of a chicken coop!

End result: You can enjoy the self-sustaining lifestyle of stepping out into your backyard any time you want to collect fresh, delicious, organic eggs from your own chickens!

And that’s exactly what you get when you download the “Make Your Own Chicken Coop” plans and instructions!

Whether you are raising a small or large flock, your backyard chickens will have the same fairly simple requirements for care; a supply of food and clean water, a comfortable, dry and draft free structure for living in with some outdoor space for them to peck about in and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine whenever they can, together with a regular cleaning routine to give them a reasonable level of sanitation.

And you can learn all this by reading and this guide to keeping chickens!

FORGET ABOUT BUYING those pre-built coops that rob your wallet! Now you too can build an attractive coop that keeps your chickens dry, safe, healthy and comfortable!

There’s a much cheaper way to keep your chickens healthy, comfortable and safe: Simply build your own backyard coop!

P,S: Chickens are full of character and can make lovely pets. They will follow you around 'helping' you with the gardening if you are doing a bit of digging or weeding and keep the area free of bugs. You will look back and think 'why didn't i do this earlier', so start preparing for your flock TODAY!